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Friday, April 17, 2009


In certain Christian and Catholic circles the word 'kabbalah' evokes great fear and certain writers using anti-semitic sources see it as part of a freemason-occultic conspiracy against the Church. They see that certain occultic and syncretising groups use elements drawn from Kabbalah or they see the distorted form of Kabbalah followed by celebrities. However to condemn Kabbalah because of its misuse is like condemning christianity because the New Agers use certain Christian concepts.

What then is Kabbalah? It is 'received Tradition'. It could be said that all of Divine Revelation in written and oral form is received tradition or kabbalah. However today the term Kabbalah is reserved for the mystical teachings of Judaism. All authentic teaching on Kabbalah is drawn from Scripture (Torah) and is a mystical reading and understanding of the text. Those books based on this mystical level of understanding the Divine Word such as the Zohar and Bahir- are commentaries or reflections on the mystical levels of reading Scripture. The writings of Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross are a Catholic version of this approach to Scripture.

That much dross from occult and pagan eastern sources have entered into the understanding of Kabbalah today is undoubtably true. This is why it is important to study the original Jewish sources of Kabbalah rather than these modern versions or perversions. Many orthodox Jewish teachers of Kabbalah warn that one should study these mystical traditions through chassidut. Chassidut are the practical living out of a loving, joyful and merciful faith filled life of spirituality as taught by the Baal Shem Tov and Rebbe Nachman of Breslov and other chassidic teachers. Kabbalah and mitzvot (Godly acts)should not be separated or this can lead one into a false understanding of Kabbalah into a form of Gnostic and Occultic demonism. One must also believe in and attempt to live out the moral life as taught in Scripture and Tradition. Those who seek a spiritual way that is amoral or that doesn't transform their morals and ethics are on a spiritually dangerous path. They may enter into a false spiritual place called the Other Side (Sitra Ahra). This happened with the followers of Sabbatai Zvi who became antinomian and also to those followers of Lurianic Kabbalah that didn't distinguish between angels and demons and sought to call them up for selfish and prideful reasons. One may invoke in prayer the aid of angels and saints from heaven but to seek a physical manifestation of them is spiritism and forbidden in Scripture.

Note: One of these anti-semitic conspiracy books is "She shall Crush Thy head" by Stephen Mahowald a traditionalist Catholic. This book is being promoted in many Catholic circles eventhough his knowledge of Judaism is totally erroneous and inadequate. He also quotes from notorious anti-semitic authors such as Elizabeth Dilling with her totally distorted attack on the Talmud. These writers mix insights into Our Lady and her apparitions with their anti-semitic ideas which leads many innocent and devout Catholics astray who have no knowledge of Judaism.


Mrs. Rene O'Riordan said...

Thank you for that Aharon. I was very suspicious of Kabbalah, and did think it was dangerous, esoteric teachings and associated with the Masons. But it makes sense to me now as you point out about the deeper mysticism of St. Teresa and John of the Cross, one can lose one's way. I have a lot to learn and I'm running out of time and grey matter! - Blessings - Rene

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You have cleared up for me the confusion which I had regarding Kabbalah. Other people had led me into thinking it was dangerous to pursue my reading. I threw out the books!! Thank you for clarifying this for me. God bless, Antonia.

Anonymous said...

Rubbish! Kabbalah is devil worship, plain and simple.

Gabriella Isis Griffin said...

Thank you and bless you! I have just began reading the teachings of St. Teresa of Avila and am simultaneously refreshing my studies of Kabbalah with an online class.
While reading Teresa, I kept thinking: This sounds so much like what I'm learning in Kabbalah. (The practice not the language, of course.)
I was feeling somewhat split and needed to hear this. Now I know that despite the trials and suffering these past years, I've been brought to the very place I'm supposed to be: Beginner in perfect intent (or prayer) so I might become more alike to the Creator.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Kabbalah is the "Oral Word" given by Satan to the rebellious Israelites who were inciting God's chosen ones as they waited during the 40 days during which Moses was receiving the 10 commandments from Jehovah, Elohim, Yahweh, God, The Great "I Am," God the Creator of Heaven, Earth and everything in them, while on Mt Sanai.

The oral word of Satan, through the Kabbalah, has been transfered into written form in the Talmed. It is, as my prior poster commented, Devil worship plain and simple. To compare this to the writings of Teresa of Avila is blasphemous!!! She received her visions from Jesus Chrst, the Living Son of God and our sole Redeemer and Savior, in whom all truth can be found in the Holy Roman Catholic Douay Riems bible and the Magisterium of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Prayer to Mary Most Holy will lead you to all truth and her Son, Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life!!!!

Anonymous said...

While the interpretation and traditional teachings on the Qabala are descriptive, they are not the Qabala itself. I simply cannot find god, angels, demons, etc, in the Qabala because it is neutral. How these were derived by the recognized authorities is the real mystery and the real danger. These are human constructs, pure and simple. It is said that if one can grasp the essence of the Qabala, then one is required to study it. May I suggest a correlary: If one cannot grasp that the Qabala is value neutral, then one should embrace a religion instead.

Anonymous said...

Kabbalah was originally taught by Abraham, who existed in a close relationship with God long before Judaism or Christianity were even in a twinkle in the eye. If one can have a relationship with God outside of a religion, and Kabbalah is merely an expounding of God's relationship to the universe, how is it rubbish to study it? I have never understood the vehement rejections of closed-minded people.

Anonymous said...

If one looks to any form of religion or mystisism at all, their heart is searching for to find truth and love, then those wishing to find truth and love will see and find it. Those who curse and condemn anything other than that they themselves believe in are falling for the ultimate scam and will never find G-d until they remove their own block to others findings. Kabbalah was passed to me from my Mother. My Mother taught me to find truth and love and peace. My life is devoted, by G-d and not to G-d, to be a vessel to give love to all I may perchance be able to help, using those two tools that kabbalah ultimately teaches. Those are truth (triangle pointing upwards) and love (triangle pointing downwards.) So, for this reason that I found nothing but truth and love makes me a devil worshipper? I find this both hurtful and amusing at the same time. But I do know it is not true, so I rise above it. I just feel sad that there are such dogmatically insane people in this world who will speak what they do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that horrible, satanic book called "She Shall Crush His Head" indirectly blasphemes the HOLY SPIRIT, by charging the 72 Holy Elders that Moses called forth to recieve the SPIRIT something vil they were not, and the book uses ideas freemasons have invented and themselves put into books to make Moses out a liar and the Catholic Church to be liars.