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Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Zohar and the Mystery of the Incarnation: A Hebrew Catholic Reflection

The following passage from the Zohar reveals the mystery of the Incarnation. The Matronita (Maiden/Virgin) who is also called the Female (Nukva)brings the male Divine Soul who is the Splendour of Carmel and the Divine Man of the Sefirot to earth as the male Tzadik (righteous One). This is the son of the Matronita. All righteous souls are made in the likeness of these two Tzaddikim of the male and female (Yeshua and Miriam).

This passage also speaks of the important role of the Mother (in, with and through the Holy Spirit) in bringing her son to earth and also mystically bringing him to the Father's Divine Palace by her part in the Redemption and her Fiat. The Zohar further reveals that at the moment of death all righteous souls are greeted by the Celestial Mother who leads them to the Divine Palace where her son now dwells with the Divine King. The mysteries of the Zohar can be read at different levels. On the highest level the Matronita can be read as the Holy Spirit and on the next level as Mary in the Holy Spirit. In mysticism there is never one correct understanding but many diferent layers of understanding.

Zohar Veyechi says "Come and see: There are three souls which pertain to certain divine grades. The three are really four. The first is a Divine soul, which cannot be perceived by the higher treasurer, much less by the lower one. It is the soul of all the souls, hidden and never revealed to be known. All stem from it.

It is wrapped in a garment made of the splendour of the Carmel, which drips pearls, all linked as one like the limbs of the body. The Divine soul enters them, and displays through them its works. It and they are one with nothing to divide them. This is the Divine soul, the most hidden.

Another soul is the Female, which hides among her armies. She is their soul and receives a body from them so as to display through them her handiwork to all the world, just as the body is a vessel which executes its works through the soul. They are like the hidden ones above are attached.

Another soul is the souls of the righteous below. The souls of the righteous come from the Celestial souls, the soul of the female and the soul of the male. For this reason, the souls of the righteous are higher than all the armies and legions of angels above.

You may say that if the souls are elevated on two sides, why then do they descend into this world, and why leave it? A king who begot a son. He sent him to be raised in a village until it was time for him to be taught the ways of the palace. When the king heard his son is grown up, out of love for him, he sent the Matronita his mother to fetch him. She brought him to the palace, where he rejoiced every day.

The Holy One, blessed be He, also begot a son by the Matronita. Who is he? The Divine Holy Soul. He sent him to the village,to this world, to be raised and be brought up in the ways of the King's palace. When the King saw that his son was grown up in this village, and that it was time to bring him to the palace, what did he do? Out of love for his son, he sent the Matronita, who fetched him to his palace. The soul never leaves this world until the Matronita comes for it, and brings it to the King's palace where it remains forever.

Yet it is the way of the world that the inhabitants of the village weep when the King's son parts from them. There was a wise man there, who said: Wherefore are you crying, is he not a king's son? It is not meet that he shall dwell among you any longer, but in his father's palace. Moshe too, who was wise, saw the inhabitants of the village crying, and said to them, "You are the children of Hashem your Elohim: you shall not gash yourselves" (Devarim 14:1).

Come and see: if all the righteous knew that they would be glad when the day comes for them to depart from this world. For is it not a high honor that the Matronita comes for them to escort them into the King's palace, and that the King will daily rejoice in them? For the Holy One, blessed be He, amuses Himself only with the souls of the righteous.

Come and see: the love of the Lady of Israel. For the Holy One, blessed be He, is stirred by the souls of the righteous below. Since they come from the side of the King, the side of the male, the female is aroused from the side of the male, and love is stirred. Thus the male incites affection and love within the female and she is united in love with the male.

In the same manner, the desire of the female to pour forth lower waters towards the upper waters is aroused solely by the souls of the righteous. Happy are the righteous in this world and in the World to Come, for they support the upper and lower. Therefore it just says, "The Tzadik is the foundation of the world" (Mishlei 10:25).

The secret thereof is that the righteous is Yesod above, and Yesod below. The Lady of Israel,comprises the upper and lower righteous. The Tzadik on this side, and the Tzadik on that side, inherit. Hence it says, "The righteous shall inherit the earth" (Tehilim 38:29), and assuredly they will inherit earth. Come and see: The righteous, inherits the earth, pours blessings upon it every day and furnishes it with delights and dainties which he draws upon it. We have already explained this."

This Lady of Israel is the Mother of the Splendour of Carmel. This links us to the mention of Carmel in the Song of Songs 7:5. As Mother of the Splendour of Carmel she is the Lady of Carmel. This is part of the deep mystery of the ascent of Mt Carmel also called the Rosh (Head) of Carmel. This is part of the deep mysteries of Eliyahu (Elijah), the Messiah and the Lady Mother of Carmel. It was on Mt Carmel that Eliyahu perceived the "yad" shaped cloud. "Yad' in this case meant either the hands or feet. On one level it is the "Hand of Miriam" and on another it is the foot of the Woman of Genesis 3:15. This is a deep Marian and Carmelite mystery.


Edna said...

You write that this is a deep Marian and Carmelite mystery. I am studying this subject right now. I know little about the Jewish faith. Could you write more about this subject?

Craig said...

Hello Aharon B.

My name is Craig Garrett from Perth, Western Australia. I have just read through your very interesting and exciting article entitled "Miriam ha Kedosha Queen of Zion", in particular the family lines of the Montefiore's. My greatx2 grandfather was James Montefiore (b.1831 Danzig, Prussia) who married Annie Elizabeth Abel. I must ask you where did you obtained the information about James' parents (Jacob Horatio Montefiore and Rachel Mocatta), I have been trying to find them for many many years without success. Also do you have more information on the 4 children of Jacob Montefoire who married Juana Galvan Rodriguez. I would love to hear from you.
My email address is
looking forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...


My GG Grandfather was James as well.

His convict record noted his father as Zachariah.

I found the following in a search but couldn't open it...
Miriam ha Kedosha Queen of Zion: The Montefiore Family James married Annie Elizabeth Abel of Killarney Kerry Ireland the daughter .... A talented black and white artist, Montefiore illustrated the catalogues of ...
miriamhakedosha.blogspot.com/2008/08/montefiore-family.html - 107k -

Can you fill me in on anything!!!! I have traced this family but pretty much from their time in Tassie onward - nothing before it.

I would love to hear from you.

I am also interested in the Catholic/Jewish side of things.


Peter said...

Has anyone found anything more on these Montefiores? James'father is I believe Zachariah Jacob Horatio Montefiore ; James brother Thomas is my ancestor and I can't find anything on him apart from his daughter Ann. I think I have the correct info on Juana & Jacob's children also.

Cam said...

Hi Peter,
Can you contact me via www.camsfamilytree.co.cc to share information you have that James had a brother Thomas.