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Friday, June 16, 2006

Miriam ha Kedosha, Moon of Israel in Zohar 1:34a

Miriam sings

"Who is this who breaks forth like the Dawn, beautiful as the Moon, radiant as the sun, terrible as an Army in battle array?" [mi-zot hanishkafa k'mo-shakhar yafah khal'vanah barah kakhamah ayumah kanidgalot?]. This verse of the song of songs (6:10) can be linked to Genesis 1:14 "Let there be lights (me'orot) in the Rakia (expanse/firmament) of Heaven (shamayim). These verses read at the mystical level reveal deep Marian insights. The Zohar discusses this mystical level of understanding Genesis 1:14 in Zohar 1:34a. Genesis 1:14 in Hebrew is "yehi me'orot bir'kia hashamayim (Let there be lights in the expanse of Heaven). The Zohar teaches that the two great lights are the Sun and the Moon. The Moon was the perfect mirror of the sun but due to the curse (me'erat) the Moon chose to be seen as a lesser light (BT khullin 60b). The Moon is perceived at this mystical level to represent the feminine aspect of Shekhinah. The Sun is the male aspect. The curse (me'erat) refers to the fall of Lucifer as the light bearer and his angels who recieved the light but refuse to give it causing what is known as the 'breaking of the vessels'. Lucifer sees himself as the sun and Moon- in his male aspect as Samael and his female as Lilith. The 'Rakia of Heaven' is the lights of the Sefirot. The sun is the Son of God who radiates the lights of the Sefirot and the Moon is Miriam (Mary)in Eternity who does not shine with a light of her own but reflects the light of the Mystical Sun. The Zohar reveals that there are two 'rakias' - the one that shines (the Sun) and the one that doesn't shine on its own but reflects the light of the divine Sefirot. Due to the fall of the angels on the fourth day of creation and the fall of man on the sixth day the Light of this mystical Moon is veiled or lessened. She is to be revealed later as the Living Ark of the Covenant, Sovereign of all the Earth (see Joshua 3:11). The Zohar (1:34a) describe her as a lantern or lamp absorbing light and glowing. The Zohar here seeks to explain that this Aron ha Brit (Ark of the Covenant) is this lamp/menorah. The Ark is she who contains within her the Written Torah (the Divine Sun/Son). The Covenant (Brit) refers also to this Divine Sun [representing the revelation of the Divine Will in the Attributes (Sefirot)]. "The Covenant - the sun illumining her, to illumine the world" (Zohar 1:34a). The Brit is linked to the sefirah of Yesod/tzadik. "The Covenant (brit) is Lord (Adon) because of the Sun illumining it,illumining the whole world." The Zohar reveals that this Mystical Sun is the Tzadik and the Mystical Moon is Tzedekah. This Tzadik is Adonai and the femimine shekinah is called 'Adon' as the Ark of the Covenant - the one that bears Adonai within her. She is 'Adon' as spouse of the Holy Spirit.

In Zohar 1:34a Rabbi Yeisa Sava states that the 'me'orot' written without the 'vav' represents the Rakia who is Moon but me'orot written with the vav is the Sun. This Sun is the All (associated with Yesod/Tzadik) and it is through his Holy Name that all Cretion came to be. "All through the supernal primordial act, linked with his holy name. He is All." He is Yesod and he is the 10 sefirot. The Zohar goes on here to speak of the seven lower Sefirot which on earth manifest as the seven sacraments. It then refers to the three head triads of the keter (Crown) of Divine Will (Ratzon), Hokhmah (wisdom) and Binah(Understanding)in connection with the three mentions of YHVH in the Jewish liturgy. "YHVH is king, YHVH was king and YHVH will be king for eternity." this refers to the trinity of father (ain sof) (YHVH is King), the Son (YHVH was King and the Holy spirit (YHVH will be King). This also refers to the three Fiats (Yehi = fiat) of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. Al three fiats are one in the divine Will. 'YHVH is King' is the will of the Father being done in Heaven; 'YHVH was King' is the Divine Will redeeming mankind through Jesus and Mary; and 'YHVH will be King' is the Divine will being done on earth (Yehi ken ba-aretz) as it is in Heaven. This is Olam ha Ba (the World that is Coming). The Bahir (111) links these three YHVH's to the 72 name of the verses of Exodus 14:19-21.

The Zohar (1:34a) reveals that the Fiat (Yehi) of Sanctification is connected to Miriam ha Kedosha in Eternity as spouse of the Holy Spirit. This Divine Will living in Miriam as the Sovereign Queen (Adon)of the Kingdom of the Divine Will shall shine upon the Earth leading to the light which is the Divine Will being done on earth as it is in Heaven. (Yehi aseh ratzonkha = Fiat voluntas tua). This Divine Will is described as a River in the Zohar and its source is Eden. This third era or fiat is a restoration of Eden where the Divine Will reigned in Adam and Eve (mankind) before the Fall. The Zohar reveals that when the mission of the Moon (Shekhinah)illumined by the Divine Will (the River of Light) the whole of Creation will give glory to God. The Olam ha Ba is called the World that is Coming not because it doesn't exist now. It does exist now in Eternity but it is yet to come on earth in its fullness. In one sense it has already come in Yeshuah (Jesus) and Miriam (Mary) but it is yet to come for the whole world. " When the Moon prevails" is when Miriam ha Kedosha's Heart triumps and the Creation is restored so that all creatures in her give the glory to God. This Moon (Miriam) is very humble and only reflects the Divine Attributes of her Son represented by the Sun.

"Rabbi Yitzhak said," It is written: the light of the Moon shall be like the light of the Sun, and the light of the Sun shall be sevenfold, like the light of the seven days (Isaiah 30:26). who are the seven days? The seven days of Creation." (Zohar 1:34a) The light of these seven days are the seven Sefirot - Khesed (Mercy/Lovingkindness),Din/gevurah (Judgement/Power), Tiferet/Rakhamim (Beauty/Compassion),Netzach (Endurance/Victory), Hod (Majesty/splendour), Yesod/Tzadik (foundation/Righteousness)and Shekhinah/Malkhut (Presence/Kingdom). Day One of creation is the Day of Khesed in Hokmah (Mercy in Wisdom) in which the light of the Divine will was revealed. This was the Day of the Sun. The second day of Creation was the Day of Din and Gevurah in Binah (Judgement and Power in Understanding) when the light of the Moon (Mary in Eternity) was revealed and the potential for Judgement and Hell were created. This was the Day associated with Miriam's Well (Be'er Miriam) that contained the Living Waters (Mayim Hayyim). or the river of the Divine Will. This is the Monday or Moon Day of the Creation week. this is also the day when the potential for rejecting the Divine Will and the creation of Hell occurred with the creation of certain types of angels. This is why the text does not say the day was good. The third day is a day of Beauty in Lovingkindness (Tiferet in chesed). The fourth day is the day of victory in Judgement (Netzach in Din/Gevurah)when the light of the two hearts is revealed in all Creation as two lights- the greater and the lesser. The mystical understanding of this day is found in Zohar 1:34a which is the subject of our present discussion. The fifth day of Splendour and Majesty of Creation (Hod in Tiferet) as the Divine Will brings forth a new fruitfulness of living creatures who reflect the Divine Majesty and Glory.

The sixth day is Foundation Day (Yesod in Netzach) - the day of man's creation as the Tzadik of Creation. Man and woman are created as reflections of the mystical Sun and Moon. Adam is made in the image of the Divine Adam (Adam Kadmon), who is the Divine Mystical Sun and the Woman is taken from the Man and is made in the likeness of the Mystical Moon who is Miriam ha Kedosha in Eternity. In time Miriam ha Kedosha is the New Eve and Daughter of Eve - from the perspective of Eternity Eve is the new Miriam and and the Daughter of Miriam ha Kedosha. It is Miriam in Eternity that is the true and highest 'Mother of all the Living'.This Miriam Rebbe Nachman of Breslov calls "Miriam the Suffering Soul of the Universe". He also sees her as the 'kavod' (Glory)that is the 'Mother of all the Living'[see Likutei Moharan 67]. the zohar refers to this feminine Glory who is the 'Ark of the Covenant, sovereign Queen of the Earth'. She is even referred to as 'Elleh' or Goddess in the Zohar. Eve is in the likeness of this Celestial Mother of all the Living. The Sabbath Day of Creation is dwelling (sheken) in the Divine Will. This is the revelation of the Mystical Sun as the Kingdom (or King) of the Divine Will and the Mystical Moon as the Queen in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. This is the day of the Shekinah/ Malkut (in Hod).

These seven days of Creation are seen as prophetic of the time to Come when Creation will be restored to its fullness (after the fall and the reign of Death) through the triumph of the Divine Will in the Moon (Mary in Eternity). "Rabbi Yehudah said,'These are the seven days of 'milluim' investiture- milluim, filling, indeed, for at that time the world is rendered firm and fragant, restored to fullness'." Thus the full brightness of the moon on Day Two will be restored or revealed. This is the Milluim Miriam- the investiture or coronation of Mary. This Milluim Miriam has already occurred in Heaven but it will occur on Earth with the proclaation of the fifth Marian dogma of Miriam ha Kedosha as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of all Graces and Advocate. Here the Zohar also champions the Immaculate conception of Miriam ha Kedosha who was never tainted by the stain of the Devil. "The Moon is not tainted by the evil Serpent, of whom it is written: A whisperer separates an intimate (Proverbs 16:28)."[Zohar]Satan is that ancient whisperer who whispered like a hissing serpent to Eve " You surely will not die". The Zohar (in 1:34a)proclaims that the time when the fullness of the Mystical Light of the Mystical Sun and Moon shall shine, is when Satan and Death are defeated (Isaiah 25:8)and YHVH will be one and His name One as promised in Zechariah 14:9.

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