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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Purging all Meats - Mark 7:19: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

582 Iesus, ulterius procedens, de puritate alimentorum perfecit Legem, tanti momenti in vita quotidiana Iudaeorum, eius sensum aperiens « paedagogicum » 372 per interpretationem divinam: « Omne extrinsecus introiens in hominem non potest eum coinquinare, [...] — purgans omnes escas. Dicebat autem: Quod de homine exit, illud coinquinat hominem; ab intus enim de corde hominum, cogitationes malae procedunt » (Mc 7,18-21). Iesus, interpretationem Legis definitivam tradens cum auctoritate divina, inventus est in oppositione ad quosdam Legis doctores qui Eius interpretationem non accipiebant, licet signis divinis confirmatam quae illam comitabantur. 373 Hoc peculiariter valet de sabbati quaestione: Iesus saepe cum argumentis rabbinicis 374 commemorat requiem sabbati non perturbari Dei 375 vel proximi servitio 376 quod Eius praestant sanationes.

Here is the official Latin version of CCC 582. One notices it uses the Latin Vulgate which has "purgans omnes escas" for the Greek "katarizo pas ho broma" both meaning "purging all the meats". This refers to the stomach or body purging or purifying all foods from the body and it is part of what Jesus is saying. The King James Version and the Catholic Douai-Rheims agree with this translation. It is only some modern translations that falsely separate this from what Jesus is saying and make it artificially an edit by Mark "and thus he declared all foods clean". They add "And thus he declared" a phrase which does not appear in the original text. Unfortunately the CCC in English doesn't use the Douai Rheims to translate the Latin Vulgate but a modern Bible. This gives the passage an interpretation that is contrary to the original text. In fact the English translation of the Peshitta Aramaic text reads: "...17And when Yeshua entered into the house, away from the multitudes, his talmidim began asking him about this saying. 18He said to them, "You too are slow to understanding. Do you not know that every thing which enters from the outside into a man is not able to to defile him. 19Because it does not enter into his heart, rather into his stomach and is removed by way of excretion, which purifies all the food. 20But anything that goes out from a man is what defiles a man. 21For it is from the inside of the heart of the sons of men that evil thoughts proceed such as adultery, fornication, theft, murder, extortion, 22wickedness, deceit, lust, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride and foolishness. 23All of these things are evil, and from within do they proceed and defile a man."..."

Jesus indeed brings the purity food laws into a new dimension of meaning that sees them as a symbol or analogy for the deeper meaning of the Torah about purity and intention of heart. He corrects those who think that the food itself brings defilment of a man. Food on a physical level goes into the stomach and is then purged out of the body by the biological processes whether one has washed his hands or not. It is the heart intention that is the true meaning and the purity and food laws of Judaism are meant to be kept with that in mind.

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