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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Miriam haKedosha the Lady Moon of Israel: A Hebrew Catholic Reflection

Zohar Beshallakh [2:49b] states, "When this deepest river of all flows forth, all is in joy. Matronita is crowned by the King, all worlds are joyous, and dominion of other nations is eliminated in the presence of Matronita. Then all who are linked to Her raise their heads". The deepest river of all is the Sefirah of Keter (Crown) through which the Divine Will (symbolised as a river of water) flows. The river bed is the Crown of the Matronita. Matronita is a term appropriate to Miriam ha Kedosha who is both married matron and innocent Virgin. Matronita is in this section of Zohar is called the Shekhinah. The concepts of Shekhinah and Matronita are both symbolised by the Moon. In Zohar Chukat Miriam the Virgin sister of Moshe and Aharon (a type of the Celestial Miriam haKedosha) is also associated with the moon and Shekhinah. This is part of the mystery of the Red Heifer and the death of Miriam. 

Zohar Beshallakh reveals the mystery and coronation of the Lady of Israel which reminds us of Revelation 12 where the Ark of the Covenant is revealed as the Lady of Israel who stands on the Moon. The Stone Edition of the Chumash notes the connection between the Red Heifer and Miram as demonstating: that as the offering of the Red Heifer brings atonement to the nation so does the death of Miriam bring atonement for the nation. It also draws our attention to the death of Miriam and the water of Miriam's well drying up(Numbers 20).The Talmud makes this statement in regard to the mystery of the Red Heifer. "A handmaiden's son soiled the king's palace with his filth. The king commanded, 'Let the mother come, and clean up the child's filth'." The Rambam also speaks of the mysterious tenth Red Heifer who will be connected with the coming of the Messiah. This links the Red Heifer with the Mystical Miriam also called Shekhinah as the tenth of the sefirah of the Sefirot.

The ashes of the red Heifer symbolise the sacrifice of Miriam ha Kedosha's son the Messiah and the pure spring waters mixed with the ashes alludes to Miriam's Well and the spousal relationship of Miriam ha Kedosha and the Holy Spirit. These are the Mayyim Hayyim (living waters) that Yeshuah referred to at the Well in John 4. Miriam ha Kedosha is the pure Mother of sinful mankind who unites her sacrifice with that of her Son in order for her sinful children to regain sanctity. The ashes mixed with the living waters is called the 'waters of Sanctification'. It is not the actual ashes of the Red Heifer that cleanses but it is a powerful symbol pointing towards the spiritual fulfilment of the mystery of the Red Heifer. Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai states in regard to the ritual of the Red Heifer: "...By your lives, understand this well: it is not the death which renders impure, nor the waters which cleanse - it is all the word of God. So said the Holy One, "I have engraved an ordinance with no explanation - and you cannot transgress it."..." It is in the coming era of the Kingdom of the Divine will on earth that the mystery of Miriam and the Red Heifer will be fully understood in all its details.

Zohar Beshallakh also speaks of the Aaronite priests, murdered at Nob (Mt Scopus), as the bridesmen of Matronita. In Revelation the Lady's 144,000 celibate Marian priests or monks are also murdered by an evil ruler. "...This is a mystery pertaining to the Lady of Israel, whose bridesman Aharon - to prepare the House, to attend to her, to conduct her to the King to unite as one. From here on, every priest serving in the Temple follows this pattern." The Aaronite priesthood is the priesthood of the Lady of Israel and her Son (Ben) - this is the mystery of Tabernacle and Temple. This is the mystery of the two cherubim - one male, one female. This is a priesthood of the Moon of Israel which in honour of the Mystical Moon follows a lunar calendar which honours every Rosh Chodesh (new moon) as a feminine celebration of the Shekhinah. Nisan 1 is called the 'Ilui Miriam' the exaltation or assumption of Miriam the Prophetess who died then (see Numbers 20:1) and was assumed incorrupt into Heaven. (However the Seder Olam Rabbah says Nisan 10 is the death of Miriam). The celebration of Chodesh haRishon is the new moon of Nisan-this was also the date when the Shekhinah dwelt above the completed Tabernacle in the wilderness.

Zohar Chukat states, "There were three siblings Moshe, Aharon and Miriam, as it says: 'and I sent before you Moshe, Aharon and Miriam' [Micah 6:4] Miriam is the moon, Moshe is the sun, Aharon is the right arm, and Hur is the left arm or some say Nahson...At first Miriam died, and the moon departed and the well disappeared. Afterward, the right arm [aharon] that always brings near the moon joyfully and with friendship broke. Therefore it is written: 'and Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aharon, took...' [Exodus 15:20] surely she is Aharon's sister, for he is the arm that brings her near in unity and brotherhood with the Body...". The right arm represents the attribute [sefirah] of Mercy. Aharon is known for his gentle mercy and his ability to reconcile people.

While there are priests of the Virgin (both Matronita and Miriam are seen as virgins in the Jewish mystical tradition)then divine mercy will be drawn to us men. However when the priests are murdered divine judgement of the left arm will befall man. "Happy the person who finds Wisdom...this is the person for whom the Blessed Holy One prepares on the way, the face of Shekhinah." Both the Zohar and the Apocalypse of John refer to our day in the time of mercy for the Gentiles. When Our Lady's priests are persecuted and killed then Divine Judgement will fall and the special time of mercy for the gentiles (nations)will end. An evil Assyrian ruler will arise on earth but he and his followers like Sennacherib the Assyrian King (who was poised at Nob to attack Nob and Jerusalem) will be destroyed by the Divine Hand of Judgement. This Divine Hand of Judgement is represented by a Davidic prince of Judah symbolised in the Jewish tradition by Prince Hur and Prince Nahson of Judah ancestors of King David. This future Davidic Prince, like David and Solomon, will be devoted to the Lady of Israel who is the Mystical Moon called Miriam, Matronita, Rachel and Shekhinah among others.

This Davidic prince, like King David, will sing the song of the Lady of Israel - the Song of Miriam. Zohar Chukat states: " ...During the era of Solomon the moon was dominate in her fullness and was visible in the world. Solomon was established in the wisdom of her light and he ruled the world. As soon as the moon set, due to his sins..." The Zohar reveals that the fullness of the earth and the moon is the 'glory (Kavod) who is the Lady of Israel - the 'Ark of the covenant, Sovereign of all the Earth (see Joshua). " ... Of David, a Psalm - a song about the Lady of Israel...the Lady of Israel and all the multitudes joining 'her fullness' this is 'the whole earth is full of His glory' [Isaiah 6:3]". The Zohar teaches that these mysteries of the Matronita will be fulfilled in the future period. Zohar Shemot [2:7a] state: "Well, because the King was coming to bring out Matronita who was there, in honour of the Matronita, He came. So the blessed Holy One wished to honour Her and came to Her to raise Her, extending His hand - as He will do at the end of the exile of Edom." This exile ended in 1948 with the reestablishment of the Israeli State. This reestablishment of Israel is associated with the rise of Marian devotion (see Zohar Shemot [2;7a]).

After the restoration of Israel will come a time of intense purification and great trouble for Israel as explained in Zohar Shemot 2:7b. "...How many troubles upon troubles for Israel...after these troubles flare upon Israel and all the kings of the nations conspire as one against them and countless evil decrees arouse - all designed alike against them- and trouble upon trouble befalls them, the later erasing all memory of the earlier, then a single column of fire will appear for forty days, poised from above to below, seen by all nations of the world." This could refer to the Great Warning mentioned by Our Lady to the children of Garabandal in the 1960's.


Solomon said...

I am descended from the de Ayala and Mendoza families in Spain, who claim common descent from a Rabbi Solomon, whose son was Don Isaque de Valadolid. Do have any leads on Rabbi Solomon?
Alex Tod

Tova said...

That is a beautiful picture (miriam.gif). Can you tell me where it's from and who the artist is?


Anders said...

Regarding the “Matthew 23”

A logical analysis (found here: www.netzarim.co.il (the only legitimate Netzarim-website)) of the earliest manusscripts (including the logical implications of the research by Ben-Gurion Univ. Prof. of Linguistics Elisha Qimron of Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT)) of “the gospel of Matthew”, implies that Ribi Yehoshua was a Perushi (Pharisee). Ribi Yehoshua ha-Mashiakh (the Messiah) from Nazareth was called a Ribi and only the Perushim had Ribis.

The current earliest manusscripts of “the gospel of Matthew” contains words a first century Ribi would never have said, and thus a reconstruction is needed.
[Even according to the most authoritative Christian scholars, e.g., The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible, what Christians call “NT” contains redactions (see quote from that book in the below website; click on "Glossaries"; click on "NT")]
Ribi Yehoshua taught this in NHM 23:1-3:
”Then Yehoshua spoke to the qehilot and to his talmidim saying, ”The Sophrim and those of the Rabbinic-Perushim sect of Judaism who advocate that Halakhah must be exclusively oral sit upon the bench of Mosheh. So now, keep shomeir and do concering everything – as much as they shall tell you! Just don’t imitate their maaseh because they say but they don’t do.”
The Rabbinic-Perushim taught that one should follow the mitzwot (directive or military-style orders), and Ribi Yehoshua taught that one should listen to that. The Rabbinic-Perushim advocated Halakhah (oral Torah).

Anders Branderud

Mister Jack said...

Your other website http://www.miriamhakedosha.blogspot.com is no longer live. Just thought I'd drop by and let you know.

Catholic Jew said...

thanks Jack. I have changed the url to alternativegenist.blogspot.com which isn't reflected in google search yet however if you click on the link on my side bar it will take you there. cheers

Mister Jack said...

Thanks, got it. I didn't think you'd eradicate all that work. In case you're interested we share the same ancestry. My 2x Great Grandmother was Sarah Alexander of the London branch of Alexanders and her husband Jacob Simons is a direct descendent of Abraham Shimoni, the medalist.

Catholic Jew said...

Well nice to meet you cousin Jack. I have considered deleting both my blogs at times but never went through with it after talking with friends about it.

Mister Jack said...

Pleased to meet you too. It would be a great shame to delete your blogs, they are clearly followed by a great many people. I certainly would be sorry to see them go.

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What happened to the R1b haplogroup Tribe of simeon post? I've tested and am R1b.