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Monday, November 07, 2005

John Paul II Jewish

See this interesting article on the maternal Jewish ancestry of John Paul II.


John Paul II's mother Emilia came from a Litvak Jewish family from Biala or Bialystok in Poland. His grandfather Felix Kacz was a Jewish merchant. All the maternal surnames of the Pope's family are found in the Biala Jewish cemetery. Biala at the time of Emilia's grandmother Zuzanna was 70 % Jewish with a strong Litvak community as well as some Hasidic Jews. Most historians mention that John Paul's mother was of Lithuania ancestry not realising that Litvak means Lithuanian. Zuzanna (Shoshana) Rybicka's mother may have been Maryanna (Miriam Chana) Kozminski from another town with a large percentage of Jews at this time Lipno in Poland.

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