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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

San Damiano

This is an extract taken from the following website. I have corrected some of the English.


"The Mystery of the Rose in San Damiano

The apparitions of San Damiano are deeply rooted in the mystery of the Rose. The Virgin sent by God the Father, Son and Spirit, presents herself under the term of "Our Lady of the Roses ":

'Sent by Our Heavenly Father, I come in this place, under the name of Madonna of the Roses. These are innumerable roses that I give you. They all are graces which come from Our Heavenly Father and which I distribute by the intercession of my divine Son' (B 5-2-72).

'Our Heavenly Father gave me the title of "Madonna of the Roses " because I must make open out in each heart a rose of love, grace, perseverance and joy' (B 12.4.74).

...The topic of the " rose " appears constantly in the messages and the visions of Rosa Quattrini. It has several meanings which enlighten each other:

Basically it refers to God. Rosa sees emerging an angel; he holds a Rose of gold. He wants to make comprehensible there that he comes as the Messenger from God the divine Rose. The Rose, said Rosa one day to close friends, " it is the heart of God, infinite light and love ".

This flower, it is also Mary, Rosa Mystica, a rose all opened to God and to whom God is given in his plenitude. At the time of a vision, Rosa sees the Virgin leaving the Sun of God. God covers her head with a hat of roses, which is her halo. The hat is, in sacred symbolism, the equivalent of a crown, signs of power and sovereignty. Whoever is covered with a divine hat receives, within their human limits, the attributes of God; Mary, Rosa Mystica, streams with God and makes stream God in the hearts.

The Virgin often arrives at the garden of the apparitions on a cloud of multicoloured roses, which means the rainbow of divine Infinite. " The rose, it is Love ", said the Virgin, " The arc of Love " (B 29.3.74). It is also the multitude of the graces of the Divine love which Mary comes to spread on all her children:

The Madonna makes fall a great rain of roses over everyone present, on the whole world (A 6-8-65).

'I unceasingly spread so many roses on the path of my children. These are all the graces that I give you in this place. I converted a great number of souls. Many are those of my children to whom I gave the health of the soul and the body. How many souls I cured!' (A 7-5-1970).

Rosa always insisted on the universality of the divine graces offered to all. The petals of roses in the hands of the Virgin represent all the nations. During the first Apparition, October 16, 1964, Rosa sees the hands of the Virgin moving here, and there. Coming out of them in abundance are petals of roses:

" I asked her: why do these petals fall? She says to me: " It is all the the states of the world which will come here ", All the nations with all the individual beings which compose them ".

'Each soul is a rose, a button called to flower into a divine rose, united to all the other roses which are the other souls. Each soul in the sky, said the Virgin, " will have its place as a rose " '(B 1.7.72).

'The soul must flower like a rose between my arms of mother. You must flower to save yourselves; you must flower to enter the glory of heaven. There in heaven, you will see it, your rose, such as you made it sprout out; such as you made it flower (B 29.3.74).'

The rose is, finally, in San Damiano, in close connection with the Rosary. The Mother of Christ often comes in this place with a rosary made out of roses. She insists on the recitation of the Rosary, this crown of roses braided for God..."

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Avraham Shoshany said...

A Catholic Jew? There is no such thing! Its either you were born from a Jewish mother and you are Jewish forever or you are Catholic and stay Catholic. There is no such thing as mixing religions.
Catholicism is not a mono-theistic Religion. From the little that I know about the religion Catholics believe in the triple gods, with jesus being the son of G-d and he is mortal? That means G-d is mortal?
On a basic logical level catholicism is not a mono-theistic religion.
Also Jews are not allowed to pray in churches because we believe in one supernatural G-d. However we are allowed to pray in Mosques because in Mosques Islamic religious people also believe in a single G-d.
You can't mix Catholicism with Judaism just like you cannot mix acid with water.

May Hashem help all of us live in truth with ourselves and learn the truth of the Holy Torah.