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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Thirty Two Paths of Wisdom

In the Jewish Mystical Tradition the Divine Heart is made up of 32 paths of Wisdom. Each of these 32 paths are linked to the ten sefirot (attributes) and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The 32 mentions of God's name elohim in Genesis 1 are linked to these 32 paths. There a few different ways of presenting this in Jewish sources. In the sefirotic array the diagonal lines are made up of the 12 elemental letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The horitonzal lines in the array of the Divine Heart are the 7 double letters and the three vertical letters and called the mother letters.

Mention of Elohim Pathway

1. In the beginning elohim created/ vav /elemental 1/ Keter-Khokhmah

2. Spirit of elohim hovered/ heh/ elemental 2/ Keter-binah

3. Elohim said let their be light/ Keter/ Sefirah 1/ Keter

4. Elohim saw the light & it was good/ Bet/ Double 1/ Khokhmah-Khesed

5.Elohim divided between light/ zayin/ Elemental 3/ Khokhmah-Din

6. Elohim called the light Day/ Khet/ Elemental 4/ Binah- Khesed

7. Elohim said Let there be Rakia/ Khokhmah/ Sefirah 2/ Khokhmah

8. Elohim made rakia/ alef/ Mother 1/ Binah-Khokhmah

9. Elohim called Rakia/ tet/ Elemental 5/ Khesed-Tiferet

10. Elohim said lt the waters/ Binah/ Sefirah 3/ Binah

11. Elohim called the dry land/ Yod/ elemental 6/ Din-Tiferet

12.Elohim saw that it was good/ Gimel/ Double 2/ Binah-Din

13. Elohim said let the earth be/ Khesed/ Sefirah 4/ Khesed(gedullah)

14. Elohim saw that it was good/ dalet/ Double 3/ Keter-Tiferet

15. Elohim said let there be lights/ Din/ Sfirah 5/ Din (gevurah)

16. Elohim made two lights/ mem/ Mother 2/ Khesed-Din

17. Elohim place them in Rakia/ lamed/ elemental 7/ Tiferet-Netzach

18. Elohim saw it was good/ kaf/ Double 4/ Khesed-Netzach

19. Elohim said let the waters/ Tiferet/ Sefirah 6/ Tiferet (Rakhamim)

20. Elohim created great fish/ nun/ Elemental 8/ Tiferet-Hod

21.Elohim saw it was good/ peh/ Double 5/ Din-Hod

22. Elohim blessed them/ samekh/ Elemental 9/ Netzach-Yesod

23.Elohim saidlet...animals/ Netzach/ Sefirah 7/ Netzach (bahir)

24. Elohim made the beasts/ shin/ Mother 3/ Hod-Netzach

25. Elohim saw it was good/ resh/ Doouble 6/ Tiferet-Yesod

26.Elohim said let...man/ Hod/ sefirah 8/ Hod (zohar)

27. Elohim created man/ ayin/ Elemental 10/ Hod-Yesod

28.In the form of elohim/ tzadi/ Elemental 11/ Netzach-Malkut

29. Elohim blessed them/ kuf/ Elemental 12/ Hod-malkut

30. Elohim said be fruitful/ Yesod/ Sefirah 9/ Yesod (Tzadik)

31. Elohim said behold/ Malkut/ Sefirah 10/ Malkut (Shekhinah)

32. Elohim said all/ tav/ Double 7/ Yesod-Malkut

This version of the sefirotic array accords with the 13 triangular relationships of Divine Mercy.

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