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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The New Crusade and Just War: A Hebrew Catholic Opinion

 St Lawrence of Brindisi leading the Catholic soldiers

Recently I was watching the movie about Blessed Macro d'Aviano and the Siege of Vienna in 1683. This incredible saint, who was a Franciscan friar, worked incredible miracles of healing and was known to bilocate and at the same time he rallied the forces of Catholic Europe to resist the Muslim advance into Europe. Watching this movie reminded me of an earlier saint who is also a doctor of the Church and Franciscan friar who led the armies of the Holy Roman Empire riding on a donkey or horse and holding up the crucifix with no other weapons against the Muslim invaders in 1601. 18,000 Christian soldiers defeated 80,000 Muslim troops. This saint was St Lawrence of Brindisi who has written some of the deepest insights of Marian theology.

It would seem to many that it is inconceivable that God would rise up holy Franciscans of such stature in spirituality to lead Catholic soldiers in battle against an unjust aggressor. But he did! The official teaching of the Church does indeed allow for participation in a just war. St Francis of Paola also prophesies that a holy hermit would inspire a future Catholic Duke to establish an order of military monks for the defense of Europe against the Muslims like in the days of the Crusades in Medieval times. This idea upsets many Catholic pacificists or those who think fighting a war in defense of one's faith or country is somehow wrong. 

At one stage of my life I seriously considered whether being a pacifist was the right Christian position to hold. However coming from a Jewish background I knew that I would have had to fight in World War II and could not have justified to myself not doing so against such a great evil as Nazism and its policies of genocide. Today with the rise of the evil of ISIS and Islamic terrorism I could also not justify supporting Christian pacifist ideas while respecting those who were sincere conscientious objectors. However while I could support the first Gulf War in defense of Kuwait, I could not support the Western invasions of Iraq or the interventions against the government of Assad in Syria. The fruit of these last two have led to the destruction of once flourishing Christian communities in Iraq and Syria. The West should have as it first priority the rescue and defense of these Christians. 

It has often been the Virgin Mary that has inspired those who rallied to the defense of Christendom such as the defeat of the Muslim fleet at Lepanto in 1571 especially under her title of Our Lady Help of Christians. I was baptised on the feast day of Our Lady Help of Christians on 24th May and Our Lady is the Patroness of Australia under this title too. Does this mean that Australia is in need of protection by Our Lady against a Muslim attack on Australia in the future? St Louis de Montfort taught that the Muslims would be conquered and converted under the direction of Our Lady. Will she do this once again through a holy monk, friar or hermit and a Great Monarch and Great Pope as prophesied in so many Catholic prophecies? Will we once again hear the cries of Deus Vult! Mater Maria! Santiago Matamoros! Cry God for Harry, England and St George! The Crusade! The Crusade! Vivo Christo Rey! Ave Christus Rex! Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu V'Rabbeinu. Melech HaMashiach L'Olam Vaed!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Zohar on the Lion, the Bridegroom, Bride and the Sun: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

Zohar 1:6 b describes the Divine Presence as the ‘Image of the Lion’. This is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who descends on the Altar to consume the Sacrifices. It also describes the destruction of the two Temples and the slaying of the Lion of God (Ariel) who is the Light of God (Uriel). This slaying of the Lion alludes to the Lion of the Apocalypse who is the ‘Lamb that was slain’. The evil Dog that tries to consume the sacrifices represents the Antichrist that would attempt to abolish the Sacrifice of the Mass (Eucharist). The Lady or Woman of Israel with her children (companions) are covered with crimson (i.e. the blood of Yeshua) and can endure the persecution of this evil one. 

Zohar 1:8a speaks of the Two Roses as the bride (kallah) and groom (khatan) mentioned in the Song of Songs. The Jewish tradition states that the Song of Songs is the Holy of Holies of Scripture. Here we see the bride as Mother of the Community (Kneset Yisrael) united under the Huppah (marriage canopy) with her Son in his role as Body of Mashiach. The adornments and wedding finery of the Bride is the whole Torah – Written and Oral.

 Zohar 1:8a speaks of the righteous singing the Song of Torah. The ‘Heaven’ who is the Son and the male cherub (‘end of heaven’) is revealed as the Groom. The Bride is called ‘El’ (God) referring to her as Elleh (Goddess). She is ‘god’ or ‘goddess’ (El or Elleh) by adoption and divinisation. She becomes as or like God (El) and she attains to the Glory (Kavod) of God. This is why Jacob Frank refers to Our Lady at Czestochowa as the ‘Goddess’. This is the mystery of divinisation and the total living in the Divine Will. Our Lady and all her companions (khaverim) become gods and goddesses by adoption not by nature. Jesus is the only Son by nature or essence. 

The Zohar states that this Bride ascends from ‘glory to glory’. “She is called Glory as well as God, glory upon glory, radiance upon radiance, dominion upon dominion.” This is the coronation of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven and Earth and Queen of the Angels and Saints. She is specially associated with those who are ‘masters of the oath of the covenant of the bride’. These are those who have mastered sexual purity in body, mind and heart. Sins of impurity may lead one to Hell and to the Prince of Hell called Dumah (Silence) unless one repents as David did.

 Zohar 1:9a refers to this Groom as the Sun. “Dwelling in those skies, crowned in them, he is like a groom coming forth from his chamber.” This Sun is then linked to ‘the end of Heaven above’ which earlier was revealed as the male cherub on the Ark of the Covenant. Bereshit in Genesis 1:1 is made up of six letters (shoshan- the six petalled rose). It is followed by 6 words (bara Elohim et ha-Shamayim ve-et ha-aretz). This is linked to the six times that Y-H-V-H appears in Psalm 19:8-10. The mystery of the circuit of the sun (as male and female) is revealed in Psalm 19. ‘His circuit’ is the ‘end of heaven below’ who alludes to the female cherub. This is all part of the Mystery of the two Roses who become the two coloured Rosa Mundi (Rose of the World) which is hidden in a mystical reading of Genesis 1 and the rest of the Torah and Scriptures through the prism of the Song of Songs. However the obvious parallels with the Egyptian concepts of  the Sun God (Amon-Ra/ Aten) and Pharoah (Horus) and also the Greek concepts of Apollo and his sun chariot meant these mysteries could only be revealed to those spiritually mature Torah scholars who would not be influenced by any pagan elements.


Apollo and his Nine Muses and the Jewish Mystical Tradition

The Rosa Mystica and the Sabbath: A Hebrew Catholic Reflection

In Zohar 1:4a-b it reveals that the Mystical Rose also called Heaven (Shamayim) has 390 firmaments. This is the mystical Rose garden (Rosarium in Latin). It reveals that there are two higher academies or yeshivahs. One in the higher regions of what Catholics would call Purgatory close to the gates of Heaven is a Garden of Eden or a Rosarium where there is an Academy where the souls learn Torah. They are taught by the great teachers who descend from the Academy in Heaven and the Messiah himself visits these Academies on occasion. “Meanwhile he heard a voice proclaiming, ‘Make way, make way – for the King Messiah is coming to the Academy of Rabbi Shimon!’… The Messiah visits all those academies, setting his seal on the Torah issuing from the mouths of the rabbis. At that moment the Messiah arrived, adorned by the heads of the academies with celestial crowns.”

The Zohar also reveals that the two beings or minds represented by the golden cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant are also the feminine and masculine aspects of Sabbath and of Torah. The written Torah is seen as the male six-petalled mystical rose and the oral Torah as the female thirteen-petalled mystical rose. The written Torah represents the giving of wisdom and the oral Torah the understanding of that given wisdom.
The open mem represented by a triangle

It is the female or Mother that understands the Torah fully. It is the Mother understanding the wisdom of the heart of her Son. This is the two mems of the name Miriam מרים. The open mem מ is the sea or vessel of Understanding that receives the wisdom of the closed or final (sofit) mem ם who is the Head (rosh) of Creation. The ‘resh’ ר in Miriam represents the word ‘head’ (rosh) and the ‘yod’ י represents the word ‘hand’ (yad). 

The head and the hand represent the Divine Man who is encompassed by the concept of the two mems which is Miriam. This is associated with Oral Torah as the way through the Sea (yam) (Isaiah 43:16). This way of the sea (Zohar 1:48b) is the Way of the prophetess Miriam who saw the Mysteries of the Rose as an opening of the Divine Sea. The earthly Miriam is a type of the Heavenly Miriam who is to be the Mother of the Messiah. 

Zohar 1:5b reveals the Female, who we have seen is the Rosa Mystica, as the Sabbath Queen (the 13 petalled rose). She is associated with the Sabbath Eve and her Son with the Sabbath Day (the 6 petalled rose). “She said before Him, ‘Master of the Universe, since the day you created me, I have been called Sabbath - and there can be no ‘Day’ without ‘Night’’.” This alludes to Genesis 1:5 “And God called the Light ‘Day”, and the darkness [the Female concealed in darkness (glow light/zohar)] ‘Night’ [the Sabbath Night], And there was Evening [Sabbath Eve] and there was Morning [Sabbath Morning or Day] – day one.” The day one (yom echad) represents the unity of the Lord of the Sabbath and the Sabbath Queen. The word ‘yom’ יום (yod vav mem) represents the unity of Y־H־V־H and his mother. The ‘yod’ י is the ‘Son of the Father’ who descends or bursts into Creation (Tzimtzum) as ‘Light’ (Or) and the ‘vav’ ו represents the Son as a ‘rose’ that unfolds and blossoms united to the ‘mem’ מ which is associated with the Mother who is Miriam. The ‘yam’ ים(sea) that is Miriam (Mir-yam מרים) is found in the word ‘yom’ יום (day) as it surrounds the ‘vav’ as the Sea of wisdom and Mercy. The ‘vav’ ו is the Son (Zer Anpin) who is the male aspect of Wisdom. 

Zohar 1:5b discusses further the Sabbath Queen: “My daughter you are Sabbath – I call you Sabbath – but I am about to crown you with a higher crown.” Here it reveals in veiled form that this perfect mirror of the Lord is to receive a higher honour. She is to become the Sanctuary or Temple of the Lord YHVH himself. She is to bear God in her womb as the Living Ark of the Covenant. “He issued a proclamation: My sanctuary you are to hold in ‘Awe’ (Reverence). This is the Sabbath of Sabbath Eve, who is ‘Awe’ and in whom ‘Divine Awe’ dwells. Who is that? (mi zeh?) The one included by the Blessed Holy One when he said ‘I am YHVH’.” (Zohar 1:5b). Thus Mary (Miriam) as the perfect mirror of ‘Divine Awe’ becomes the Sanctuary (mother) for the “Divine Awe’ himself who is the Blessed Holy One (the Divine Heart) and Y-H-V-H – the I AM. The Zohar in this section also reveals that these two Sabbaths are also called ‘Heaven’ (i.e the Son) and the ‘Earth’ (i.e. the Mother). They are represented by a circle and a square – the square inside the circle. These two are associated with the Kiddush of Sabbath Eve. 

The 70 names of God associated with this Sabbath Eve Kiddush adorns the Sabbath Queen. The Lady of the Sabbath is connected with the word ‘observe’ (shamor) in Deuteronomy 5:12 and the Lord of the Sabbath is linked with ‘remember’ (zakhor). The Lord of the Sabbath is called Supreme King and the ‘King who possesses Peace’. Zakhor (remember) alludes to Zakhar (male). This circle and square represent the unity of the Two Hearts that beat as One. These mysteries are revealed by Elijah disguised as an old donkey driver which alludes to his role in preparing the way for the Messiah who comes humbly riding on a donkey.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Magen David and the Mystical Rose: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

The Magen David (the Shield or Star of David) is a symbol of the Mystical Rose-Lily with its six points representing the six petals of the Rose (shoshan). The two triangles are the two ancient triangular mems מ of the name of Miriam in the Ashurit script or two triangular dalets ד in the Paleo-Hebrew script. It is the union of the Divine Wisdom (the mem pointing downwards-mem sofit) with the Mother of Understanding and Wisdom (Sophia) (the mem pointing upwards). The Magen David is seen as a Key – it is the Key of David. This key is the key to the Tower of David and the key to the Mystical Rose Garden. 

These triangular mems also represent the Triune God and the three fiats of the Divine Will – the Fiat of the Creation, the Fiat of the Redemption and the Fiat of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. These three fiats represent the unfolding or blossoming of the Universal Rose (Rosa Mundi). Each of the triangular ‘mems’ represent the Two Hearts – the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts which are the two cherubim (male and female) on the Ark of the Covenant. The Creation is seen as a Rose that is unfolding or blossoming over the six days of Creation. This is the Rosa Mundi – the rose of the world or the Universal Rose. This Rose represents the model and image of the Creation. Mary united with her Son’s Heart is the Mother of the Universe and the model of the Universe. On the menorah in the Holy Place of the Temple are seven magen david shaped ornamental rose -lilies (shoshanot) which shine seven star-shaped magen davids on the floor of the Holy Place.

Our Lady in Eternity (represented by ‘mi’ who), as the Mother of Wisdom or Sophia, descends and becomes the Daughter of Elohim (God) and the Daughter of the Church (Kneset/Kehilla). The concept of the Mother in eternity is her adornment (title) as the Mother of the Creation. When she descends she puts off her adornments and comes with her garments (the 10 created Sefirot) in a humble and hidden way. She is the lowly handmaiden and daughter of God. At the Annunciation she becomes the living Ark of the Covenant (see Luke 1 and Revelations 11) who bears Elohim in her womb. Here in the Zohar (1:2a) it speaks of the mystery of Mary’s coronation. “Behold, the Ark of the Covenant, Sovereign of the Earth” (Joshua 3:11). The Zohar applies this phrase to the Celestial Mother/Daughter who as the Mother and Daughter of Elohim is the image of the House of Elohim (Temple). 

Mary (Miriam ha Kedosha) adorns male garments as the Sovereign and Warrior of the sons of Elohim. She leads her warriors to become like Elohim. This is the mystery of Divinisation. The mission of the humble daughter of Elohim is then achieved and she enters into her joy or triumph. This is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. This is the fulfilment of Zephaniah 3:14. “Rejoice, O fair Daughter of Zion, all Israel cry aloud: here is joy and triumph for thy Royal Heart, O Daughter of Jerusalem”. This humble daughter of Zion is the Heavenly Ark of the Covenant, Sovereign Queen of all the Earth. The Zohar says in regard to her: “ ‘Then I conduct them from above to the house of Elohim, to be Elohim, like him’. With what? With joyous shouts of praise, the festive throng.”

This whole section of Zohar is trying to explain how souls become incarnated to their bodies. The ‘from above’ represents the place from which the souls descend from the Mind of the Son (mi) in the world of Beriyah to the lower worlds where each soul is connected to the Female (mah) who is the living Ark of the Covenant, Sovereign of all the Earth. In Zohar 1:3b the Zohar discusses the Rose as a Palace and a key. It is the key that opens and closes- the key of David. This is the Key of the Kingdom (Malchut) which is associated with King David and given by Jesus the Son of David and Davidic Messiah to Shimon Kepha. This is the ‘Magen David’. It is associated with the point of Wisdom (Hokhmah). Hokhmah has 50 gates. This is the mystery or secret of the Bera (ברא Son) concealed in Bereshit. Bereshit is the key and it has six gates (the Magen David and the Rose). “As long as the world was locked within the word BRA ברא (Son and Creation), it was not, did not exist.” This is explaining the Mystery of the Son (Bera) containing the whole plan of Creation within his Divine Mind, until then everything was hidden. The Son through the point of Wisdom opened and the Creation flowed forth as a rose unfolding and blossoming. Everything was concealed in the Bera (Son) and he opened due to the divine Love and Mercy symbolised by Abraham.

 The name BRA ברא (beit resh alef) was transposed and became fruitful through the Divine Phallus of ABR אבר (Ever/ organ). These three letters in this order are the beginning of the name Abraham as well as the word for the sexual organ. This is a deep ‘theology of the body’. This ‘ever’אבר (organ) is the Yesod (foundation or pillar) of the world. It is the Ultimate Tzaddik. This is linked with the verse: “The Tzaddik is the foundation of the world”. This ‘ever’ אבר which is connected with ‘Bera’ברא is called the ‘divine concealed one’. We are led back to the phrase ‘mi bara elleh’ (who created these). In the word ABR אבר was engraved ‘H’ה (hay) and in the word ELH אלה was engraved ‘Y’ י (yod). Then the mystery of the two mems מ is mentioned that complete the names Abraham and Elohim. Here the two names are referring to the concepts of Mercy and Judgement.

The two mems represent ‘mayim’ מים the spiritual water and ‘Miriam’ מרים the heavenly Mother (imma אמא) who is Rosa Mystica- the white Rose or Flower. The uniting of the two mems produced the rose that is the shield or star of David. They are the two hearts which are seen as triangular shaped mems. The Mother united with her Son (Ben Avraham) are the two roses (red and white) that become one as the Rosa Mundi. Miriam the sister of Moses is also associated with the name Zohar.

In this same section of Sefer Zohar it speaks of the ‘Holy Lamp” which also represents the Divine Heart. St Gertrude states that Jesus gave her “his divine Heart in the form of a lighted lamp.” Jesus also spoke to St Gertrude about ‘the eyes of the heart’. The eyes represent the divine attributes of ‘mercy’ and ‘judgement’ and the heart the attribute of compassion. This is linked to 1 Kings 9:3 “and my eyes and my heart will dwell there perpetually”. Jesus also said to St Gertrude “Here is My Heart”. ‘My Heart’ in Hebrew gematria is 42. Rabbi Hiyya (in Zohar 1:4a) refers to this ‘Holy Lamp” as the Light of the world, the Majestic Ruler and Prince.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rosa Mundi, the Divine Name, the Number 42 and the Cup of Salvations: A Hebrew Catholic Meditation

 Rosa Mundi

The opening chapter of the Sefer Zohar (the Jewish mystical commentary on the Torah) speaks about the Mystical Rose (Rosa Mystica) of the Song of Songs 2:2 which is encompassed by five leaves. The five leaves or gates of 'Salvations' (yeshuot) are also linked to the five books of Torah which parallel the five wounds of the Messiah Yeshua. This is linked to the lifting of the"Cup of Salvations" in Psalm 116:13 and the mystery of the Divine Name Y-H-V-H י־ה־ו־ה which has the missing letter 'shin' ש in which yod י hay ה is united by shin ש with vav ו hay ה Y-h-Sh-V-H י-ה-ש-ו-ה (see Isaiah 45:23, Philippians 2:10 and Romans 14:11). This alludes to the Lord as the God of salvation and mercy. This mysterious shin ש as the hidden 3rd or 5th letter of the Divine Name is alluded to in the shin ש on the head Tefillin and on the Mezuzah. This also alludes to the "Cup of Blessing" as the Eucharistic Cup that is connected to the Jewish concepts of the 3rd and 5th cups of the traditional Jewish Passover Seder.

Bereshit (Genesis) is to be identified with the gate of the Messiah's crucified right hand of Mercy, Shemot (Exodus) with his crucified left hand of power (Gevurah), Vayyikkra (Leviticus) with his pierced and beautiful Heart of compassion, BeMidbar (Numbers) with his crucified right foot of Endurance and Victory and Devarim (Deuteronomy) with his left foot of hidden Majesty and Splendour. The Divine Man is the Living Torah. By his crucifixion the closed gates of Salvation were opened and salvation gushed forth as Divine Love and Mercy which is his precious Blood. Jewish mysticism refers to this as the left red hand or arm of God and the white right hand or arm of God and in the Catholic Divine Mercy devotion as the white and red rays flowing from the Divine Heart.

The Sefer Zohar refers to the two ends of Heaven in regard to the two Cherubim on the ends of the Ark of the Covenant. The two cherubim are discussed in Exodus 25:17-22. The two ends (of ‘mi’ (who) and ‘mah’ (what)) are the two cherubim. “And make one cherub on the one end, and the other cherub on the other end” (Exodus 25:19). The divine Presence speaks above the Mercy Seat (covering) between the two cherubim. We can say "Who is she?" (mi zot מי זאת or mi hi מי היא) alluding to the Mystical Female in Song of Songs 6:10 and "What is he?" (mah hu מה הוא or man hu מן־הוא) of the Manna of Exodus that alludes to the Eucharistic Bread and Lord. Jewish tradition teaches that these two cherubs are male and female (see Rashi) and are referred to as Metatron and Matronita.

Rabbi Abraham Abulafia in his work “Chay Olam Haba” (Life of the Future World) says that “the two cherubs allude to the Divine Presence (Ha Shekinah = 390).” He then associates the Shekinah with the male and female cherubim as zachar u-nukevah (male and female in Hebrew) also add up to 390 in gematria. 390 is also the gematria of Heaven (Shamayim). He also states that “the primeval substance is on the ark cover like the form of the Rainbow”. Each of the three parts of this phrase are 805 in gematria. ‘Chamar rishon’ (primeval substance) = 805, ‘al haKaporet’ (on the Ark Cover) = 805 and ‘ha keshet’ (the Rainbow) = 805 in gematria. “They were forged as a single body with two forms” writes Abulafia in regards to the two golden cherubim on the Ark. This is a veiled understanding of how Yeshua and Miriam are both of the flesh of Miriam ha Kedosha (in unique way) but they are in two forms of the male and the female – as a new Adam and a new Eve. 

Mystery of the Triple Rainbow at Dover in Tasmania

In Jewish mystical and Hasidic tradition King David and his wife who becomes the Queen Mother Bathsheba was also seen as types of this new Adam and new Eve. The Zohar links the Cherubim as ends in Exodus 25:19 with ‘the end of heaven’ in Deuteronomy 4:32 and with ‘running from end to end’ in Exodus 26:28. This is also linked to the concept of the Chariot in Ezekiel which is perceived by the mystics as ‘a running to and fro’.

Unveiling of the Mashiach

“They (the cherubim) look at each other and the Name was between them” states Rabbi Abulafia. He then writes that “all this was like a Tree on the Ark cover, and because of the Rainbow it had to be forged”. Thus we see that the Tree represents the male Divinity (see Song of Songs) and the Rainbow represents the female. Their hearts are forged so that they beat as one in the Divine Will. The Name is the 42 mentioned in the Zohar. Rabbi Abulafia associates this Name with the phrase ‘Be- yad Y-H-V-H’ (in or with the hand of Y-H-V-H) which adds up to the number 42 and is found in 2 Samuel 24:14. The hand with its five fingers can also be seen as a rose with its leaves. The clenched fist is the rosebud and the unclenched hand is the blossoming or unfolding of the Rose. Rabbi Abulafia explains further the mystery of this number 42.

“Their mystery is :
God eloh אלוה (alef lamed vav hay) =42
My only One Yakhidi יחידי(yod chet yod dalet yod) =42
In Them bem בם (beit mem) =42
My Heart lebi לבי(lamed beit yod) =42
Will be worthy yezokah יזכה(yod zayin kaf hay) =42

And this mystery is
Enough! Enough! Enough! dai dai dai די די די(dalet yod) =42”

That Rabbi Abulafia associated the mystical path with the Rose is demonstrated in that one of his works on the mystical encounter with the Divine man or Form was called ‘Shoshan Sodot’ (Rose of Mysteries). This concept of the Mystical Rose which is the Rose of the World or Universe (Rosa Mundi that is both red and white) is known as the Raza de Razin (Mystery of Mysteries) in Jewish mystical thought. Each dai is 14 (the number of David) and three times dai is 42 alluding to the Mystery of the Dayenu of the Passover Seder as alluding to Yeshua (the Rainbow), Miriam (the mirror of the Rainbow) and Yosef (the hidden Rainbow) the three perfect or holy ones of the Davidic House which are enough (dai). Each believer is called to become a miniature or very little Mystical Rose that brings God's salvation and mercy to the souls of others. Each time we pray the Rosary we become more perfected or sanctified when we unite it in Divine Will with the offering of the Queen of the Rosary who is the Lady of the Roses for the glory of Hashem (The Name/ Adonai).

The Rosa Mystica, Genesis 1 and the Number 42: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

Friday, February 17, 2017

Garabandal Miracle 2017 or 2018 and the Sapphire Jubilee

There is discussion on the internet about the most likely dates for the Miracle of Garabandal. In a past blog I have given the reasons that it could be in 2017. Here I will give points in favour of 2018.

Both 13.04.2017 and 12.04.2018 add up to the number 18 which is significant in regards to Garabandal. 2018 would be 101 years after Fatima. The number 101 is significant in the number of tears shed by Our Lady's statue at Akita as well the number of tears shed by Sarah in beholding the Binding of Isaac in mystic vision as well as the number of tears of the mother of Sisera and the number of blasts of the shofar on Rosh ha Shanah. It is also the gematria for Michael the Archangel who is significant in the apparitions of Garabandal. The Gematria of the word Chai (Life) in Hebrew is 18 and I believe that Jesus the Messiah was resurrected on Nisan 18. Chet=8 and yod =10. 18 is also the minutes before the Jewish Sabbath allowed for candle lighting.

While the miracle if it occurred in  2018 would be on Thursday evening 12th April it would be on April 13 in many other places including Australia. This will be also the 13th Day of the Counting of the Omer. In my opinion the 13th April 2017 or the 12th April 2018 are thus good possibilities for the Miracle of Garabandal. 

In the case of 2018 then the events of Revelation 12 of the Woman crowned with the sun on September 23 2017 in regards to the election of a new Pope and of the Sign of the Dragon on December 13 2017 as the start of a persecution lasting three and a half years as proposed by some commentators may come before the Warning and Miracle. 
Our Sapphire Queen
 I saw a young American who has prophetic dreams on the internet, who rather puzzled why this was so, understood that the death of Queen Elizabeth II had an important place in the prophetic timetable. The royal anointing of our Queen gives those nations under her rule a certain protection and some years ago I had an insight that the next major stage of prophecy would happened when Pope Benedict and the Queen are gone to their reward. The Queen's anointing and Pope Benedict's prayers are providing the world a layer of protection that once removed will allow the forces of evil to move to their next stage. 

A period to watch would be if both Popes Francis and Benedict (the white and the black Popes) would die and the Queen as well. The forces of evil in England will move after the Queen's death and before the new King Charles can be crowned and anointed. If there is no anointed Monarch and no elected Pope at the same time this will be a dangerous time. Beginning on Feb 6 2017 the Queen celebrates her Sapphire Jubilee Year of 65 years on the throne. Will the Warning and Miracle of Garabandal occur after the death of the Queen and the finish of the Sapphire Jubilee?

The lawful institutions of the Holy Roman Emperor, the British Monarchy, the French Monarchy, the Russian Autocracy and the Papal See were all institutions that the Masonic movement needed to change or destroy in order to further their plans. The only two institutions that are left are the British monarchy and the Papal See who have now become their target. The British monarchy according to prophecy will be destroyed and the king assassinated by evil forces in the near future and the Papacy will be vacant for 25 months according to prophecy-the evil forces will rise to their fullest when there is no anointed monarch and no reigning Pope. However God will rise up a Great Monarch called Henry as a new Holy Roman Emperor and a Great Pope (possibly called Francis (II) rather than a French Pope) and the anointed monarchies of Russia, Britain and France will be restored as well as nine other chief monarchies in Europe who will return to the practice of anointing. China will also become a Catholic monarchy. The Great Monarch (who all the other monarch's will swear allegiance to) and possibly all the other 12 monarch's will belong to the Davidic dynasty either on a male or female lineage.

The world may be ruled by one Great Davidic Monarch who will reign in Jerusalem and will be the overlord of all the other Catholic monarchs. A new enlarged Holy Land (greater Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile) may be divided into 12 Tribal areas with Jerusalem and Judah being under the direct rule of the Great Monarch. The Monarchs of the 12 Tribes may have a residence or palace in the tribal area associated with them.
 1. The future Russian Monarch (Tsar or Tsarina) will rule over the Slavic nations who belong mainly to the birth-right Tribe of Ephraim (R1b Z83). 2. The British monarch will rule over the English speaking Empire with its core population in Britain of the Davidic House of Nathan (of the Tribe of Judah of R1b L21) and will be restored as Emperor or Empress of India and the King or Queen of the Antipodes (Australia and NZ) and of North America (Canada and USA). 3.The Austrian Monarch will rule over the Germanic and Dutch peoples of the Tribe of Zebulon R1b U106 and R1b L38). 4. A northern (Scandinavian or Danish) monarch will rule over the Tribe of Naphtali. (N ydna) 5. A Spanish monarch will rule over the Spanish speaking Empire with its core population of the Tribe of Simeon. (R1b DF27)  6. A Portuguese Monarch will rule over the Portuguese speaking Empire including Brazil as the King of the Tribe of Benjamin. (One group of eastern Benjamin is Q ydna and another clan of western Benjamin belongs to R1b3*) 7. A Belgian King will be the ruler of the Tribe of Issachar (Saxons of R1b DF19). 8. The French monarch will rule over the Tribe of Reuben (R1b U152). 9. The Chinese Emperor or Empress will be the ruler of the Tribe of Gad (clans of O ydna). 10. A Greek or Italian monarch will be the ruler of the Tribe of Levi (R1b L23*). (The present Duke of Aosta's grandchildren descend from both the Italian and Greek Royal Houses.) 11. A Japanese or Thai monarch as the ruler of the Tribe of Asher (clans of O ydna). 12. A Croatian/Serbian/Balkan Emperor as the ruler of the Tribe of Dan (P*). 13. A Catholic Turkish Sultan as the ruler of the reformed Ottoman Empire representing the Tribe of Manasseh (R1a Z93). 14. An Ethiopian Emperor of the Levite House of Moses and Africa (R1b V88). These fourteen Catholic monarchs may be known as Emperors and their may be other lesser Kings and Princes under their overlordship. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Joseph, the Cup of Blessing and Rosa Mystica: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

The Sefer Zohar states: "The Rose is the Cup of Blessing". This is part of the mystery of the Holy Grail. It is also the Eucharistic Cup of Blessing in the liturgy of the Mass. Thus the Rose in another sense refers to the Eucharist. This is the Cup of Salvation that has messianic significance (see Psalm 116:13). The Zohar associates this cup with the Holy Child who is Son of Joseph and associated with the fish (nuna in Aramaic). Every holy hour of Eucharistic Adoration is an entering into the rose and the Divine Attributes follow forth as a rose unfolding and blossoming. Rav Hamnuna Sava mentioned in the Sefer Zohar is a reference to the Fisherking of this period who is a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea the original guardian of the Holy Grail. This is the Rose as ‘Shoshan’ the male six petalled one. ‘Shoshanah’ is the female thirteen petalled Rose.

The six days of Creation are also the unfolding or blossoming of the Rose. On the first day of Creation the conceptual light of the Two Hearts was hidden in the textual well of Miriam. On the third day of Creation these two beautiful blossoming plants ‘appeared on earth’. This means that the concept of the Two Hearts was revealed to the angelic beings who, under God, ruled the Universe and the Earth. On the fourth day of Creation the imperfect lights (angelic beings who became demons) fell by rejecting the Divine Will and Light for these Two Hearts. 

These Two Hearts were the beautiful blossoming Mystical Rose Bush and the Mystical Apple Tree. They are the image and model for the Creation. They are the Eternal Blueprint and the Living Torah. The attributes called the blossoms are mirrored in the patriarchs. Like the Two hearts the Patriarchs and Matriarchs were in the mind of the Creator as a Blueprint before the actual spiritual and physical creation. In the Olam Haba (The World that is Coming) they were hidden with ‘the Two Hearts that beat as One’. The blossoming Mystical Rose Bush is also the Burning Bush of Exodus who Moses encountered and from which the Lord spoke from its midst.This also alludes to the mystery of the Immaculate Conception.

The Patriarch Joseph is a representative of the heavenly Joseph associated with the Divine Attribute of Righteousness. This heavenly Joseph is the Ultimate Tzadik (Righteous One). Joseph is the one who lives in Divine Will through being totally eclipsed or hidden in his spousal bride. The patriarch Joseph is also a type of Joseph, the husband of Our Lady, who is also called a Tzadik (rigteous or just man) in the New Testament. Joseph is the hidden Tzadik and Master of Prayer referred to in the teaching of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (see Likutey Moharan 67). Joseph is also a sign of the Messiah son of Joseph who is to come in the fullness of these attributes that are called the blossoms of the Patriarchs. 

The blossoms are the spiritual fruit of the Divinity. The Zohar hints that the coming of the two blossoming ones is connected to a Joseph –like figure with whom they would live in a hidden way in the Holy Land. The Zohar states that they will be revealed when the Rainbow herself appears. The feminine Rainbow is the symbol of Our Lady in Eternity (Olam Haba). When she comes to earth (‘appears on earth’), the full message of the Patriarchs and the Torah will be revealed about these two pure child-like ones (symbolised by the Cherubs on the ends of the Ark of the Covenant). Joseph's coat of many colours represents the male Rainbow or male array of sefirot (attributes). These two pure golden children of Adam and Eve will bring the full blossoming of the Torah to its deepest level of Messianic, Marian and Universal understanding. A level only the humble and child-like ones can fully comprehend. The Zohar is this way of the Rose, revealing the true blossoming of the Torah.

Rosa Mundi, the Divine Name, the Number 42 and the Cup of Salvations: A Hebrew Catholic Meditation