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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Catholics For Israel

Here is a link to a wonderful new and developing website of Catholics For Israel. It is an orthodox Catholic group who believe in modern Israel as a sign of the times.


Their description: "We are an apostolate of Catholics for Israel and Catholics in Israel committed to fostering a greater love for the Jewish people, for Jesus the Messiah, and for His Body, the Catholic Church."


Edna said...

I, a catholic christian, would like to testify to my love for the Jewish people, God's chosen people; and to my love for the "God of their forefathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob." (Ex. 4:5)

Nick Wilgus said...

Are you the Aharon Yosef who is a good friend of Bishop Manat? Write to me at wilgus@gmail.com if you are. Many thanks.

John said...

Aron, I am a Traditional Catholic and I'm interested in Catholic Judaism. I have read of your devotion to the Church and the Infallibility of the Pope. We believe that the teachings of the Vatican II Council are in contradiction with the past Infallible teachings of the Church and therefore are largely invalid. What is your take on this concept? John Joseph McKee jsmckee2@sbcglobal.net

Aharon Yosef (Athol) said...

dear John,

I do not agree with you about Vatican II. I certainly don't accept the modernist interpretation of the socalled 'spirit of Vatican II'which is a terrible distortion of the actual documents of Vatican II. The actual documents translated and taught in accord with the Church's 2000 year tradition are inspiring. If the real Vatican II had been implemented in the beginning we would have a transformed world. Certainly not all change is good and tradition is very important but at the same time we have to keep growing deeper into the riches of the deposit of faith. I do not wnat to go back to the Church as it was a 1000 years ago or 1700 years ago because in that time the Holy Spirit has deepened our understanding. If you start rejecting Vatican II why not Vatican I or Trent etc where does it stop? You start to become like the Protestants with everyone thinking there little group has it right and if it doesn't thien I will break away and start my own group. I sympathise with Traditional Catholics and their complaints in many areas and I think all orthodox Catholics would feel the same. However if we accept that the Pope and the Church are infallible in faith and morals and that the Holy
Spirit guides the Pope and the councils then we can't pick and choose. Certain things in councils are only temporary or pastoral, they may prove to be misguided or to have served their purpose but that is up to the Pope and magerstium to decide. Of course the faithful are free to give their opinions but then they must accept that their freedom has certain limits.