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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mystical Dawn and Our Lady: A Hebrew Catholic Discussion

On February 10th I posted this on the Hebrew Catholic discussion board about a talk I listened to by Rabbi Ginsburg based on Genesis 32 about the 'Dawn breaking'. In the talk Rabbi Ginsburgh links his discussion to the Heavenly Rachel. Today I read a wonderful article in "Missio Immaculatae International" magazine entitled "Mary Mystical Dawn" where Father Manelli links this same passage in Genesis with Our Lady as the Mystical Dawn (a title also used for devotion to Mary as a child 'Mystical Dawn, Gate of Heaven"). He quotes L. Bartoli in "Marian Symbolism" " This nocturnal struggle...can symbolise the gloomy period caused by original sin that preceded the birth of the Coredemptrix, Who,as the Mother of God, the Prince of Peace, brought an end to the harsh struggle of mankind with its Creator...". Father Manelli goes on to say-"Mary is that mystical dawn that heralds the arrival of Christ as the Sun of Justice, as the Byzantine Liturgy says, addressing Mary:'Hail, Splendid Dawn Who alone bore the Sun Who is Christ, the Tabernacle of light; hail, Thou who scattered the darkness and conquered forever the demons of gloom.' Father Manelli also quoted the Song of Songs 6:10 in regard to Mary as the Mystical Dawn. "Who is this who breaks forth like the dawn, beautiful as the moon, radiant as the sun, terrible as an army in battle array". This verse I believe is directly linked to the Woman Clothed in the Sun in Apocalypse 12. The article also quotes John Paul the Great at the 15th World Youth Day."Mary is the Dawn that precedes the rising of the Sun of Justice, Christ our Redeemer. With her 'yes' at the Annunciation, in complete openess to the Father's plan, she received and made possible the Incarnation of the Son....In the life of the church she continues to be mystically the One who preceeds the coming of the Lord." (June 1999)

I think this for me deepens what Rabbi Ginsburgh and the Jewish tradition teaches about this verse in Genesis 32. The Attribute of Divine Compassion and Beauty is linked to the Heavenly Jacob and is symbolised by the sun in the Jewish Mystical Tradition. St Louis de Montfort foretold that this Mystical Dawn would be the prophetess of the coming Marian Age that would prepare for the Eucharistic Reign of the Messiah Jesus. 

The woman who is Mary is revealed as heavenly Ark of the Covenant and Mystical Dawn in Apoclayse 11 and 12 where the sun that clothes her are the Divine Attributes who is her Son (in the writing of great Catholic mystic Luisa Piccarreta the Divine Will is the source of all the Attributes and is symbolised by the sun) and she perfectly reflects them as a beautiful Moon or Mirror. St Louis de Monfort calls Mary the Mirror of the Tree of Life. This Moon is the Heavenly Rachel (who is Our Lady in Eternity and the earthly Rachel was a type of her) as revealed in the dream or vision of Joseph of his parents as the Sun and the Moon. 

This Heavenly Rachel is Our Lady as Mother of the Church (Kneset Yisrael), and as Sabbath Queen as Sister-Spouse of the Holy Spirit. She is that Mystical Dawn preparing the World for the Ingrafting of the Jewish people as the ultimate Lady of Zion which will lead to the glorious appearing of the Messiah to usher in the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus when the Divine Will will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. On the way to this, Mary, as Mystical Dawn and Spouse of the Spirit will bring a New Pentecost to touch the hearts of all. 

This Divine Sun who is the Tabernacle of Light will blaze forth from every tabernacle in every Church to renew the Heavens and the Earth. That Light is Hidden in the Hosts in all the tabernacles now but one day soon the Light will blaze forth as it did from Jesus in the Transfiguration. The Zohar also speaks of a manifestation of the Messiah in glorious Light in the land of Galilee in the Year 66. It speaks of a glory cloud like that which led the Israelites in the widerness appearing for 40 days in the Galilee. Below is what I shared with the group about Rabbi Ginsburghs talk. See if you can see the significances that I see or have I just done too much Adoration.

"Last night I listen to a talk by Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh on Messianic Consciousness. He started talking about the story of Jacob wrestling the Angel of the Lord in Genesis. He stated that the Angel was the Archangel of Esau. It was all about how Jacob and Esau needed to be reconciled as brothers. He stated that the Lubavitch Rebbe said that at that time Esau wasn't ready but that now Esau (the Western Christian culture or nations) is now ready to bring forth this Messianic consciousness with Jacob. Jacob after 20 years Exile returns home to Israel from the Exile of Laban. This alludes to the Jewish Exile of nearly 2000 years and its recent return to Israel. In this exile the most important thing was to preserve Jewish Identity with a focus on the 613 mitzvot. Ginsburgh explained how the patriarchs kept the mitzvot on a spiritual plane or level. Jacob is now coming home to redemption so that they can redeem the World. Jacob now has a new goal in Israel which is to redeem the World, and in order to do this he must make peace with Esau.This new level is the dawn of consciousness which will result in this wrestling or embracing of Jacob and Esau. Now Israel's inheritance must serve a universal mission of world redemption which is called "building or constructing the figure Rachel" by living a Jewish life in a natural way which is connected with Messianic consciousness in order to achieve a level of peace with Esau. This is called Unification of Jacob and Esau that brings the Dawn of consciousness living Torah in a Natural Way which leads to the next stage of Messianic consciousness or Awareness. Returning to the Land of Israel is first but next will come the Messianic Consciousness. He then talks about how Adam represents the West wall of this spiritual Temple, Abraham the south, Isaac the North and Jacob the East and Moses is the roof of the spiritual Temple and the Messiah stands on the roof to proclaim that redemption is nigh.

Jacob and Esau were already wrestling from the beginning in the womb of their mother but the fruit of this wrestling of Jacob (Israel)and Esau (the Christian nations) will produce a spectrum of spiritual lights and insights called the Dawn of Messianic Consciousness. This natural consciousness that leads to Messianic consciousness is lowliness (shiflut) which is associated with the soul of David. He also spoke about the word for wrestling being connected with dust and light and how this dust or light of the wrestling rose all the way up to God's throne of Glory (the place of the Jewish soul)where a portrait of Jacob adorns the Throne. He spoke of those who are Baal Teshuvahs who by their return to God with Love transforms their transgressions into lights or mitzvot of light. Every Jewish soul is like a candle but the Baal Teshuvah is like a Blazing Torch. Even a Tzadik is a candle but when Jacob wrestles the Archangel of Esau, then Jacob becomes a Torch.

I was amazed to hear this as it seems to confirm that Jacob Frank's insight about Jacob and Esau were an authentic part of Jewish Mystical understanding. Isn't it interesting that the spiritual Temple is associated with the mystical figure of Rachel (also called Kneset Yisrael) and the Catholic Church considers Rachel to represent the Church (the Universal Kneset) and Mary as Mother of the Church...".

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