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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

13 steps on how to be a Khasidic Catholic in daily life

For those who feel called to live out their vocation as a Catholic Jew in the spirit of Khasidut here is a suggested day. A gentile Catholic may adapt this to his own customs but keep the basic framework.

1. In the morning awake with the thought that I will live this day not for the things of this world but for those of the next world as I pray the Modeh Ani prayer and wash my hands with the blessing. The first three pourings on the hands we unite with the Thrice -Holy God, with the second three pourings on the hands we give thanks for Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.
2. We do our prevenient act of praying to do all our acts of the Day in his Divine Will for all and on behalf of all from the acts of Adam until the Last Man.
3. Go to the bathroom and say the blessings before and take a shower or bath uniting with the divine Will in the water (as a link with the mikveh)and all creation by praising Hashem on behalf of all. Be the voice of the whole Creation in offering, praise, adoration and thanksgiving to him.
4. Do Morning Prayer (Shacharit) - say the Shema and the Amidah. You may like to also do the Catholic morning prayer from the Breviary.If time do some spiritual reading. Unite yourself in prayer and thought with spiritual role models of the Jewish and Catholic saints (tzaddkim).Meditate on the Passion. 5. Eat breakfast in a reflective way. Eat in my eating, lord. Drink in my drinking, chew in my chewing, Lord. Eat in joy, peace and thanksgiving. Say Grace after meals.
6. Go to Mass and follow it (or predede it) with a personal holy hour of hitbodedut of talking in your mother tongue with Hashem about everything on your heart preferably in front of the Blessed Sacrament.Precede your holy hour or close it with a Rosary.If one goes to Mass in the evening then one may also wish to do their holy hour then.
7.Go to your work doing all in Divine Will and sanctifying each act of your work. Work in my working Lord. Clean in my cleaning Lord. Teach in my teaching Lord. Garden in my gardening Lord etc.
8. During the day look out for opportunities to practice the virtues in all situations. Embrace challenges and difficulties. Use difficult people and challenges as a way to avoid anger and to practice love and selflessness. Eat your lunch in the same manner as beakfast. If possible discuss something spiritual with those present.

9. Say Minchah prayer in the afternoon. You may wish to say the Afternoon prayer from the Breviary. Say a Rosary or a Divine Mercy chaplet or both. Make sure you also do some spontaneous dancing and singing to Hashem throughout the day.

10. Say Maariv and the Evening Prayer. Study some Torah or other spiritual writings. Say a Rosary.

11. Spend time with your family and eat a joyous dinner. Say Grace together after the meal.
12. Say the Bedtime Prayers invoking the protection of the angels against the Evil One and his forces and tricks. Say a Rosary or Divine Mercy chaplet or both. Reflect on your day and repent of sins and mistakes and look to the saints as role models.
13. Go to bed as early as possible so you can get up after midnight to say Tikkun Chazot. Say the Psalms or say a Divine Mercy chaplet in tikkun (reparation) for all.
Be flexible somedays you will have to rearrange your schedule. Love is a priority but don't use this an excuse for being slack. Find a rythm that suits your personality and lifestyle.

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