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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Messianic Jews ?

Today an Israeli friend showed me an article in a popular Israeli Newspaper where a female reporter went undercover in a Messianic Jewish group. The report was very unbalanced and used very emotive language but nevertheless many of the negative points are true about such groups, that are in reality not so much Messianic Jews but Evangelical/Charismatic Protestants that use, what I would say are, inappropriate evangelisation tactics towards the Jewish people. They seem to only adopt some Jewish and Israeli ways in order to get Jews to join their particular group. Needless to say many of these groups and people are negative towards orthodox Judaism and Catholicism.In fact they hate Catholicism much more than Rabbinic Judaism. Of course there are other Messianic Jews who truly do embrace a Jewish spiritual way based on Torah and mitzvot and are not just using them as a Jewish dressup in order to lure Jews into their groups. Seeing people as only a number or soul to be converted by love bombing, is to me very demeaning and hurtful- to become friends with people only in order to get them to do what you want them to do (whether in politics or religion) shows a shallow understanding of friendship.

I find it sad when any Jew is lost to Torah and mitzvot by falsely pitting the grace found in the Messiah against them. Torah and mitzvot are vessels for the grace and light of God. If my becoming a believer in Yeshuah as the Messiah means I as a Jew abandon Torah and mitzvot then something wrong is going on- I am becoming gentilised. A sad chapter in the Church's history was the forced gentilisation of Jews who embraced the Faith in Yeshuah ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ). There are many thousands of Jews and many millions of Catholics of Jewish ancestry in the Catholic Church. I see an important role for Torah Observant Hebrew Catholics to reintroduce these lost Jews to their inheritance in Torah and mitzvot and their vocation as Jews in the Church to be a light to the Gentiles. Of course Rabbinic Orthodox Judaism may like to see these lost Jews return to their fold by abandoning Jesus, Mary and Joseph. However most of those Catholics of Jewish origin or ancestry will never abandon Jesus, Mary and Joseph but they may want to reconnect with Torah and mitzvot as Jews in the Church and embrace their Jewish vocation of being a light to the Gentiles. This will help the whole Church to see that Yeshuah, Miriam and Yosef are Jewish and cannot be understood fully when divorced from Jewish culture and belief.

Note: Many Messianic Jewish organisations are not insincere in their Jewish beliefs and are not automatically anti-Catholic such as the group that Mark Kinzer represents called the Messianic Union of Jewish Congregations. Many Catholics who are not up-to-date on the Church's teachings on Judaism also see the Hebrew Catholic movements as ways to get the Jews converted to Gentile Catholicism rather than as a movement for Jews already in the Church to live out their vocation to create a space for Jews and Judaism in the Church. Catholics believe the Jews as a collective will embrace faith in Jesus as the Messiah at a future time. In fact many Hebrew Catholics are not in favour of any active evangelisation of Jewish people as a group at his stage of salvation history until we can reform the mother-form of Judeo-Christianity which will make it possible to bring the Jews and Judaism into unity of belief and fellowship without losing the rich Israelite inheritance preserved by Rabbinic Judaism.

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