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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Synklar Diamond Lords of Calalus and the Location of the Ruins of Rhoda

In a past blog about 10 years ago in 2008 I first wrote about the Roman Jewish Kingdom of Calalus in North America connected with the Tucson Arizona artifacts as written about by Professor Cyclone Covey. I also wrote about their connection with the Septimanian Jewish Kingdom and the Welsh and Spanish royalty. I also linked them to the mystery of the Tuatha de Danaan.

The Manannan or Danaan people of the Tribe of Zebulon were also known as the Frisians (R1b U106 L48). Around 650-700 AD they had left their Kingdom in Calalus and settled on the Isle of Man as well as another group in France in the area of La Mans (Maine) and in the area of Frisia as well as their homeland of Frisland or Lochlann Island. Some of the Frisians had embraced Judaism and Catholicism while others remained or re-embraced paganism and others held to elements of all three. However the Frisians in the north were mainly pagans. The term Manannan (Manaan/ Manaanan, Maine and other variants) refers to the Western Lands (America) and can be confusing as it is a name used for the Frisians as well as for the British or Welsh inhabitants of Calalus.

Old English and Old Frisian are very closely related languages descending from the Zebulonite languages of which Old German, Old Yiddish and Old Dutch are also branches. The Basque language however was the language that developed in Calalus among the Rhodans drawing on the Aquitainian, Ladino and Welsh languages with also some input from the Tolteca (Ogham) language of America as well as Latin and Hebrew. Thus the Mananaans (Manaans) spoke Anglo-Frisian and the British Calalusians a version of Cymric (Welsh) and the Rhodans Old Basque-Aquitainian. The original Zebulonite language found in Western Europe developed from a mix of the Hebrew-Aramaic of northern Israel mixed with the Atlantean language (Old Greco-Hebrew Language). Old Western Yiddish in fact may be the language of the Synklar Jews of Calalus who settled in Germany and Poland from the 10th century and mixed with the Aramaic speaking Jews of Ashkenaz. This Synklar Yiddish influenced Middle High German. The Western Yiddish language would spread east and mix with the Slavic based Jewish language to create Eastern Yiddish. These Synklar Jews who joined the Ashkenazi Jewish communities belonged to both the Manaan R1b U106 and Rhodan R1b U152 and R1b DF27 haplogroups. Sadly these Jews suffered the greatest loss of numbers during the Holocaust.

As the Western Zebulonites didn't receive their U106 marker until about 580 BC they had in the time of the Northern Atlantis kingdom belonged to R1b P297 y-dna as part of the Sons of Leah. The R1b P297 Israelites including the Zebulonites may have received the M269 marker as a result of the cataclysmic destruction of Atlantis in 968 BC. It was during the time of the Atlantean Empire and after that the tall blonde haired blue eyed Zebulonites known as Danaan settled in the Americas. They encountered there the red-bronze skinned Rhodanim or Toltecas (probably C haplogroup) and the white skinned red haired descendants of Manasseh (R1 M173*) from which the name Manaanan or Manaan was given as a name for America.

The name of Tarshishim in Jewish tradition of a group of angels was taken from the blonde haired, white skinned and blue eyed Zebulonites descended from Helon. In the south Atlantean language and Mycenean Greek they were known as the Akero (messengers) and in the north Atlantean language of the Helonites it became Agelo and in West German as Eadgil or Engel. The mysterious blonde-haired white skinned Chachapoyas of Peru are descendants of the Chauci who were one of the groups of West German Zebulonites closely related to the Frisian and Angles. The Chauci disappeared from Europe in the 3rd century moving to the Americas. In the first three centuries AD the Frisians, Angles and Chauci lived in the area of the Elbe River. They were known as the Elben or Elven people. The Saxons moved into the former areas of the Chauci. The Saxons or Sacae were originally from the Tribe of Issachar. It would seem that the Angles, Frisians and Chauci came from Calalus (Calchi) to the River Elbe in Europe after Calalus and Mexico was conquered from the Olmecs and Toltecs by the Romans in 100 BC. It would seem that these tribes allied with the Romans to build the so-called Teotihuacan civilisation after their defeat of the Olmecs (Ogres). The so-called Zapotec culture is that of the Danaan or Frisians who were known also as the Be'ena Za'a (Cloud People) before the coming of the Romans and their oppression by the Olmecs. Before moving south and establishing the Zapotec culture around 600 BC they (Angles, Frisians and Chauci) came from Calalus from Atzlan (area of Colorado and Utah- an island in an ancient Lake), Colhuacan at Canyon de Chelly in Arizona and Chicomoztoc at the Gila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico.

In 775 AD under King Nehemiah Theodoric (Theodore) of Septimania (Narbonne) Jewish Rule was reestablished in Calalus and a branch of the Manaan or Frisian Royal House returned to Calalus. Around 820 AD a grandson of Elidyr II of the Manaan was given the rulership of the area north of Arizona. This Prince or Lord was Cadrod Synklar (Siksika which means blackfoot in the Indian language) and he and his Manaan and Rhodan warriors ruled over a kingdom known as the Kingdom or Confederacy of the Blackfoot or Blackfeet. This Confederacy or Lordship acknowledged the overlordship of the Davidic Throne of the Rhodan Kingdom of Calalus. Cadrod married the daughter of King Israel I Guriad ha Makhiri (Magnarvm) of Rhoda and Calalus. Cadrod and Atala's son was called Ciman the Black Foot (Droed Ddu in Welsh) who succeeded him as the Synklar Ruler of Northern Calalus.

 The centre of this northern kingdom or Lordship was in the area of the Blackfoot Ranges and the Blackfoot River north of Arizona. This Lordship extended eastward over the Great Plains of America. While the Ruling class of the Manaan were Jewish and Jewish Christians the vast bulk of the natives under their rule were called Pagani or Pagans by the Synklar (Siksika) which became Pikanu or Peiganu. The Synklar Rulers were also known as the Lords of the Diamond Mines around Lake Kelsey (which was the original Diamond Lake). The so-called Fremont culture represents the heart land of this northern Siksika or Synklar kingdom which is south of the Blackfoot mountain ranges.

This Judeo-Christian settlement in North America was ruled over by a Jewish Davidic King and a Jewish Sanhedrin of elders. The round buildings called Kivas were the Jewish-Christian chapels or synagogues that were first built as Adoration chapels during the Arthurian period of Calalus' history. Larger Kiva's were built for community Eucharistic worship after the King and the leading citizens of Rhoda embraced a Jewish-style Catholicism around 800 AD.

One branch of the Synklar Lords became the Sinclair Lords of Rosslin (R1b U106 Z30) in Scotland and another branch known as the Finck (Diamond) Lords (R1b U106 Z331) went into Germany. The noble Finck von Finckenstein family may be one branch of this second family. Some of them joined the Ashkenazi Jewish community. Both these branches descend from Ithick (Idigg) the Diamond Lord of Calalus [born 925] who left America with his son Iddon (Yahalom Adon) who married Lady Papia of Normandy a daughter of Richard I the Fearless Duke of Normandy and his wife Lady Gunnor of Denmark. Another branch of this family may have been the founded by Aymon (Hamon) a grandson of Ithick who became the Viscount de Dinan or Dinant of Brittany and of the aristocratic family of Dinham in Devon in England. Another branch went to Ulster and became the O'Diamain family.

Iddig was the son of Lord Llywarch (the Horse leader) of the Synklar who in turn was the son of Lord Llofan of the Synklar the son of Ciman the Blackfoot. Lord Idigg had a son called Meurig or Mauger the Elder who was known in German as Markwart von Eppenstein or Elfenstein. This word came from the use of the terms of Elfen or Elven stone for the diamonds or jewels which came from Calalus. It was also known as Finkel stone. The Manaan who were usually tall and blonde were associated with the term Elf or Elven. One branch of this family were the Dukes of Carinthia and another branch became the Finck von Fickenstein family while other members used the name Finck, Finkelstein and Epstein. Finckenstein Palace in Poland and the name of the River and nearby fortress of Elblag or Elbling was named for these Elven Lords. Eppenstein Castle in Austria was originally the Elfenstein Castle. Also the area of Elfenstein in the Harz mountains of Germany was a settlement of the Elven Manaan.

Some researchers believe that the ruins of Rhoda the capital and royal city of Calalus was those at Tumamoc Hill overlooking Tucson and there is also the ruins of a fortress further south about 16 miles on Black Mountain (Arizona). In fact I hold that the capital city includes the ruins of Tumamoc Hill and Black Mountain but that the heart of the city is in the Tucson Mountains and the huge Limestone blocks found in the Tucson Mountains from the Chaos Mountain on the north east (not far from the Silver Bell Rd where the Tucson artifacts of Calalus were found) to the Bren and Cat mountains on the east and south are the remnant of the Limestone blocks that made up the walls of this great city. Thus the low Tucson Mountains may be the ruins of the great city of Rhoda.

It is also possible that the mountains of Santa Catalina, Rincon and Santa Rita along with the Tucson mountains all hide the ruins of the Rhodan Capital and hide a huge city complex surrounded by the four so-called mountain ranges. However the latter Limestone Rhodan capital may only be found in the Tucson Mountains and the bigger complex having been built and destroyed in earlier times of American history. In these earlier periods a long time before 100 BC and the establishment of Roman Calalus Arizona had a different landscape with large freshwater lakes and vegetation.

The dating methodologies used by archeologists and anthropologists are notoriously inaccurate and the dating of the periods is in need of revision. The so-called Pueblo I period is most likely the time of the Arthurian period in Calalus history around 520-700 AD. The Pueblo II period is that of the first phase of the Septimanian Roman Jewish period from 775-860 AD and the second phase of the Septimanian Roman Jewish period Pueblo III 860-1000. The so-called Basketmaker III era was most likely the period of Roman Calalus from 100 BC- 400 AD. Pueblo IV period is the period after the exodus of the bulk of the white population to Europe and any remnants mainly intermarried with the native American Indians. However there were still small groups of white tribes that moved elsewhere in the Americas. One group are the Mandans of the Alabama and Georgia areas and those that moved to the Appalachian Mountains and later became known as the Melungeons. Others went south into South America.

It may be that Tolkien's Middle-Earth may allude to the peoples of Calalus. The area of the Anasazi being that of the Hobbits who were British or Welsh settlers that were mostly under 5 ft 4. The Mogollon area of the Frisians or Manaan represents the Elves who are tall and blonde. The Synklar or Fremont area represents Rohan and Hohokam and Patayan represent Arnor and Gondor. The Dwarves represent the miners of the Calalus settlements. The Orks in Tolkien represent the Toltecas or Olmecs who invaded Calalus from Mexico. The Wizards represent the Romano-Jewish Catholic Bishops and Abbots of Calalus. Gandalf represents Quetzalcoatl.

It would seem that the Welsh settlers were not in favour of the evangelisation of the pagan peoples as they hadn't been in Britain. They were traditional enemies with the pagan Frisian Kingdom to their south. However the newly converted Jewish Catholics were keen on evangelisation. However this came to a head in the reign of Israel III in 880 AD who gave the Toltecas (pagan American Indians) their independence and he was banished and Israel IV took the Throne. After the defeat by the Indians of the Calalus kingdoms most returned to Europe but a remnant moved to the area of Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia where the Rhodan, Welsh and Frisian remnants eventually united into one allied people and in the 12th century their settlement was reinforced by the Welsh under Prince Madoc of Wales. Both the Choctaws and the Comanche tells of these tall white giants (the Frisians) who they encountered and fought with and killed them in the area of Tennessee. It would seem some of those of the white remnant from the Synklar confederacy moved west to the Great Lakes area into western Canada and where they were visited and resettled on the islands of the northern Atlantic by Henry Sinclair the Earl of the Northern Isles in the 14th century.

It is also interesting that it is into this area in the south west of the USA that the crypto-Jewish Spanish settlers moved into during the time of Spanish expansion from Mexico. Many of these crypto-Jewish settlers may have been partly descended from the Rhodans who had returned to Europe and settled in northern Spain around 1000 AD and joined in the fight to free Spain of Muslim rule. Among these returnees to Europe were those who entered the noble and royal classes as Catholics who maintained Jewish customs and practices in the secrecy of their homes and families and those who joined the religious Jewish community. Due to the rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism these Jewish origins were hidden by both the Catholic and Jewish communities. 

Tucson Mountains seen from Tumamoc Hill

Lot King of Lochlann (490 - ) 
son of Cadlew King of Lochlann
Prince Gwalchafed (Gaheris/ Gareth) of Lochlann and Lothian (515 - )
son of Lot King of Lochlann and Princess Anna of Britain daughter of Huna Mar Exilarch and British King by his wife Lady Abiane Gwenllian of Mahoza and Gewisse
Eadgils King of Mrygings in Sweden (534 - )
son of Prince Gwalchafed (Gaheris/ Gareth) of Lochlann and Lothian
Llywarch Hen Calchfynydd (Llywarch the Graceful) King of Calalus (553 - )
son of Eadgils King of Mrygings in Sweden
Dwgywg King of Calalus (573 - )
son of Llywarch Hen Calchfynydd (Llywarch the Graceful) King of Calalus and Lady Morgana Le Fey daughter of
Cadrod Calchfynydd (Gideon of Rhoda/ Elidyr/Elisedd) King of Calalus by his wife Princess Wynne of Gwynedd
Gwyar (Gwair) King of Calalus (593 - )
son of Dwgywg King of Calalus
Tegid King of Calalus (612 - )
son of Gwyar King of Calalus and Lady Morgana daughter of Arthur of Dal Riata King of Gwent and Lady Lionor
Alcun King of Calalus (635 - 663)
son of Tegid King of Calalus
Sannde (Sandef/ Eagils ?) Frisian King of the Radbads (Rhodans) and Manaan (Man) aka Last King of Arthurian Calalus and Ruler of the Frisians (655 - )
son of Alcun King of Calalus and Princess Anna the daughter of Cadwallon King of Gwynedd by his wife Princess Alcfrith of Mercia
Elidyr of Rhodan Mananaan (Eadgils) Frisian King of the Radbads aka Radbad I of Frisia (673 - 719)
son of Sannde (Sandef/ Eagils ?) Frisian King of the Radbads (Rhodans) and Manaan (Man) aka Last King of Arthurian Calalus and Ruler of the Frisians 
Enkel Frisian King of the Radbads (700 - )
son of Elidyr of Rhodan Mananaan (Eadgils) Frisian King of the Radbads aka Radbad I of Frisia and Lady Celenion daughter of  Abu Aharon (Garin) of Babylon by his wife
Imma Bilhah Bat Heman (aka Mabile Ermenjart)
Elidyr II of the Manaan (730 - )
son of Enkel Frisian King and Lady Bilhah of Aquitaine daughter of Rabbi Ahunai of Palestine and Aquitaine (aka Hernaut de Beauland by his wife Lady Dode (Ita) of Aquitaine
Gwriad of the Manaan (755 - )
son of Elidyr II of the Manaan
Cadrod Sinclair (Synklar or Siksika) Ruler of Northern Calalus (795 - )
son of Gwriad of the Manaan and Lady Mynan of Calalus daughter of Prince
Yspwys II of Calalus
Ciman the Black Foot (Droed Ddu) Sinclair (Synklar or Siksika) (830 - )
son of Cadrod Sinclair (Synklar or Siksika) Ruler of Northern Calalus and Princess Atala of Rhoda and Calalus daughter of Israel I Guriat King of Calalus by his wife Princess Atala (Ethyl) of Gwynedd and Bernicia
Lord LLofan Sinclair (Synklar or Siksika) (860 - )
son of Ciman the Black Foot (Droed Ddu) Sinclair (Synklar or Siksika)
Lord Llywarch Sinclair (Synklar) (890 - )
son of Lord LLofan Sinclair (Synklar or Siksika)
Lord Iddig (Ithick) Sinclair the Diamond Lord (925 - )
son of Lord Llywarch Synklar
Lord Iddon Sinclair the Diamond Lord [Yahalom Adon] (955 - ) brother of Meurig (Mauger/ Markwart) von Eppenstein (Elfenstein/ Finkelstein)
son of Lord Iddig (Ithick) Sinclair and Lady Kerwita daughter of  Marchudd Lord of Rhos
Meurig (Mauger) of Sinclair (986 - 1040)
son of Lord Iddon Sinclair the Diamond Lord and Lady Papia of Normandy daughter of Richard I of Normandy by his wife Lady Gunnora of Denmark
Walderne Earl of StClair (1001 - 1047)
son of Meurig (Mauger) of Sinclair and Lady Germaine of Corbeil
William "the Seemly" Sinclair of Rosslin 1st Lord of Rosslin (1028 - 1078)
son of Walderne Earl of StClair and Lady Helena le Bon the daughter of Richard II Duke of Normandy by his wife Lady Judith of Brittany
Henry Sinclair of Roslin 1st Baron of Roslin The Crusader (1065 - 1110)

King Arthur and the Comet

Calalus: A Jewish Catholic State in Early Medieval America


Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Donning the Garments of Edom: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

The other day I was doing Eucharistic Adoration when I received an insight connected with the concept found in the Jewish mystical writings and traditions about donning or wearing the garments of Edom. There is a tradition that the skin garments donned by Adam and Eve after the fall, when they were no longer clothed in the light of the Divine Will, were from the skin of the bull unicorn which Adam and Eve sacrificed. 

These skins were taken by Noah in the Ark and eventually were donned by Nimrod which gave him great skill in hunting. They eventually came into the possession of Esau who was also known as Edom and it was these garments or skins that Jacob donned in order to deceive his father Isaac. Besides this more literal account the Zohar and other writings refer to the garments of Edom (which are also seen as the garments of Adam) with a more mystical and spiritual interpretation. Jacob Frank described his conversion and that of his followers who received baptism as those from Jacob (the Jewish people) who donned the garments of Edom (Rome).

This understanding was connected to the journey of returning to the garments of Adam. In order to return to the universal dimension of faith a Jew needed to don the garments of Edom which would then eventually be transformed into the garments of Adam. There were three different garments of Adam and Eve. The skin garments of the bull unicorn which represented reparation and sacrifice, the fig leaf garments (of the tree of knowledge) representing vulnerable nakedness and the garment of the light of the Divine Will and the return to original innocence. In order to restore all mankind back to living in the light of the Divine Will then both Jews and Gentiles must embrace baptism and the donning of the garments of spiritual Esau or Edom (the Holy Roman Catholic Church). 

The angel that Jacob wrestled with was called in this mystical tradition the Archangel of Edom or Esau. It was seen as part of the process of restoring the lost sparks of the Divine Will to its source after the breaking of the vessels.

For the last seven years I have embraced the vocation and calling of a consecrated brother or monacelli (little monk) and have donned the outward garments of a Catholic habit. One part of me has always felt conflicted as I no longer dressed like a religious Jew and my observance while still there in many respects has had to be modified and changed. 

As I sat in the Divine Presence I realised that while my vocation as both a Jew and a Catholic has led to the outward donning of the garments of Edom while in my heart I will always be Jacob and retain my Jewish identity though in a more veiled or hidden manner than other Jewish Catholics who will be called to live out their vocation in a more openly Jewish manner. I do this in order to don the garments of Adam and make reparation for all and unite (devekut) all in the life of the Divine Will. Just as the garments of Judah/Jacob have a deep interior meaning so do the garments of Edom/Adam.

At this time of salvation history there is much interior conflict and confusion for those trying to be true to their double calling as a Jew and as a Catholic but one embraces the way of sacrifice and the cross, offering for all and on behalf of all in union with the Eucharistic Sacrifice of the Messiah.This is to live Torah at the level of Atzilut. Some others may have to continue to outwardly don the outward garments of Jacob while in their hearts they don secretly the garments of Edom which are the baptismal garments of grace.

In the 18th century 60,000 religious Jews decided to publicly don the garments of Edom while a much larger number retained the garments of orthodox and Hasidic Judaism while in the secret of their hearts and among fellow believers they embraced the Messiah and only mystically and interiorly embraced the garments of Edom. Those 60,000 were slandered and misunderstood and their message distorted and twisted by all sides forcing them into an ever deeper silence and hiddeness so that they became a leaven that disappeared into the larger body of Edom which was transformed in many hidden ways through the 1st and 2nd Vatican Councils and many Eucharistic, liturgical and Marian renewal movements.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

West Family and the Holocaust: The Suffering of a Dutch Jewish Family

 My fourth cousin Jozef West and his wife Roossie Tof who both died in Sobibor

My grandmother's paternal grandmother was an English Jewess called Matilda West who came to Australia from England in 1875 with her husband James Lewis and children. Her parents Simeon Levi West and Mary Ann Payne had arrived in New South Wales in 1869 as well as her brother Simeon Levi West (Uncle Levi) who served as a crypto-Jewish Rabbi or Hazzan like his father.

The older Simeon Levi West had been trained as a crypto-Jewish Rabbi or Hazzan (worship leader) by his maternal great uncle Thomas West who had been trained as a rabbi in Amsterdam. Simeon's father Reuben West was born in Amsterdam in 1764 and he married his English relative Elizabeth West of Sulby the daughter of Joseph West the gamekeeper of Sulby Hall in Welford for the Payne family. Reuben's brothers Levi and Nathan of Amsterdam married the sisters of Elizabeth West. Reuben moved to England to train as a gamekeeper with his relative and future father-in-law Joseph West (b.1740) son of Reuben West of England (b.1720).

Reuben West of England had a brother Solomon West (b.1724) who settled in Amsterdam who was the father of Nathan (b.1760 Amsterdam), Reuben (b.1764 Amsterdam) and Levi (b.1771 Amsterdam) as well as Isaiah, Moses, Simeon and Sarah. Their mother was Susanna Solomon of London whose Solomon family had come originally from Amsterdam. I had known that Nathan West had a son Salomon Nathan West who was born in 1785 in Amsterdam. I had also known that the crypto -Jewish English branch of the West family had often sent certain sons to the Netherlands to stay with their West relatives in order to train as rabbis. However I had never traced until recently the descendants of the West branch who remained as open Jews in the Netherlands.

Recently I discovered these descendants and was shocked to find that so many of them had died in the Nazi Holocaust. I was shocked to read of my West relatives being gassed in Sobibor and Auschwitz as well as dying in other camps. As my family in Australia had been untouched by the Holocaust I was surprised at the depth and sadness of my reaction to finding out that I had numerous third and fourth cousins who had died in the Holocaust. It became much more personal to me in a manner that is hard to describe even though I had never known these cousins of mine.

The first of my relatives I discovered was Jozef West of Wildervank who with his wife and Saartje West one of his daughters died in Sobibor on May 7 1943. I then noticed that their other daughter Roosjen West had died November 7 1942 at Auschwitz. Jozef was a butcher in Wildervank as was his cousin Salomon West. Josef was nicknamed 'Black West' and his cousin 'Red West' (Salomon had red hair). During the Second World War, Jozef West went into hiding in Drenthe.  However he was not happy with it. During a walk he was picked up by the Landwacht and then sent east to Sobibor with his family to the gas chambers.

I then went on to find more and more with the majority of them being killed at Auschwitz. Whole branches of my West family exterminated. I also felt great shame as at one stage of my life when I was a teenager I had been influenced by anti-semites and had actually believed that the Holocaust was a hoax or at least exaggerated. I sincerely apologize to all my martyred cousins and to all those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis. I was shocked to learn on Jewishgen that "As a percentage, Dutch Jews probably perished at a higher rate than any other West European country."

Then I found  that Jozef West's brother Benjamin West with his wife and two children Salomon and Sophia West died in Auschwitz in 1943. I was almost relieved to see that another of Jozef and Benjamin West's brothers Nathan had died in 1939 but was saddened when I saw that his son Salomon West had died in Auschwitz and that his son David and daughter Roosien West had died in Sobibor. I was pleased to see that they also had a sister Saar West who died in Tel Aviv in 1993. Jozef's sister Rachel West also died in 1942 in Auschwitz and her husband Jacob Nijveen died in Konigshutte a Nazi work camp in 1942. They were all the descendants of Salomon West (b.1854).

Then I discovered that Salomon had a brother Jozef West (b.1856) whose sons Helman, Levie Jozef, Mozes and Lazarus West and their sister Hillechiene West all died in Auschwitz as well as their brother Nathan Salomon West who died in Central Europe in 1944. Salomon also had a brother Mozes West (b.1859 Wildervank) a Jewish merchant who had four children that died in Auschwitz in 1942. And so it went on moving from branch to branch of these descendants of my ancestral uncle Salomon Nathan West (b.1785). Many of them lived in the villages of Veendam and Wildervank. 

The villages of Veendam and Wildervank had a large number of Jewish residents until 1942. Common family names were: Cohen, Van Delft, Valk and West. Our West family intermarried with these other Jewish families who also died in the Shoah (Holocaust). There was a synagogue for the Jewish community in Veendam. The first Jewish inhabitants in this area arrived about 1700, and the first synagogue was built in 1745. By 1880 there were about 645 Jews living in Veendam, Wildervank and nearby villages. When World War II broke out, there were a total of 215 Jewish residents in Veendam and Wildervank. Only 5 Jews from Veendam and Wildvank survived the death camps.

Another branch of the West family descended from Salomon Nathan West (b.1785) was that of his son Joseph Salomon West of Wildevank (b.1815 Wildervank d.1888 Wildervank) who was a Jewish butcher or Shochet. Joseph's son Nathan West settled in Winschoten about 20 kilometres from Wildervank where he was a shochet and cattle dealer as was his son Jozeph West of Winschoten. Jozeph West of Winschoten's mother Anna Stoppelman was murdered in Sobibor in 1943 and his sister Heika was gassed in Auschwitz in 1943 and Jozeph and his wife and 12 year old daughter Josephina West were gassed in Auschwitz in 1942 and his son Nathan West was killed in 1944. The older Nathan West of Winschoten's sisters Mrs Roosien Beem, Mrs Mozina van Stedum and Mrs Betje de Lange descendants also were murdered in the concentration camps. Winschoten had a Jewish population in 1942 of around 500 and only about 20 of them survived the Holocaust.

 Levie van West who died in Mauthausen in 1942
It has made me wonder if I have other cousins descended from the Levie and Leon family of Holland from whom my grandmother also descends on her direct maternal line that were likewise exterminated. I have also not researched thoroughly other branches of the West family in the Netherlands such as those known as "van West" who descend from Reuben's brother Levi West (b.1771). Levi (or Levie) had at least two sons born in Amsterdam Salomon and Abraham van West. One of his descendants from his son Abraham Levie van West was Jacob van West (son of Levie Abraham van West) whose son Barend van West (b.1882) with Barend's wife Sara Segal and their six daughters in 1942 were gassed in Auschwitz and his grandson Levie van West (Barend's son) died in Mauthausen Nazi camp. Many others of the Jewish van West family were also to die in the Nazi death camps.

I also discovered another branch of the West family in the Netherlands using the van West surname who had become Frankist or Catholic Jews. One would hope that by the time of the Holocaust others would have forgotten their Jewish origins and they may have been spared the gas chambers. The Nazi's also sent all those Jews who were Catholics or Catholics of recent Jewish ancestry to the death camps. Such was the fate of St Edith Stein and 1,000 other Catholic Jews from Holland who were gassed together on August 9 1942 at Auschwitz. The very next day on August 10 1942 my 50 year old Dutch 4th cousin Jozef West son of Mozes West was gassed in Auschwitz. Of the 107,000 Jews transported from the Netherlands only 5,000 survived the Holocaust.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Geologic Time Scale From a Creationist Perspective

The evolutionary geologic time scale

Both Creationists and Evolutionists believe in biological speciation. However Creationists believe that speciation occurred from kinds which were formed originally by the Creator.  Creationists also believe that our present species descend from those pairs who survived the great Flood. Young earth creationists believe that speciation can take place rapidly and all our modern day species plus many extinct species descended from the kinds in the Ark or those marine kinds that survived the upheaval of the Flood.

Many Creationists believe that the extinctions of the Permian period in which 90 % of marine and 70% of animal life became extinct was due to the Great Flood of Noah. Many Creationists hold that the Great Flood occurred about 4,350-4,450 years ago not 245 million years ago proposed by the Evolutionists for the Permian. Other people believe the Great Flood occurred at an earlier date around 4700-5000 years ago. I hold that the Flood probably occurred around 2404 BC. I hold that the separation of Pangaea (which like some scientists I believe was circular) and the formation of continents occurred rapidly during the catastrophe of the Tower of Babel at the end of the Triassic and beginning of the Jurassic-Cretaceous-Paleocene-Eocene period (they are four layers of the cataclysmic events of 1960 BC).  The so-called Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary and the Eocene–Oligocene extinction event  which were synonymous was the time of the catastrophes of the time of Abraham and destruction of Sodom around 3,950 years ago and the end of most of the dinosaur kinds. However the so-called Paleocene and Eocene periods may have been synonymous with the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods being deposits caused by the cataclysm of the the time of Abraham and Sodom. This was also a time of rapid speciation by mammals. This also caused the Great Rift from the Middle East to Mozambique and the separation of Madagascar (Mauritia) from Africa.

I also propose that around 3,760 years ago there was a nuclear winter in the days of Joseph that ushered in the Ice Age during the time Evolutionists call the Pleistocene. At the end of the Pleistocene were the events of the Exodus around 3,350 years ago which began the so-called Holocene period rather than 11,000 years ago claimed by the Evolutionists. In the Triassic Period the climate was mostly hot and dry which dried up the earth after the great flood and during the Jurassic-Cretaceous-Paleocene-Eocene period the climate became warm and humid with the growth of tropical jungles. 

After the cataclysmic events around 1960 BC the weather became a lot cooler (Oligocene) but then warming up in what is called the Miocene and then cooling again in the Pliocene before the events around 1766 BC that led to the Ice Age. The Ice Age lasted about 200 years not the thousands taught by Evolutionists. Thus most animals and humans that lived more than 4,000 years ago would have none or little dna in their remains or it would be very degraded due to hot and moist temperatures of the period before 1960 BC. Thus human remains that are claimed are thousands of years older is due to false dating methodologies for both their remains and the archeological sites. It has been demonstrated that the carbon and radiometric dating methods give false dates due to solar radiation flux which had cause ancient remains to be dated much older and others much younger. This increase in radiation also affects the mutation rates of human dna.

Creationists have differing opinions about what part of the geologic deposits are a result of the worldwide Flood and what the boundary is between the Flood and post-flood period.  Many of them see the death of the dinosaurs as occurring with the worldwide Flood and thus see the Triassic and Jurassic periods as part of the Flood of Noah deposits. I however think that the reptilian dinosaur ancestors were brought on the Ark and they possibly attained their great heights due to human manipulation of the genes by the civilisation of Cainan and Nimrod in the late Triassic period. Most of the Dinosaurs but not all were killed by the events 1960 BC. The destruction that left these geologic layers was due to a Nuclear War which destroyed Uruk (Mt Augustus), Sodom and Gomorrah and formed craters such as the Chicxulub, Chesapeake Bay and the Popigai craters which triggered further natural environmental destructions and led to a cooler period in earth history.
 A rough outline of Pangaea the original supercontinent

Note: While I am not convinced of a Darwinian evolutionary understanding of science I do believe that those who do hold evolutionary views can be just as devout Catholics or Christians as those who don't. Nor do I think God couldn't have used a evolutionary method for creation if he so desired it, I just don't believe he did. I am opposed to fanaticism on both sides of the issue and believe one shouldn't lose their sense of humour.  That being said I know I am a Divine creation and those who disagree with me are definitely descended from ape-like creatures!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Y-dna of the 13 Tribes of Israel

The male y-dna descendants of the six sons of Jacob's wife Leah belong to R1b. The male y-dna descendants of the two sons of Joseph belong to R1a. The male y-dna of the descendants of Benjamin are Q. The descendants of Jacob's sons by Bilhah and Zilpah are of NO y-dna.

1. Reuben: R1b U152, R1b M335, R1b Z2118 and may also be found among branches of R1b P312.

2. Simeon: R1b DF27 and may also be found among other branches of R1b P312.

3. Levi: Levite clans are found among  R1b PF7562 (as well as Judah), R1b Z 2103 L277, R1b ZZ337 as well as R1b-V88. 

4. Judah: Clans of Judah are to be found among R1b Z103 Z106, R1b M73 (Zerah Judah), R1b PF7562 (as well as Levi and Benjamin) and R1b DF99 (Davidic), R1b Y18209 (Davidic), R1b A9063 (Davidic), R1b L21 and R1b S245/Z260 (Davidic House of Nathan). Being a male line descendant of the Tribe of Judah is not the same as being a Jew though some Jews do descend from Judah.

5. Dan: Clans of Dan are to be found among N1c2-L666, N* and P*. Many researchers of the past have confused the paternal descendants of Dan who sailed on ships with the maternal descendants of Dinah who also sailed on ships as the priestesses of Dione or Diana. The ancient Milesian Gaels were guided in their travels by these priestesses.

6. Naphtali: the clans of Naphtali are of N1a1-M46, N1b and N2 ydna.

7. Gad: the clans of Gad belong to O1 and O3.

8. Asher: the clans of Asher belong to O2 ydna.

9. Issachar: R1b DF19, R1b DF100/S2100 and may also be found among branches of R1b P312.

10. Zebulon: R1b U106/S21, R1b L238  and may also be found among branches of R1b P312.

11. Ephraim: R1a Z283, R1a YP4141, R1a YP1272, R1a YP1051 and may be found among other branches of R1 and R1a .

12. Benjamin: the clans of Benjamin are Q ydna,
R1b PF7562 (with Judah and Levi) and other R1b3*.

13. Manasseh: the clans of Manasseh are R1a Z93, R1a L664, R1a FGC9988  and among other branches of R1 and R1a.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Garabandal Warning in 2022: Two Stars Colliding: Miracle April 13 2023?

I have on this blog written about speculations about when the world wide warning mentioned at Garabandal would occur. I have written about the possibilities for 2018 in the past. I now think it is unlikely that the Warning and Miracle will happen then. Conchita one of the visionaries has said that the warning, “will be like two stars colliding, a lot of noise, a lot of light, but they won’t fall down”. 

In recent reports scientists from Calvin College in the USA have predicted that two stars of a binary system near the Cygnus constellation will collide in Feb/March 2022 or possibly a year either side of this date. Thus this prediction could occur anytime between 2021-2023. One prominent Rabbi in Jerusalem has connected this with the messianic prophecy about the star of Jacob prophecy in the Torah. However originally the scientists thought this event could happen sometime between 2018-2020 but have since updated their prediction of the stellar event to a year either side of early 2022. It is interesting that Conchita spoke about two stars colliding and producing a great light many years before this discovery of the scientists.

I find it interesting that these stars are on the wing of the Celestial Swan and thus allude to both the concept of the wings of the Shekhinah and Revelations 12 where the woman on the wings of the great bird (eagle) is taken into the wilderness for 3 and a half years. Did the Celestial line up of the Woman with the twelve Stars giving birth on September 23 2017 begin the seven years of Jacob's Trouble and does the warning come in the midst of this with a "star of Jacob" event?  If so then this collision could occur around Feb/March in 2021 rather than 2022. Thus the Miracle could occur in 2021 or 2022. Does this mean that the prophecies of a coming Comet (mentioned in some Catholic prophecies) and the two stars colliding event are two different events or are they interconnected in some way?

Tony Kissane writes: "We know that the state of the world before the warning will be in turmoil. The Catholic Church will undergo a terrible trial. The Church will seem to disappear, it will be difficult for priests to say Mass. When asked by the children what this trial was Our Lady said “Communism”. We know that belief in the apparitions of Garabandal before the warning will fall away." Thus if this scenario is correct then the Church in Europe and the West will pass through a terrible crisis in the next few years. I think we all can see that the new politically correct marxism is rapidly taking over the West through the leftist elites controlling the organs of government and the media. Mari Loli another of the Garabandal visionaries said the Warning will come: “when Russia will unexpectedly and suddenly overrun and overwhelm a great part of the free world. God does not want this to happen so quickly. In any case the Warning will come when you will see that Holy Mass cannot be celebrated freely anymore; then it will be that the world will most need the intervention of God.”

The prophet Daniel speaks about the sacrifice being cut off in the midst of the week which would be in this scenario around March-May 2021 which will be when the Mass will go underground and be cut off in the public churches in Europe. Thus the Warning and the Miracle will occur after that. Possibly the Warning with the collision of the stars will occur in either 2022 or 2023 followed by the Miracle in March - May 2023 or 2024. In 2023 April 13th is on a Thursday so would be the most likely date for the Miracle. This is the Thursday between Easter Sunday and Divine Mercy Sunday. The Jewish Passover concludes at sundown on April 13th 2023. However the Miracle occurs at 8.30 in the evening but sundown in Garabandal is at 8.58 pm on that date so in Spain Passover will not conclude until after the Miracle.

Thus the Warning may occur in 2022 (5782 in the Jewish calendar) as it occurs within 12 months of the Miracle. It is interesting that when we add the number of 5782 it equals 22. It may be in 2020 that the new Pope (possibly Pius XIII) flees Rome. This may be preceded by the first coming of the Comet as a warning with the death of the two Popes on the same night. When the Pope flees Rome a false anti-Pope will be elected who will change the sacrificial nature of the Mass in 2021. Then the new Pope (Pius XIII) will die a cruel death in exile in 2021. It will not be until 2023 that a new valid Pope will be elected in the underground Church who will see the Miracle from wherever he is hiding. Some believe this Pope will be of recent Jewish ancestry or/and background. He may also take the name Francis II.

 Apparently a friend of Marie Loli said that the Warning would be in an even year and others say that Conchita said that the Miracle would be in an odd year. This would fit this scenario if the Warning came in 2022 an even year and the Miracle in 2023 an odd year. As I have said before I think the worst will begin after the deaths of our beloved Queen and the two Popes. Trump and Putin are also in their own ways holding off the total control of the marxist cultural elites over society. Efforts will be made to remove or neutralize them. Both Trump and Putin have been described as Cyrus figures. Is the US the great nation of Manasseh and Russia (with the other slavic nations) the nation and commonwealth of nations of Ephraim the birth right tribe? Great efforts are being made to remove Trump or to make sure he is only a one term President by the elites on both sides of American politics. The next American election for President will take place in November 2020. The next Russian Presidential election is on March 18 2018. On May 19 2018 Prince Harry will be married at Windsor Castle. Prince Harry is a descendant of the Tsars of Russia through his paternal grandfather Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh.

It will be interesting to see what will happen at next year's Russian Election. Will Putin win or will we see a new leader arise in Russia? Already there have been calls to boycott the Elections. Will the Russians' attack on Europe occur in March of 2020 with the Pope fleeing Rome at this time and going into exile? Before this the revolutions or civil wars would need to break out in England, France and Italy if this scenario is correct. The English King would need to be assassinated (according to the prophecy of Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser) and the rest of the royal family flee into exile at the time of the revolution in England.

An English version of the Peshitta translates Apocalypse 8:13 as: "And I beheld, and heard an eagle having a tail red as it were blood, flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth, by reason of the other sounds of the trumpets of the three angels which are yet to sound!" Thus it seems to link 2021 with the coming of a comet (tail of blood) but also may allude to one who lives in Divine Will at the highest zenith (a certain Eagle) who will become a Cardinal (red tail) in a time of martyrdom of the priests and Pope as foretold by Our Lady in the Third Secret of Fatima. Is this Cardinal one of the four Cardinals that flee Rome over the dead bodies of the priests in the Vatican? Is he the Pope that proclaims the final three Marian dogmas?Is he the Pope who will totally approve and promote the teaching about living in the Divine Will as found in the writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta?

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Daughters of Shem: mt-dna Tree

It would seem that all women descend today in their direct female lineage from Lebab the Righteous (Tzedeklebab) the wife of Shem one of the sons of Noah. The direct female lineages of Adan the wife of Japheth (Neanderthal) and Nahal the wife of Ham (Denisovan) would seem to have died out. All humans today descend from the three great-granddaughters of Shem and Lebab - Luba, Medea and Neshema the Queen (Milka). Luba married a black descendant of Ham and Nahal, Medea married a red-yellow skinned red haired descendant of Japheth and Adan and Neshema Milka married a white skinned fair haired descendant of Shem and Lebab.

Luba is the ancestress of L3 mt-dna from whom L0, L1 and L2 mt-dna descend. Medea is the ancestress of M mt-dna from whom C, Z, D, E, G and Q descend. Neshema Milka is the ancestress of N mt-dna from whom S,O, R, A, W, I, X and Y mt-dna descend. The Hebrew Matriarch's Leah and Rachel belong to N mt-dna and the Hebrew Matriarch's Bilhah and Zilpah belong to M mt-dna. Asenath the wife of the Patriarch Joseph (R1a y-dna) was the daughter of Dinah who was the only daughter of Jacob and Leah. From Dinah and Asenath descend the haplogroups of W, I, X, N1b and R mt-dna.
(From MITOMAP: A Human Mitochondrial Genome Database, 2008).
This diagramme makes it easier to see that the African L3 and its descendants L1, L0 and L2  with N and M.  L3 mt-dna Eve  may be the top of the mt-dna tree and she may have not lived in Africa at all but one of her L3 descendants (Luba) moved there from Pangaean Australasia and became the African Matriarch among the Hamites. 
Ruth the Moabite descends maternally from Asenath and is the ancestress of B, F, JT, HV, U and P mt-dna haplogroups. From Ruth is descended on the direct maternal line Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. Her daughter Neferneferauten was a female Pharoah who after fleeing Egypt with her daughter to Jerusalem embraced Judaism and became the ancestress of JT mt-dna haplogroup. Another daughter of Queen Nefertiti was Ankhesenamun who was the ancestress of HV mt-dna haplogroup.

From Neferneferauten's daughter Jecoliah the Queen Mother of Judah (JT) descends Princess Jecoliah of Judah a daughter of King Amon of Judah and Queen Mother Jedidiah. From Princess Jecoliah of Judah's daughter Princess Jerusha of the Libyan Milesians (Ma) comes J mt-dna haplogroup and from her other daughter Nehushta descends the T mt-dna haplogroup.

From Ankesenamun's daughter Nefer Hrere Queen of Kush (HV mt-dna) descends Nekaute Kandake (Nekauba) Queen of Egypt and Kush. Her daughter Hephzibah (Hatshepsut) was the Queen Mother of Judah and the ancestress of H mt-dna, another daughter Maatkare Maloteral the Queen of Kush was the ancestress of V mt-dna through her descendant Kara Maat a Libyan Milesian Princess or Queen.

Hephzibah the Queen Mother of Judah was the H mt-dna ancestress of Tzaddah the last Queen of Judah and Kushi the last Queen of Israel. From Tzaddah's daughter Princess Tamar Tia of Tahpanhes in Egypt descends H1 mt-dna haplogroup and from her other daughter Princess Asenath the Beautiful (Scota/ Istnofret) descends H2 mt-dna. From Kushi descended the Chinese Amazon Queens of Zhou of H7 mt-dna and from the Chinese Amazon Duchesses of Zhou of H6 mt-dna. H6 and H7 entered Europe through the Queens and Princesses of the Turks, Mongols and Khazars.

Queen Esther of Persia is the ancestress of I mt-dna and her ancestresses were the maternal line of Benjaminite Princesses who belonged to N1b mt-dna. The maternal descendants of Queen Esther were Bactrian Princesses also descended from Alexander the Great and one maternal lineage of I1b settled in the Hunza Valley as the mystical religious Jewish Queen-Priestesses of Ultar Sar. 

Ruth of Moab had a daughter Tamar Tjani who married Sobekhotep the Prince of Thebes in Egypt. She is the ancestress of Ursa (Ursula) the Princess of Kush whose daughter Eglah of Atlantean Gatherius in Spain was a wife of King David of Israel. Her daughter Dova (Ursa) was the ancestress of U1 and U5 mt-dna and Eglah's sister Adina was the ancestress of U6 mt-dna. Another daughter of Eglah who married Shaushtatar the King of Mitanni (R1a y-dna) is the ancestress of U2 mt-dna through her daughter who married Eriba- Hadad (I2 y-dna) King of Assyria.

The Chronology used here is based on the insights of Velikovsky and Heifetz and the Jewish Seder Olam. The destruction of the First Temple is dated to 460 BC which is around the time of Nebuchanezzar and Rameses II. Pharoah Akhenaten reigned from 743-726 BC. The Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt occurred in 1350 BC in the time of the13th Dynasty Pharaoh Sobekhotep IV Khaneferre. The Exile of the Lost Tribes began in 600 BC.