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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cup of Miriam

Today many Jews add a cup of water to the Passover in honour of Miriam which they associate with the Well of Miriam and add some songs and ritual words in honour of Miriam. Is this a totally new custom or a more ancient one being renewed? Many families have always included a jug of water on the passover table to mix with the wine which is the direct origin of the recent Cup of Miriam ceremonies among Ashkenazi Jews.

However there is already another cup or bowl of water on the Passover table and this is the cup or bowl of salt water. Ashkenazis refer to this water as the tears of Israel. The Sephardim however arrange their Seder plate according to the figure of the Divine Man (Adam Kadmon)in ten sefirot. The Sefardi arrange their plate with the three matzot and the six other foods on the Seder plate. The three matzot represent the sefirot (Attributes) of the Head of the Divine man- Keter [crown], Hokhmah [wisdom] and Binah [understanding]. The other six foods are arranged as the Body of the Divine Man. Some Sefardim see the seder plate itself as the tenth sefirah of Shekhinah/Malkhut however many others place the cup or bowl of salt water (sometimes lemon juice or vinegar)as a symbol of the Shekhinah[female presence] and her tears and the 10th sefirah. Thus this custom is the true rememberance of the tears and Well of Miriam. Miriam according to Rebbe Nachman is the suffering soul of the Universe."A wise person knows that all of their own suffering also causes pain to the Divine Presence, as it says in the Talmud, "When a person is in pain, what does the Shechinah say? 'My head hurts me! My arm hurts me!'"[Talmud sanhedrin 46a] Thus, if the wise person prays for the Shechinah's suffering to subside, their own suffering will abate as well. [Toldos Yaakov Yosef, Beshalach]"
Hand of Miriam

Some Sephardim also dress their daughters as Miriam for the Passover Seder. Also they place their hand in the charoset and then on a piece of paper to make a Hand of Miriam. Zohar Mishpatim reveals that this hand is the hand of the Shekhinah and connected to the number 14. "Happy is he who ascends by a precept, meaning the precept of Tefilin, containing the four chapters containing the name Yud Hay Vav Hay. Yud is the portion: "Sanctify to me" (Shemot 13:2). Hay alludes to: "And it shall be when Hashem shall bring you" (Ibid. 11). Vav, in "Hear, O Yisrael" (Devarim 6:4); and the last Hay: "And it shall come to pass, of you shall hearken" (Devarim 28:1)in thought, to connect thought with the hand. She [the Shekhinah] is composed of Deed, being the Hei of speech, being Her Binah; composed of six Sefirot, and composed of thought, being Yud-Vav- Dalet, Hay-Aleph, Vav-Aleph-Vav, Hay-Aleph - Yud-Hay-Vav-Hay, fourteen letters, equaling the numerical value of Yad (Lit. 'Hand') THE NUMBER FOURTEEN alludes to four chapters and one compartment of Tefilin, with two straps - now we have seven - two Shin's equal nine - the knot of the strap - ten - with the four chapters of the hand - which equal fourteen. So that is why the Shekhinah is called 'hand', 'the hand of Yud Hay Vav Hay'. About Her it is written: "Into Your hand I commit my spirit..." (Tehilim 31:6). The spirit is deposited with Yud Hay Vav Hay, and the Holy One, blessed be He, descends to receive it and place it by the Shekhinah. For the Holy One, blessed be He, and His Shechinah guard it. Who brought this about? He who with every precept lifted the Shekhinah to the Holy One, blessed be He."

The Zohar Mishpatim also links Elijah and the Shekhinah or Matronita of whom Miriam the sister of Moses is a type. In the passover ritual today Elijah and Miriam's role are joined to the drinking of the third cup. "[The Faithful Shepherd says]Elijah, certainly bless and sanctify and unite the Matronita, numerous hosts of the Matronita ascend with him, and hosts of the King descend to him and all with the purpose to guard him, to make known to that spirit many novel ideas, and forecasts within the dream of prophecy and many hidden matters. An example is Jacob, about whom is written, "and behold the angels of Elohim ascending and descending on it" (Bereshit 28:12). Regarding the hosts of the King and the Matronita are written: "and he called the name of that place Machanaim (lit. 'two camps')" (Bereshit 32:2). However the King and Matronita do not descend there. Elijah said: Faithful Shepherd, so it is. As a result of your efforts in every precept to unify the Holy One, blessed be He, and His Shekhinah with all the hosts above and below, so the Holy One, blessed be He, and His Shekhinah and all Her hosts above and below unify with your spirit, with every precept done. As a prince whose parents love and kiss him, they do not rely on their hosts, but choose to guard him themselves."[Zohar Mishpatim]

Eliyahu hanavi, Eliyahu hatishbi,Eliyahu, Eliyahu, Eliyahu hagiladi Bimhera veyameynu, yavo eleynu Im Mashiakh Ben David Im Mashiakh Ben David [Elijah the prophet, Elijah the Tishbite, Elijah, Elijah, Elijah the Gileadite may he soon come to us with Messiah son of David]

Miriam haNeviyah Oz v’zimrah b’yadah, Miriam tirkod itanu l’hagdil zimrat olam Miriam tirkod itanu l’taken et ha’Olam Bimhera veyameynu hi t’vi’yenu el mei ha’yeshua, el mei ha’yeshua [Miriam the prophetess, strength and song in her hand, Dance with us to increase worldly song,Dance with us to fix the world, She will soon bring us to the waters of salvation]

Mystery of Joseph and the Number 14

Blessed Anne Catharine Emmerich states that Joseph and his wife Asenath were associated by the Egyptians with Osiris and Isis. Osiris is represented by the figure of a Man as the constellation Orion. Orion also represents the man Enoch (chenoch or chanoch). The word chanoch associated with chinuch refers to a child or the training of a child. This alludes to the christ child or the mysterious child [a son of Joseph] of the Zohar.

Osiris' body was divided into 14 pieces and the 14 pyramids of Egypt are the image of the orion constellation that make up the divine man. Joseph was known as Dod (beloved/ dalet vav dalet)which adds up to 14 in gematria. The so-called Pharoah Djoser Teti is actually Yosef ha Dodi (thoth=dod=dodi). The name David also comes from dod and is 14 in gematria. The concept of Joseph and David are thus linked. The subterranean Temple has 14 stations beginning at the Shushan or Golden Gate. The word gold (ZHB) also has the gematria of 14 as does hand (YD). The letter nun is the 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In the genealogy of Joseph in Matthew there are three lots of 14 generations which equal 42 - the number of God's Salvation or Redemption. The nun also represents a fish and sperm and thus is connected to the sefirah of yesod which is also called Tzadik and Joseph. The 14th part of the body of Osiris that was given to the fish was his phallus (yesod).

The pyramid complex in Egypt is a mirror of the heavenly realities. The Zohar Shemot states - "This song King Solomon poured forth when the Temple was erected and all the worlds, above and below, had reached their perfect consummation. And although concerning the exact time of its singing there is some difference of opinion among the members of the Fellowship, we may be certain that it was not sung until that time of absolute completion, when the Moon-the Shekinah-came to her fulness and was revealed in the full perfection of her radiance, and when the Temple had been erected in the likeness of the Temple that is above. The Holy One, blessed be He, then experienced such joy as He had not known since the creation of the world. When Moses set up the Tabernacle in the wilderness, another such was raised in the heavenly spheres, as we learn from the words: "And it came to pass... that the Tabernacle was reared up", the reference being to the other Tabernacle, to that which was above, namely the Tabernacle of the "Young Man", Metatron, and nothing greater. But when the first Temple was completed another Temple was erected at the same time, which was the centre for all the worlds, shedding radiance upon all things and giving light to all the spheres. Then the world was firmly established, and all the supernal casements were opened to pour forth light, and all the worlds experienced such joy as had never been known to them before, and celestial and terrestrial beings alike broke forth in song. And the song which they sang is the "Song of Songs", or, as we might render, "Song of the Singers", of those musicians who chant to the Holy One, blessed be He." The Temple in Jerusalem is also a Mirror of the two celestial Temples. In the angelic Temple St Michael the archangel is the High priest and in the highest Temple Metatron is the High Priest. Metatron is associated with the terms of Youth and Child (chanoch) which is why Enoch has been confused with Metatron. The Zohar Shemot states: "From this we see that the Holy One, blessed be He, actually gave Moses all the arrangements and all the shapes of the Tabernacle, each in its appropriate manner, and that he saw Metatron ministering to the High Priest within it. It may be said that, as the Tabernacle above was not erected until the Tabernacle below had been completed, that "youth" (Metatron) could not have served above before Divine worship had taken place in the earthly Tabernacle. It is true that the Tabernacle above was not actually erected before the one below; yet Moses saw a mirroring of the whole beforehand, and also Metatron, as he would be later when all was complete. The Holy One said to him: "Behold now, the Tabernacle and the ‘Youth’; all is held in suspense until the Tabernacle below shall have been built." It should not be thought, however, that Metatron himself ministers; the fact is, that the Tabernacle belongs to him, and Michael, the High Priest, it is that serves there, within the Metatron's Tabernacle, mirroring the function of the Supernal High Priest above, serving within that other Tabernacle, that hidden one which never is revealed, which is connected with the mystery of the world to come. There are two celestial Tabernacles: the one, the supernal concealed Tabernacle, and the other, the Tabernacle of the Metatron. And there are also two priests: the one is the primeval Light, and the other Michael, the High Priest below."

Joshua ben Nun is also called Youth and child who adores in the Tent. Zohar Shemot states: "It is concerning this that King David said: "Except the King, whose is the peace, and who is the Master of the House, build the house, they labour in vain that build it"-that is to say, the pillars. Except the Lord-the King, whose is the peace-guard the city, "the watchman waketh but in vain". This is the pillar upon which the Universe stands, namely the "Tzadik" who keeps waking guard over the City. The Tabernacle which Moses constructed had Joshua for its wakeful and constant guard; for he alone guarded it who is called the "young man", namely Joshua, of whom it says: "Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the Tent" (Ex. XXXIII, 11). Later in its history it was another "young man" who guarded it, namely Samuel (I Sam. 1l, 18), for the Tabernacle could be guarded only by a youth. The Temple, however, was guarded by the Holy One Himself, as it is written, "Except the Lord guard the City, the watchman waketh but in vain". And who is the watchman? The "young man", Metatron. And you, holy saints, ye are not guarded as the Tabernacle was guarded, but as the Temple was guarded, namely, by the Holy One Himself; for, whenever the righteous are on a journey the Holy One guards them continually, as it is written: "The Lord shall keep thy going out and thy coming in from now and forever" (Ps. CXXI, 9).’ Then they accompanied him on his journey for a distance of three miles, and, parting from him, returned to their own way, and they were moved to quote these words concerning him. "For he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands" (Ps. XCI, 11, I2); and "Thy father shall be glad and thy mother rejoice" (Prov. XXIII, 25)." Yeshua the high priest in Malachi also minsters in the heavenly Temple. The mysterious child of the Zohar is also associated with the sign of the fish and he is referred to as the son of the fisherking (Hamnuna Sava). Joshua ben Nun is a descendant of Joseph of the Tribe of Ephraim. The second foot-star of Orion is also called Saiph after Joseph and is the origin of the Greek word for Wisdom. The word yad (14 in Gematria) can also refer to the foot as in ancient Hebrew it meant any of the four appendages to the legs and arms.

In the Zohar it mentions Metatron as Chanoch M'Mana which means child from the Manna [eucharistic bread]. This is the one on whom they will look upon and weep. There is also a disagreement in Judaism whether the Passover Seder has 14 or 15 steps. The Passover begins on the 14th of Nisan. Rav Kaduri's letter reveals that the name of the Messiah is Yehoshua."This I have signed in the month of mercy,Yitzhak Kaduri. Yarim Ha’Am Veyokhiakh Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim [He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid.].

Another son of Joseph and David is Messiah Ephraim who is the Great Monarch Henry alluded to in Apocalypse 10. "And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth,And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices." The figure of Orion and his two feet are the heavenly representation of this Monarch who is the Lion that Roars. This Messiah Lion that roars is mentioned in 2 Esdras as the leader of the Lost Tribes of Israel (Ephraim). This Great Monarch is protected by St Joseph (the cloud), crowned by Our Lady (the Rainbow), lives in Divine Will as revealed to Luisa in the analogy of the Sun (the Sun)and moves in the power of Jesus (feet with pillars)through the Eucharistic Heart and the Immaculate Heart (two pillars of the visions of St John Bosco).He is also mentioned in Hoshea as the Lion of Ephraim that roars and in Amos as the Lion that roars.

"Hosea 11:9-10
לֹ֤א אֶֽעֱשֶׂה֙ חֲרֹ֣ון אַפִּ֔י לֹ֥א אָשׁ֖וּב לְשַׁחֵ֣ת אֶפְרָ֑יִם כִּ֣י אֵ֤ל אָֽנֹכִי֙ וְלֹא־ אִ֔ישׁ בְּקִרְבְּךָ֣ קָדֹ֔ושׁ וְלֹ֥א אָבֹ֖וא בְּעִֽיר׃אַחֲרֵ֧י יְהוָ֛ה יֵלְכ֖וּ כְּאַרְיֵ֣ה יִשְׁאָ֑ג כִּֽי־ ה֣וּא יִשְׁאַ֔ג וְיֶחֶרְד֥וּ בָנִ֖ים מִיָּֽם׃

I will not execute the fierceness of mine anger I will not return to destroy Ephraim for I am God and not man the Holy One in the midst of thee and I will not enter into the city. They shall walk after the LORD, he [Ephraim] shall roar like a lion when he[Ephraim] shall roar then the children shall tremble from the west [sea]."

The name Henry comes from the Hebrew Chenoch [Enoch]via the German Hunroch and Heinrich. Nostradamus calls him Chyren. This leads us back to Orion who is also said to represent Enoch (Anu). The Bible speaks of Orion and the Great Bear (Ursa Major)which is called King David's chariot in Ireland, the Great Chariot in France and Arthur's Chariot in Britian. The name Arthur refers to the Bear (Art) and represents the Messiah Manesseh brother of Messiah Ephraim.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jacob Frank and the Well of Miriam

Jacob Frank also reveals the mystery of 'Miriam's Well' and the "Mouth of Miriam's Well'. This passage drips with Shekhinah and Marian imagery.

"Being sick once in Dziurdziów. I had a dream like this, I saw an extraordinarily beautiful woman, who had a well of the water of life and another well of clear water and this woman said to me, Put your legs in the water and you will become healthy right away. I did so and became well."(Yalkut 2) The mention of being sick alludes immmediately to the Song of Songs where the soul is sick for love of the beloved. The first woman is Our Lady Miriam haKedosha and the Well of the Water of Life alludes to the story of the woman of the Well and the Miracle of Cana- this is Miriam's Well. The second well of clear water represents the Mouth of Miriam's Well who is Luisa in eternity. It is through the missions of these two wells that one enters into the true healing of the soul from all impurity.

"At the place where this woman was found, there was a broad beautiful field, in which she, taking me by the hand, said, Come, I will show you my daughter who is still a maiden, and I went with her into the depth of that field which gave off an extraordinary scent, from different flowers." Then Our Lady takes Jacob to meet the second beautiful lady. In Kabbalah, the Zohar and Rebbe Nachman the field alludes to the Lady Shekhinah. This field is revealed as the abode of the Virgin Mother where her daughter (Luisa)dwells. The wonderful fragances of the mystical roses represent the sanctities of the state of living in the Divine Will.

"The Maiden, whose beauty nothing in this world could describe, came to meet us there, and she was dressed in a Polish rubran and her uncovered breasts were visible. Having noticed this I suddenly saw from one end of the world to the other. Her mother informed me that if I was desirous to take her for a wife, she would permit it, but I answered that I had a wife and children." The Madonna with nursing breasts is familiar to Christian art. Here we see Luisa revealed as the one who despenses the Mother's milk of the Torah's teaching on purity. This is a Frankist theology of the Body. Jacob is given a glimpse of what it means to Live in the Divine Will. Like Adam before the fall, Jacob is able to see from one end of the world to the other. Our Lady offers him this gift but he is not ready to enter into the virginal spousal union of the mystical marriage that leads to Dwelling in the Divine Will. He wishes to remain at his present stage.

The Bereshit Rabbah and the Zohar speak of Adam (through the primordial light of the first day of Creation) being able to see from one end of the world to the other and also of Moses being given through the power of this light the same ability at the time of his death. This light is the light hidden in Miriam's Well on the twilight between the first and second day of creation. This light then blazes forth on the twilight between the sixth day and the Sabbath via the "Mouth of Miriam's Well" (Luisa Piccarreta in Eternity)and manifests as the light of the Sabbath Queen and Presence- the Shekhinah. Through the 'Mouth' the light becomes the 36 lights associated with the 36 hours in which Jewish tradition states Adam lived in Divine Will. The 36 candles of Hannukah recall this mystery. This is the source of the light of the knowledge of Living in the Divine Will in the 36 volumes of the "Book of Heaven" of Luisa.

Rabbi Dovber Pinson writes: "...Chanukah is a cumulative spiritual process through which the total of thirty-six lights that are kindled grow to reveal the light of creation...What is light? Light is commonly viewed as a metaphor for wisdom...Maimonides writes that a prophet can experience a flash of light, of radiance, which illuminates his direction. "Light" is often used in the Torah to mean knowledge and wisdom. With the words "Let there be light," the creation of the world emerged. The Talmud explains that this light illuminated Adam and Eve for thirty-six hours, Friday noon through Shabbat day, when "Adam could see from the end of the world until its [other] end." During this time, the Primordial Light, the inner wisdom of purpose and truth, was displayed to mankind. But for the purpose of creation to be actualized and the mandate of overcoming darkness to be manifested, this intense light was hidden from the universe, stored for a time yet to come. Ever since, we yearn for that light, search for it and pursue it in prayer, study and meditation. Yet, even in our darkest hours we can access this memory born of the 36 hours when we, humanity as a whole, lived in this light. "Where was this light to be hidden?" asks the Midrash, "in the Torah." In its radiance we experience the wisdom, purpose, and intent of creation...As much as Chanukah commemorates the past, it celebrates the present and the future. For while Chanukah celebrates the miracle of a single jug of oil burning for eight days, it also imbues the world with the hope of redemption, when light will triumph over negativity. This is both a past and future time, when like during the 36 hours of the inception of humanity, "there will be no hunger or war, no jealousy or rivalry. For good will be plentiful, and all delicacies as common as dust. The entire occupation of the world will be only to know God. ‘For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of G-d, as the waters cover the sea.’" (Maimonides)."

Jacob Frank said in Yalkut 66: "Whoever wants to be attached to the living God must possess purity together with all good attributes before God and man and must, as much as he can, do good towards everyone, and likewise he must possess steadfastness, so that when any difficulty or a test should come upon him he must be stable of spirit and turn neither to the right nor the left.If he does that, the good God will strengthen him and will enlighten his heart and he will reach the level of a true man, either in foresight or in knowledge, and he will come forth from the darkness in which the children of Adam lie, being worthy to attain the Life of all lives."

Jacob Frank and the Dark Night

Jacob Frank's teachings have come down to us mixed with the teachings of the false Frank of the Sabbatean Frankists of Prague. It is only those who share his vision and devotion to Our Lady that truly can discern what is truly of his spirit. I now wish to discuss some of the authentic writings of Jacob Frank. His is a Marian spiritual way as her purity is the only possible means of reparation (tikun)for the sexual perversions of those who formerly followed the impure ways of the Sabbateans. The collection (yalkhut)of Frank opens with a mystical vision into the chambers of the Divine Heart which are the 32 paths of Wisdom.

"I had a vision in Salonika, as though the following words were said to somebody, Go lead Jacob the wise into the chambers and when you and he come to the first chamber, I admonish you that all the doors and gates be opened to him." Jacob Frank is led by a Divine Being into the Chambers of the Divine King and all the mystical doors and gates are opened before him. Jewish tradition speaks of the 50 gates of Hokhmah (wisdom). This reminds us of the Mystical Diamond and Interior Castle of St Teresa of Avila.

"When I entered the first chamber, a rose was given to me as a sign by which I could go on to the next and so on in sequence from one room to the next."
Jacob is now given a rose (shoshanah) to symbolise that this is the opening of the Mystical Rose (Rosa Mystica)which is the Immmaculate Heart through which one must enter in order to explore the chambers of the Divine King.

"And so I flew in the air accompanied by two maidens whose beauty the world has never seen. In these rooms I saw for the most part women and young ladies." Jacob now perceives in mystical flight the two Maidens or Virgins who are the two female chayot of the holy of Holies. One is the 'Well of Miriam' and the other the 'Mouth of the Well of Miriam'- Our Lady and Luisa Piccarreta. He beholds the heavenly dwellings of the female virgins and saints that accompany the two Maidens. They are also known in the Zohar as Matronita the small chayot and Nukvah the very little one.

"In some, however, there were assembled only groups of students and teachers, and wherever just the first word was spoken to me, I immediately grasped the whole matter from it and the full meaning." Jacob now beholds the realms mentioned in the Zohar as part of the Garden of Eden before the gates of heaven where one studies the Torah and teachings of the Messiah. This is the highest level of purgatory.

"There was an innumerable number of these rooms and in the last one of them I saw the First who also sat as a teacher with his students, dressed in frenk clothing. This one immediately asked me, Are you Jacob the wise? I have heard that you are strong and brave-hearted. To this point have I come, but I have not the strength of proceeding from here further; if you want, strengthen yourself and may God help you, for very many ancestors took that burden upon themselves, went on this road, but fell." Jacob Frank beholds Nathan of Gaza in Ottoman clothing (frenk) who repented of his Sabbateanism and embraced the Catholic Faith with many of his followers after their disillusionment with Shabtai Zevi.

"With that, he showed me through the window of this chamber an abyss which was like a black sea, hidden in extraordinary darkness, and on the other side of this abyss I saw a mountain whose height seemed to touch the clouds." Now Nathan reveals to him the way of spiritual darkness, the dark night and the ascent of Mount Carmel or Zion. This is the way of the dark Lady of the mountain of Yasna Gora- Our Lady of Czestochowa. This is the mystical journey in the dark waters of her womb.

"At that I shouted, Be what may, I will go with God's help, and so I began to fly on a slant through the air into the depth until I reached its very bottom, where, having felt the ground, I stopped. Walking in the dark, I came upon the edge of the mountain and seeing that because of the steep smoothness of the mountain I had difficulty getting up on it, I was forced to clamber up with my hands and nails and using all my strength until I reached the top." Only a great Tzadik can fly to the very bottom of the abyss and ascend the mountain in the midst of darkness. However Jacob with God's help succeeds in his spiritual ascent to the top of the mystical Mountain.

"As soon as I stopped there, an extraordinary scent reached me; and there were many True-Believers there. Seized by great joy, I did not want to go up onto the mountain with my whole body, saying to myself, I will rest awhile here, for sweat poured from my head like a river in flood on account of the tortures which I had borne to climb this mountain; but when I am well rested then I will come up on the mountain towards all the good which is found there. And that is what I did, I let my feet hang and sat with my body and hands at rest on the mountain. Then I went up on the mountain." Once again the Rosa Mystica embraced him with her scent and he beheld the great cloud of witnesses who are the true believers in the suffering Messiah. This journey is one of great suffering and the making of reparations (tikkunim). Jacob remained for a time transfixed between this world and the next as a witness in a kind of temporary Sabbath rest before entering the ultimate Sabbath which is the Mountain Top. Jacob as the son of Judah represents the spiritual exile and journey of the Jewish people who will one day find great joy when they behold and believe in the True Suffering Messiah; and in history they will enter a time of Sabbath rest in which they will witness to the fulfilment of God's Promise. This will be the time when God's Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven. After this will come the Eternal Sabbath Rest beyond time and history.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hebrew Catholic Rosary

Recently I have learnt of the Seven-Part Chaplet Rosary of Father Stanley Smolenski. The following Hebrew Catholic Rosary is based on that with my own adaptions.

St Bernard tells us that the Virgin Mary (Miriam HaKedosha)is to be found on every page of Scripture. When we read Scripture on all levels, including its allegorical and anagogical/mystical levels, we see the concept of Miriam (in the mystery of the Incarnation) in Eternity. She in time is born later but in the mind of God She in the mystery of the Incarnation was the first of all his thoughts outside of Himself. St Maximillian Kolbe reveals the mystery of Miriam in Eternity united to the the Holy Spirit being present mystically throughout all things. She is the Mother of all. She does this by living and dwelling fully in the Divine Will. She appears mystically throughout salvation history from Eternity as the Shekhinah (female Presence),as the Fire, as the Sabbath Presence and Queen, as the Matronita, as the female Wisdom and Torah, as the Well or Vessel, the Mystical Sea and Waters, as the Rainbow and all the holy Women of Israelite History are types pointing to her mysteries. She is a creature but united to her Son, in the mystery of the Incarnation, she is also the Model of All- she is the Model of the Universe. Miriam ha Kedosha is the immaculate created likeness of God and all souls find their source in her. She is the Mystical Moon and the Dark Night and the Dark Waters, the Mystical Rose, the immaculate mirror of the divine Heart, the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant, the Davidic Queen Mother (G'virah), the mystical Temple of Gold, the Chariot and Throne of God and His created Glory and Splendour (Zohar). Everything in Scripure and in Catholic and Jewish Tradition points to Her and her Son, thus bringing back to the Thrice Holy God all the Glory that He is due. In her self she is nothing but the humble hand maid of the Lord, in Him she is everything- Bakol the Daughter of Abraham. The Mystical Book of Bahir (63) proclaims her as the Mother, Sister/Spouse and Daughter of the Divine King through whom we must gaze in order to enter the Divine Heart.

Rebbe Nachman Of Breslov writes of the Mystical Miriam as the Lady of Sorrows in the context of the death of the Red Heifer, the drying up of the waters of the Rock (which is called Miriam's Well)and the death of Miriam as written in Numbers 19-20: "Know that there is a soul in the world which, through her, explanations and interpretations of the Torah are revealed. And this soul suffers great suffering. "You shall eat bread with salt, and drink water by the measure, for this is the way of Torah" (Avot, chapter 6). And all expositors of the Torah receive from this soul. This soul – all Her words are like burning coals. For it is impossible to receive and draw the waters of Torah except for a person whose words are like burning coals, as it is written (Jeremiah 23): "Is my word not like fire." And when this soul falls from the level of "Is my word not like fire," and Her words are no longer like burning coals – Her words cool down – then She dies. And when She dies, then the explanations of Torah that are drawn by Her also die, and then all the expositors of the Torah are unable to achieve any interpretation in the Torah. Then dispute breaks out over the tzaddikim. For the essence of dispute in the world is created by the disappearance of explanations of the Torah, for an explanation is the answer to difficult questions and arguments. And this is as it is written (Exodus 20), "midbar tzin" (the wilderness of Tzin) – representing speech that is "chilled" (metzunan), where Miriam died – representing the soul suffering the bitterness of subjugation for the Torah. And then the well (beer) disappeared – the embodiment of explanations (biur) of the Torah. And then "The nation argued with Moses" – the dispute that consequently arose." (Likutei Moharan Kama 20, 1)." When the Marian interpretation (biur) of Scripture (symbolised by the Well (beer) of Miriam)is not emphasised then the teachings of the Faith become dry and stagnate into a form of intellectualism that brings death to the soul and conflict to the community.

Devorah of the blog Shirat Devorah writes in her blog on "Miriam's Well #2":"Water assists the digestive system to break down food, and the water within the bloodstream carries those nutrients to all parts of the body. This represents the mission of all Jewish women: to bring the well of living water - Torah - to nourish all segments of the Jewish people, even those who totally lack knowledge of it. Thus we find that, while still in Egypt, Miriam devoted herself to small children, and her heroic efforts led to the annulment of Pharoah's decree against children. Consequently, it was in her merit that the well water came, since water represents the universal dissemination of Torah. Thus, when a mother, sister or teacher educates a child, we witness the modern-day "living waters of Miriam" sustaining the Jewish people in exile, making it possible to go peacefully throughout our current "sojourn" in the "desert" of exile.In addition to providing water to drink, Miriam's well also made it possible for the mitzvah of taharas hamishpachah (family purity) to be fulfilled. There was no other source of water in the desert, so Miriam's well served as a mikvah, enabling children to be born throughout the forty years.The custom of drawing water on Motz'ei Shabbos (to draw from the well of Miriam) is cited in the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch..."

The Jewish tradition in Perkei Avot 5:6 mentioned that the 'mouth of Miriam's Well' was created on twilight of the Eve of the Sabbath as one of ten concepts whereas other traditions speak of the 'Well of Miriam' being created on the twilight of the second day. This mouth is symbolic for malchut (kingdom) and Shekhinah (female Presence) as the mouth represents the tenth Sefirot of Malchut/ Shekhinah in the Jewish understanding of the Divine Face. The tenth Sefirot is also associated with the Sabbath rest in Kabbalah. Thus the 'Well of Miriam' (Upper Mother) and the 'mouth of Miriam's Well' (Lower Mother) are referring to two different but interconnected mysteries. This is also the mystery of the tenth Red Heifer. This mouth is the Nukvah (female)who brings the Kingdom to its fullness in dwelling in Divine Will [on earth as it is in heaven] by Faith (emunah), in the era of the Sabbath Rest which is the triumph of the Shekhinah as Fully Crowned Sabbath Queen and the reign of the Divine Heart over the Earth.

This mystery of the Sabbath and Miriam's Well is also alluded to in the Talmud in tractate Shabbat 35a: "...Abaye saw Raba gazing at the West. Said he to him, But it was taught, 'As long as the face of the east has a reddish glow?' Do you think that the face of the east is meant literally? he replied. [It means] the face which casts a red glow upon the east, and your token is a window. 'R. Nehemiah said: For as long as it takes a man to walk half a mil from sunset.' R. Hanina said: One who wishes to know R. Nehemiah's period should leave the sun on the top of the Carmel, descend, dip in the sea, and reascend, and this is R. Nehemiah's period. R. Hiyya said: One who wishes to see Miriam's well should ascend to the top of the Carmel and gaze, when he will observe a kind of sieve in the sea, and that is Miriam's well. Rab said: A moveable well is clean, and that is Miriam's well. Rab Judah said in Samuel's name: At twilight, as defined by R. Judah, unclean priests may perform tebillah. According to whom? Shall we say, according to R. Judah [himself]? but it is doubtful! But if it means twilight, as defined by R. Judah, according to R. Jose; [why state] priests may perform tebillah then-it is obvious!— I might think that twilight, as defined by R. Jose, is a continuation of R. Judah's; [therefore] we are told that R. Judah's twilight ends and then R. Jose's commences. Rabbah b. Bar Hanah said in R. Johanan's name: The halachah is as R. Judah in respect to the Sabbath, and the halachah is as R. Jose in respect to terumah. Now, as for the halachah being as R. Judah in respect to the Sabbath, it is well: this is in the direction of stringency. But in respect of terumah, what is it? Shall we say, for tebillah?it is doubtful!..."

This passage of Talmud is highly mystical and can truly be only understood by one who delves into the mysteries of the Mother as taught by the Zohar, Rebbe Nachman and the other Jewish mystics. While one can study and read Talmud on the strictly legal and intellectual level of Halakhah the Chasid ascends to the higher levels of Aggadah. Those who have been reading my posts will instantly recall that the West refers to the Shekhinah and thus Raba is gazing at the Shekhinah and its mystery connected with Ephraim. It alludes to the two different twilights of the Creation week connected with Miriam's Well. The twilight of R. Judah reflects the mission of the Well of Miriam coming from the midst of the House of Judah. The twilight of R.Jose (Jose is a variant of Joseph) reflects the mission of the 'Mouth of Miriam's Well' coming from the House of Joseph (the Lost Tribes in Europe/Edom). The 'terumah' is the lifted offering (which symbolises the lifted offering of the Mass). This alludes to the parashat Terumah in the Book of Exodus which tells of the mysteries of the Tabernacle and its furnishings. This leads us also to the hidden 'terumah' in Genesis 1. Starting with the first tav in the Torah in the word Bereshit one counts every 26 letters until it spells out the word 'Terumah'. The tebillah refers to water purifications which also alludes to the mayim (waters) and yammim (seas) of Genesis 1 connected to the mysteries of the Shekhinah and her Son. A fuller discussion of this passage and its mystical significance will be given in a separate blog entry.

On Sundays we pray The Primordial Mysteries (Kadmon ha Sodot) with a special interior focus on God the Father. The five meditations are:
1. Creation and the Well of Miriam (Bereshit v'ha Be'er Miriam)
2. Exile of Adam and the Shekhinah (Galut Adam v'ha Shekhinah)
3. Reparation of Abel and the Voice of the Shekhinah (Tikkun Abel v'ha kol ha Shekhinah)
4. Ascension of Enoch and the Chariot of Lady Wisdom (Ilui Henoch ve Merkabah Hokhmah)
5. Reparation of Noah and the Matronita (Tikkun Noach v'ha Matronita)

Miriam and the Red Heifer

Our Father [version 1]: Avinu b'shamayim, yehi shimkha kadosh, vay'hi malkhutkha bo, yehi ratzon k'mo b'shamayim ken yehi b'aretz, ana hayom ten lanu lakhmaynu temidit, u-mekhol lanu khataeynu, ka-asher anachnu mekholim lakhotim lanu, veal t'vienu liday nissayon veshomrenu mi-khol ra. Amen

Our Father (version two)
אָבִינוּ שֶׁבַּשָּׁמַיִם, יִתְקַדֵּשׁ שִׁמְךָ,
Avinu sh'bashamayim, yitkadesh shimkha
תָּבוֹא מַלְכוּתְךָ, יֵעָשֶה רְצוֹנְךָ
tavo malkhutkha, yaasah ratzonkha
כְּבַשָּׁמַיִם, כֵּן בָּאָרֶץ.
k'bashamayim, ken baaretz
אֶת לֶחֶם חֻקֵּנוּ תֵּן לָנוּ הַיּוֹם
et lekhem khukenu ten lanu hayom
וּסְלַח לָנוּ עַל חֲטָאֵינוּ
u-silach lanu al khataeynu
כְּפִי שֶׁסּוֹלְחִים גַּם אֲנַחְנוּ לַחוֹטְאִים לָנוּ
kifi shesolkhim gam anakhnu lakhotim lanu
וְאַל תְּבִיאֵנוּ לִידֵי נִסָּיוֹן
veal t'vienu liday nisayon
כִּי אִם חַלְּצֵנוּ מִן הָרָע.
ki im khal'tzenu min hara
כִּי לְךָ הַמַּמְלָכָה, הַגְּבוּרָה וְהַתִּפְאֶרֶת
ki l'kha hamamilakhah, hagivurah v'hatiferet
לְעוֹלְמֵי עוֹלָמִים.
l'olemei olamim

The Hail Mary
שָלוֹם לָךְ, מִרְיָם,
Shalom lakh Miriam
מְלֵאַת הַחֶסֶד,
meleat hakhesed
ה' עִמָּךְ,
Adonai imakh
בְּרוּכָה אַתְּ בַּנָשִׁים
b'rukha at banashim
וּבָרוּךְ פְּרִי בִּטְנֵךְ, יֵשׁוּעַ.
u-varukh peri bitnekh Yeshua
מִרְיָם הַקְּדוֹשָׁה,
Miriam hakedoshah
אֵם הָאֱלהִים,
em haelohim
הִתְפַּלְלִי בַּעֲדֵנוּ, הַחוֹטְאִים,
hitpaleli baadanu hakhotim
עַתָּה וּבִשְׁעַת מוֹתֵנוּ. אָמֵן.
atah u-visheat motenu Amen

Glory be:
כָּבוֹד לָאָב, וְלָבֵּן וּלְרוּחַ הַקּוֹדֶש,
kavod laAv u-laBen u-l'Ruach haKodesh
כְּפִי שֶׁהָיָה בְרֵאשִׁית וְעַתָּה וּלְעוֹלְמֵי עוֹלָמִים. אַמֵן
kifi bereshit v'atah u-l'ol'mei olamim Amen

Creation and the Well of Miriam

The source of all Marian teaching is found in the very first chapter of Genesis (bereshit)when read at the mystical level. This is the Well of Miriam. The 'Face over the waters (mayim)' is the Face of the Mother. Both mayim and Miriam reveal the mystery of the double mems which enclose the Rose Garden. The Jewish tradition speaks of the Well of Miriam being created on the twilight between the first and second days of creation. This is the created light (vayhi or 'and there was light')of the Mother that came forth from the uncreated Divine Light (Yehi Or 'Let there be Light' fiat lux). Hidden in the text is the name of Miriam when we count 26 letters [the number of the Divine Name Y-H-V-H] from the final mem of the first mention of mayim (waters)we come to the second letter of the name Miriam in Hebrew resh (R)and then we count 26 to the third letter yod (Y) and then a further 26 on to the final letter mem (M). This covers the whole mystery of the Dark Night and Dark waters of the Mother as discussed by the Rabbis and St John of the Cross. Here at the beginning of Genesis we also see the hidden 13 petalled Mystical Rose by the thirteen words between the first Elohim and the second. This Well or Vessel of Miriam is the Cup or vessel of Blessing (b'racha) that descends like mystical dew from the first bet of Bereshit as a blessing (b'racha). The vessel that contains the blessing (b'racha)is the blessed (baruch). "All genertions (L'dor v'dor) will call me 'Blessed'". Thus the first bet is the vessel 'baruch' that holds the Divine Blessing. And bet can be read as bat (daughter/lady). And this reveals Miriam ha Kedosha (Blessed Virgin Mary) as the daughter (bat) of Abraham who is called Bakol (with all).

The Exile of Adam and the Shekhinah

3 Enoch speaks of the Shekhinah being present in the Garden of Eden as a small burning flame. This represents (behinat)the Tree and door/gate of Life. This is the feminine created Shekhinah or Wisdom- Our Lady in Eternity manifesting in time. She is the Mother to Adam and Eve. She as the upper mother or the 'well of Miriam' is the created feminine voice(kol)of Adonai Elohim in Genesis 3:8. She as the Voice is associated and linked in Genesis 3:8 with the ruach hayom (the spirit/wind of the day) as the lower Mother associated with the term ruach and south wind- the 'mouth of Miriam's Well'. (This is a deep mystery about Our Lady and Luisa Piccarreta). The creative dark feminine waters (mayim) turn into the tears of sorrow and suffering of the Shekhinah with the fall of man-she is the suffering soul of the Universe and the suffering soul of Israel. She is the one that weeps bitter tears creating a sea of mercy for the fallen souls of man. She is the Bitter Sea called Miriam as explained by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov who named one of his daughters Miriam in her honour. This voice of the upper mother speaks the Word of God through the mouth of the lower mother (Nukvah/Luisa in Eternity). The Shekhinah follows Adam and Eve weeping into the Exile of the fallen world and remains with the people of God throughout their journey.

On Mondays we pray the Hebrew Mysteries (Ivri ha Sodot) with a special interior focus on God the Son (Elohim ha Ben) as the Word of God (Dabar). The five meditations are:
1. The Patriarchs and the Shekhinah (Avot v'ha Shekhinah)
2. Moses and the Well of Miriam (Moshe v'ha be'er Miriam)
3. Joshua and the Shekhinah (Yehoshua v'ha Shekhinah)
4. King David and the Kingdom of the Shekhinah (David ha Melekh v'ha Malkhut Shekhinah)
5. Ascension of Elijah the Prophet and the Chariot of the Lady of Carmel (Ilui Eliyahu ha Navi v'ha merkabah ha Geveret Carmel.)

On Tuesday we pray the Immaculate Mysteries (Tehorah ha Sodot) with a special focus on God the Holy Spirit (Ruach ha Kodesh). The five Meditations are:
1. The Immaculate Conception of the Sabbath Queen
2. The Birth of Miriam ha Kedosha on the 15th of Av
3. The Presentation of Miriam ha Kedosha in the Temple
4. The Virginal Consecration of Miriam ha Kedosha to the Thrice Holy God
5. The Epousal of Miriam ha Kedosha and Yosef ha Tzadik

On Wednesday we pray the Joyful Mysteries (Simcha Ha Sodot) with a special interior focus on St. Joseph (Yosef ha Tzadik), on Thursday we pray the Luminous Mysteries (Or ha Sodot) with a special interior focus on the Eucharistic Heart of Yeshua (Leb Yeshua) as the Son of Man (Bar Enash/ Ben Adam), on Friday we pray the Sorrowful Mysteries with a special interior focus on Luisa Piccarreta (Nukvah and Chaya Katanah Meod) and the Hours of the Passion (Sha'ot Sevel) and on Saturday we pray the Glorious Mysteries with a special focus on Our Lady (Miriam ha Kedosha) 'synergising' in Eternity with the Holy Spirit.

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Monday, November 09, 2009

In Defense of Archbishop Burke

It would seem from reading the recent "Time" article on Archbishop Burke of the Signatura and Cardinal O'Malley of Boston that it is not only the Hebrew Catholics who are suffering at the hands of certain other members of the Church. We read of opposition and eye rolling of Italian prelates towards Archbishop Burke. These same Italian prelates (and their cronies in America) almost destroyed the Church and they have compromised so much with the world that the Italians have almost all abandoned the Church over the last few decades.

The good Archbishop Burke is a hero to many Catholics and we have seen first hand the wonderful fruit of his time as Archbishop of St Louis. The seminary numbers doubled during his time so much so that there is now a campaign to expand the seminary in St Louis. He also welcomed the Association of Hebrew Catholics to St Louis and remains a good friend of the AHC until this day.

Archbishop Burke is admired by most'orthodox' Catholics and especially by the under 50's. In fact most of the younger practicing Catholics are tired of compromising baby boomer priests, nuns, religious and lay people. The sooner they die off or retire the better. We are very tired of these old compromisers. We are sick of arrogant religious and priests who consider those of us devoted to Eucharistic Adoration as mere bread watchers. Under the pretext of 'protecting Eucharist' these bishops and priests put forward rules and regulations that make Perpetual Adoration almost impossible and they gleefully close down chapels of Perpetual Adoration. As the Cardinal of Cebu once wrote- the only one who could be opposed to Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration would be the devil. Well we certainly have alot of clergy who are following the whispers of the Evil One rather than our Eucharistic Lord.
Archbishop Annibale Bugnini
Recently I read how Archbishop Bugnini was exposed as a freemason and how he deceived both Pope Paul VI and Father Louis Bouyer in his campaign to destroy the Catholic Mass by removing its sacrificial elements. Thank God he was thwarted and the New Mass retained these elements through the direct intervention of the Pope once he realised what was happening. It would seem we still have some of Bugnini's disciples in positions of influence in the Church today.

I for one want to say 'Bravo' to Archbishop Burke for his brave stand against those who are not building the Holy Kingdom of God but a gobal and heterodox Temple to the perversions of Man. We don't want any more hippy priests and nuns with their dull, boring and colourless hippy rituals. Let's have a little bit more of the colourful and gothic. Let's get back to gregorian- style chants preferably in the original Hebrew as they chanted the Psalms (Tehillim)in the Temple of Jerusalem and the Holy Family of Nazareth. I for one don't wish to go back to the past but I do want to take the best of the past into the future. This seems to also be what Archbishop Burke desires and is trying to achieve - a dynamic and innovative orthodoxy rooted in the 2000 year Tradition of the Church.
Cathedral Basilica of St Louis

The Time article on Archbishop Burke. Note that this article is distorted and does not give the true position of Archbishop Burke on funerals for pro-abortion politicians. It is my understanding that it was not a Catholic funeral that he objects to but one with pomp as if the person had been a good Catholic. The reality was that Kennedy never publicly repented of his views on abortion and thus should not be honoured publicly by the Church.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Persecution of Catholic Jews

Among the millions of Jews who were murdered in the Shoah were St Edith Stein and 1000 other Catholic Jews who were killed with her at the same time. Again today we see the rise of anti-semitism against the Jewish people including those within the Catholic Church. Recently a leader of a Hebrew Catholic Latin American group has received intense persecution led by a chancellor of his diocese in South America. This anti-semite has decided that the Hebrew Catholic leader has incurred an automatic excommunication based on the anti-Jewish canons of one of the early Councils of the Church. This anti-semite has then contacted the parishes and informed them that this Hebrew Catholic is excommunicated and thus sought to destroy the work of this group of Hebrew Catholics. Apparently he has even stopped the Hebrew Catholic from getting to the Bishop. It seems this is very irregular and one wonders why the Bishops and the Vatican haven't intervened. Are they unaware of what is happening or they just don't care or is a darker force at work? To state that the pastoral regulations given in a early Council is relevant today is ludicrous.

This persecution of Hebrew Catholics is occurring both from the left and right in the Church. The more liberal element find Hebrew Catholics extremely embarassing and annoying as it may interfer with their dialogue with the Jewish community. The traditionalists and others don't mind so much that a Jew becomes a Catholic as long as he or she shuts up and sits at the back of the bus. They will tolerate no continuing Jewish identity or practice- assimilation is the only way. Even some asimilationist Catholics of Jewish background attack those Hebrew Catholics who seek to be true to Jewish identity and Torah observance. Recently one Hebrew Catholic candidate for a religious community was expelled on the excuse that he couldn't make up his mind if he was Jewish or Catholic.

When even the most mild of Hebrew Catholics are attacked by fellow Catholics as part of an international Jewish conspiracy to Judaise the Church it is of great concern. Fortunately there are certain lay and clerical Catholics who are supporters and defenders of the Hebrew Catholics. However many Hebrew Catholics feel intimidated and there is a real fear of openly practicing any Jewish observances. It would seem that many Catholic Jews will return to quietly keeping their traditions within the privacy of their homes and families. Others will feel pressured to stop all Jewish practices and be as Gentile Catholics. Is this the new Inquisition? Will this just confirm to Jews that entering the Church is for the Jewish people a form of genocide by assimilation?

No doubt even some Jews will be pleased at this persecution of Catholics Jews just as some were when the Spanish Inquisition targeted the Marranos (conversos)of the 15th and 16th centuries. However this seems to be just part of a new wave of anti-semitism that is springing up and seeking to destroy the Jewish people once again. We have recently seen the Pope welcome Anglicans into the Church in a way in which they can preserve their Anglican traditions and structures in the form of ordinariates. Let us hope that the true Catholic way will triumph and that the Church will create some similiar structure for the Jews in the Church who believe that the collective vocation of the Jewish people is still valid and necessary in the Church.

We Hebrew Catholics can take hope in the words of St. Josemaria Escriva: "Do not deviate from the way, even though you have to live with people full of prejudices. Do not abandon the task as if you thought the basis of arguments or the meaning of words were fixed by their behaviour or by their assertions. Do try to get them to understand you, but if you don't manage it, carry on anyway."

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Zohar, Ephraim and the West

Irish prophecies of the Great Monarch describe him as Ruadh because of his red hair

In my previous blog I wrote on Rebbe Nachman's Likutey Moharan #67 in regards to the mystery of the eyes, the Shekhinah (Matronita) and the West. I also mentioned the role of Ephraim. Zohar Bemidbar reveals to us more of this mystery of Ephraim and the West connected with Our Lady Shekhinah (the Mystical Miriam). The Zohar speaks of the Matronita (the Virgin Mother) who is the Shekhinah in Eternity and Miriam as the Mystical Mother of Sorrows. Zohar Shemot states "...above them the Lord has appointed the Matronita to minister before Him in the Palace. She for her own bodyguard has armed angelic hosts of sixty different degrees. Holding their swords, they stand around Her. They come and go, entering and departing again on the errands of their Master. Each with his six wings outspread they circle the world in swift and silent flight. Before each of them coals of fire burn. Their garments are woven of flames from a bright and burning fire. A sharp flaming sword also is at the shoulder of each to guard Her. Concerning these swords it is written: "The flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life" (Genesis 3:23). Now, what is "the way of the Tree of Life"? This is the great Matronita who is the way to the great and mighty Tree of Life. Concerning this it is written: "Behold the bed which is Solomon's; the sixty valiant men are about it, of the valiant of Israel" (Song of Songs 3:7), namely, the Supernal Israel. "They all hold swords" (Song of Songs 3:8), and when the Matronita moves they all move with her, as it is written: "and the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them" (Ex. XIV, 19). Is, then, the Shekhinah called "the angel[messenger] of the Lord"? Assuredly!...". The Zohar thus proclaims the Matronita as the Mediatrix of all Graces and that She is one of the Cherubim in the Garden of Eden. These Cherubim are the four living creatures called Chayot mentioned in Ezekiel. These are the four Minds of the Temple.

Zohar Bemidbar states:"...After this, it is written, "On the west side shall be the standard of the camp of Ephraim by their hosts" (Exodus 2:18). That refers to the Shekhinah that rests on the west, as it was explained. It is written: "And he blessed them that day, saying, 'By you shall Israel bless, saying...' and he set Ephraim..." (Genesis 48:20). "By you shall Israel bless," referring to Israel-Saba. What does this teach us? 'By you shall Israel be blessed', is not what is actually written, nor is, 'By you will Israel be blessed'. What then is the meaning of, "By you shall Israel bless," It is that holy Israel,[meaning Zeir Anpin], will not bless the world, except through you [Ephraim]who resides in the west. And it is written: "I am El Shadai: be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 35:11). We learn that he [Jacob] saw the Shekhinah with him [Ephraim], and then he declared, "By you shall Israel bless, saying," by you [the Shekhinah] shall he bless the world." Here the Zohar reveals the connection of the Mashiach Ephraim who comes from the lands of Ephraim/Joseph in the West. The West is under the special protection of Our Lady (Shekhinah- the Female Presence)and the Messiah of Ephraim will be devoted to this Lady and through his spiritual union with her bless the world.

The Zohar contines:"How could he see, since it is also written: "Now the eyes of Israel were dim from old age..." (Genesis 48:10), However, it is written, "changing his hands" (Genesis 48: 14). Why the crossing? The right hand was raised, and the Shekhinah turned in the direction of Ephraim, and he [Jacob/Israel]had smelled the fragrance of the Shekhinah over his head. He then said, "By you shall Israel bless," and saw Her in the west. Certainly, the Shekhinah is in the west, and we explained that this is in order that she should be between the north and south. And so She will unite with the Body [of Zeir Anpin the Son]-and be in one union. And the north, receives Her under its head, and the south, embraces Her. That is what is written, "His left hand is under my head" (Song of Songs 2:6), "...and His right hand embraces me..." And we explained, certainly Solomon's bed, is situated between north and south, in order that it should adhere to the Body. Then they are one wholeness by which the universe is blessed..." Here we see that this mystery of Israel, Ephriam and the Shekhinah is connected with the mystical union of Shekhinah [Our Lady] with the Mystical Body of her Son (Ben) who is the Blessed Holy One of Israel. Here we see an allusion to the mystery of 'the theology of the Body' as taught by Pope John Paul II, Rebbe Nachman and Jacob Frank.

"Consequently, the standard of Ephraim is to the west, which is between north and south. South is Reuben [France]. He is from one side, as it is written: "On the south side shall be the standard of the camp of Reuben" (Exodus 2:10). Dan was from the opposite side to the north, as is written: "The standard of the camp of Dan shall be on the north side" (Exodus 2:25). Ephraim was situated between this one and that one. Therefore, the west, which is Ephraim, is situated between north and south, all reflecting above. This secret is of our brothers, the southern inhabitants. And so our brothers' message was to us, those who put the lights in order, in the mystical connections. You who wish to create a unification in the sequence of the supreme connection. Firstly, undertake upon yourselves daily the yoke of the holy Kingdom, and by doing so, you will elevate yourselves through the hallowed connection of the south. And encircle the directions of the world, until you join them together into one knot. And in the south you should arrange a place and dwell there." This passage of Zohar Bemidbar can be read at different mystical levels. One level it reveals the French (Reuben)connection of the Mashiach Ephraim. Then it seems God gives advice to Ephraim that he is to dwell in France (Reuben) as the place of his Kingdom to which God will show chesed (loving kindness)through Ephraim and the Shekhinah. However to Dan will be shown judgment- to Dan the Antichrist figure of that day who is also called Armillus (the deceiving light) and Serayah. Zohar Balak also speaks of the Messiah of Ephraim and the rise of Serayah a descendant of Dan. "..."So that his rider shall fall backwards" (Genesis 49:17) refers to Serayah, who is destined to come with [meaning at the time of] Messiah, son of Ephraim. He will be a descendant of Dan's tribe and he is destined to take revenge and do wars with the rest of the nations. When this one rises, you will wait for the redemption of Yisrael, as is written: "I wait for Your salvation [yeshua]Hashem [Y-H-V-H] "..."[Zohar Balak].

Zohar Bemidbar also speaks of the mystical rounds in the divine Will and its unifications and goes on later to describe deep mystical insights about the Four Minds who are also represented by North (Yeshua /Wisdom/ Gold), East(Miriam /Understanding /Silver), South (Luisa/Knowledge/ Bronze)and West (Joseph/Craftsmanship/Iron) and the mystery of the virginal nuptial unions or unifications. The Zohar and the Bahir speak of the Shekhakim (Presences). The Zohar also refers to two Shekhinahs [female presences]- one the Shekhinah of the Tree of Knowledge and the other the Shekhinah of the Tree of Life. The Shekhinah of the Tree of Knowledge is Luisa the very little Chayot. She is associated with the Tree of Knowledge as she comes from among the fallen who tasted of the Tree of Knowledge. The Shekhinah of the Tree of life is the little Chayot who is the Matronita (Virgin Mother). There are also two Shekhens [male presences]. One is the uncreated Divine Presence who is the Divine Son or Word and the Supreme Chayot. The other shekhen is the protecting cloud who is Joseph the hidden Chayot and Tzaddik. Traditional Catholic commentaries on the Book of Revelation interpret the mighty messenger or angel of Revelation 10:1 as the Great Monarch. "And I saw another mighty angel[messenger of God] come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire..." [Rev.10:1] Here we see this Great monarch who is the Mashiach Ephraim under the special patronage of the four Chayot or Minds. The clothed/Cloud alludes to St Joseph and his Coat/cloak/tallis, the rainbow Our Lady, theface/sun alludes to Luisa Piccaretta and the feet/pillars of fire to the Divine Word Yeshuah HaMashiach. The pillars of fire also allude to the Eucharistic Adoration of the Sacred Heart and devotion to the Immaculate Heart as seen in the vision of the two pillars by St John Bosco.

Zohar Mishpatim also speaks of the Messiah of Ephraim: " And later, all are taking from Gvurah, whence comes Messiah, the son of Ephraim, to avenge his enemies. So it is necessary first to cleanse the grain, namely Israel, with the right (mercy). Later, it is necessary to burn the stubble which is with the left (judgment). As it is written: "The House of Jacob shall be fire, and the House of Joseph flame, and the House of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them" (Ovadyah 1:18). The gathering of the grain will be with the Middle Pillar, where "and was gathered" (Genesis 25:8). Where to? To the House, which is the Shekhinah." This son of the British Isles or Europe [Ephraim]is connnected with the ingathering and ingrafting of the Jewish people to the House of the Shekhinah- our Holy Mother the Church.
Irish prophecies refer to the Great Monarch as the Son of the King of Saxon

Many Catholic prophecies speak of this Great Monarch. Irish prophecies call the Great Monarch who will at last bring peace to Ireland Ruadh [because of his red hair] and the son of the King of Saxon (Anglo-Saxon/English King). St Ultan prophesies: "Then the Ruadh will proceed to the south, he will offer much opposition to the English, my confidence is in the Redhead for valor - he will free Eire (Ireland) from her difficulties." St Senanus: "The son of the King of Saxon will come to join them across the sea...The English and the Irish of Ireland will unite in one confederation against the forces of the Saxons, their confederacy cannot be dissolved. The king of the Saxon's son will come at the head of his forces; in consequence of the protection he will extend to them, Ireland shall be freed from her fears. One monarch will rule in Ireland, over the English and the pure Irish; from the reign of that man, the people shall suffer no destitution." St Brogan (Bearcan)states: "After the man whose cognomen will be Ruadh, a spirit of fire will come from the north; there will be but one Lord over Ireland. It is he who will bring affliction to the Gauls, by which their savage hordes shall suffer; until he will sail across the azure sea to Rome he will be a great king renowned for feats of arms." This Great Monarch will war against the ungodly republican English forces who seized power in England after the assassination of the King who is the father of the Great Monarch. He will restore both France and England to Catholic and monarchical rule.

Blessed Anne Emmerich describes the Great Monarch Henry: "I had a vision of the holy Emperor Henry. I saw him at night kneeling alone at the foot of the main altar in a great and beautiful church . . . and I saw the Blessed Virgin coming down all alone. She laid on the altar a red cloth covered with white linen. She placed a book inlaid with precious stones. She lit the candles and the perpetual lamp . . . Then came down the Saviour Himself clad in priestly vestiments. He was carrying the chalice and the veil. Two Angels were serving Him and two more were following . . . His chasuble was a full and heavy mantle in which red and white could be seen in transparency, and gleaming with jewels . . . Although there was no altar bell, the cruets were there. The wine was red as blood, and thgere was also some water. The Mass was short. The Gospel of St. John was not read at the end. When the Mass has ended, Mary came up to Henry (the Emperor), and she extended her right hand towards him, saying that it was in recognition of his purity. Then, she urged him not to falter. Thereupon I saw an angel, and he touched the sinew of his hip, like Jacob. He (Henry) was in great pain, and from that day on, he walked with a limp . . . ". Many prophecies mention that the Great Monarch walks with a limp like the Patriarch Jacob and like the FisherKing descendants of St Joseph of Arimathea. He will be a wounded Healer.

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Rebbe Nachman, Joseph and the Four Tzadikkim

In other articles I have written about the Four Minds in the Temple who are represented by the four Cherubim in the Temple. Two of the Cherubim being the golden male and female children on the Ark of the Covenant; and the other two Cherubim being of olive wood overlaid with gold. Rebbe Nachamn of Breslov discusses the mystery of these Four Minds in Likutey Moharan 67 which he begins by alluding prophetically to the fate of Westen Europe and to the fate of the Jews in the West and the weeping of the Shekhinah (Our Lady)under the image of Rachel weeping. Rebbe Nachman foresees the terrible Shoah of the Jewish people by the antichrist Hitler and then a second time of darkness for the Jews and the West as the Divine Light of God goes down in the West. However concealed beyond this time of weeping and clouds is the mystery of the four Minds who are the four Tzadikkim- two male and two female- and a time or era when their hidden mystery will be revealed in the beauty of all Creation.

Rebbe Nachman states: "...The darkening caused by these clouds, the fading of eyesight due to weeping, is symbolised by the light setting in the west. Since the sun rises in the East and sets in the west, the west represents the setting of light. Thus weeping, the fading of eyesight, which is symbolised by the sun setting, is alluded to by the acrostic of the verse, "Rachel Mevakah Al Vaneha"(Rachel weeps for her children;Jeremiah 31:14), for MAaRaV means "west". Why does the sun set in the West? Because there, in the West, is where the Shekhinah can be found (Bava Batra 25a). It is there that She weeps and wails for the Jewish people. This is alluded to in the above quoted verse, "Rachel weeps for her children- she refuses to be comfoted for her children, for they are gone". She weeps over the Jewish people who are shattered among the nations and not in their proper place. Due to the Shekhinah's weeping eyesight disappears. This is symbolised by the sun setting. This why the sun sets in the West, because that is where the Shekhinah weeps. This is symbolised by the Western Wall, the site where the Shekhinah weeps and wails over the destruction of the Holy Temple. For there , in the West,Rachel Mevakah Al Vaneha." In the West seeing with the eyes of God will decline and the Divine Will will be rejected leading to a time of clouds when morality will be perverted and then with the decline of the Divine Light in society and hearts a time of fire will come as proclaimed by the weeping Lady of Akita and Rebbe Nachman.

The cause of this dimming of the Divine Light Rebbe Nachman links to Major Rome who is Edom and represents the Godless secular Roman Imperial spirit as seen in Napoleon and his successors Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin and the modern secular European Union. Minor Rome he associates with Ishmael who represents a false and fanatical religious extremism as is found among the Islamists [who claim descent from Ishamael]. Rebbe Nachman opens with: "There are clouds which cover the eyes. These clouds are Rome Major and Rome Minor (Zohar 3:252a)...." Breslov Rabbi Yeshoshua Starrett commenting on this states: "In Likutey Moharan I.16 Rebbe Nachman refers to the two clouds as Edom and Ishmael, because they represent the archetypal adversaries of the Jewish people, of genuine holiness in general, and are symbolic of cultures which undermine-obscure- God's true revealed Will at Sinai."

The passage of the Zohar that Rebbe Nachman refers to speaks of the 'reed of chametz' which is the foundation of the pagan Roman spirit and it states that the Messiah son of Joseph will defeat Rome major and replace the chametz with the matzah (the mystery of Eucharistic Adoration). This he will do through his earthly representative the Annointed One for War called Mashiach Ephraim [in Catholic prophecy the Great Monarch Henry Charles and called Prince David in Ezekiel). This earthly annointed one will come from the lands of Joseph (British Isles)and be a descendant of the House of David and of King St Louis of France and also from an ancient German Royal House(House of Oldenburgh). He will in a powerful way embody the spirit of the Mashiach ben Joseph and the hidden Tzaddik Joseph. Rebbe Nachman states that this Messiah will be one of his descendants. Rabbi Cordevero states that he will be a Catholic of Jewish ancestry. He will be a convert to the Catholic faith through Our Lady's intercession. Like the sons of the Patriarch Joseph- Manesseh and Ephraim- Mashiach Ephraim will be the younger brother of the Mashiach Manesseh spoken about in Jewish tradition.

Likutey Moharan 67 is entitled "bereshit...l'einei kol Yisrael"- In the beginning... before all the eyes of Israel- thus joining the Torah's beginning with its end. Thereby also proclaiming this as a mystery of the Divine Heart (Leb). The final lamed and the beginning bet making the hebrew word for "Heart" Leb. Rabbi Yehoshua Starrett in "The Inner Temple" comments on this title: "The very title of the lesson encapsulates the underlying theme of the lesson: the puropose of "bereshyt", Creation, is "l'einei kol Yisrael"- that the eyes of all Israel be opened to see in the world the beauty that is God's". Rebbe Nachman links the tears of the Lady with the coming of the fire and the destruction of the Temple. In the Catholic and Marian prophecies we read of the fire from heaven and the destruction of the Church down to its foundations.

Rebbe Nachman links the mystery of the four minds with the concept of the eyes which are a theme throughout this lesson.The four Minds are represented by the three colours of the eye and the pupil of the eye. This mystery is alluded to in the word Shabbat. He states: "..And this is all symbolised in the ShaBbaT- Shin BaT: the three stems of the shin represent the three colours of the eye, and bat is bat ayin, the pupil...So this is the allusion of the verse "See! For God has given you the Shabbat" (Exodus 16:29). "See", for Shabbat, which is the Holy One's Name, is represented by the power of sight, symbolic of the three colours of the eye and the pupil." This linking of the eyes and the heart refer us to 1 Kings 9:3: "And the LORD said unto him, I have heard thy prayer and thy supplication, that thou hast made before me: I have hallowed this house, which thou hast built, to put my name there for ever; and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually."
Joseph Shadow of the Father

Rebbe Nachman also speaks of the mystery of Joseph as the Shadow of the Father connecting his mystery with the name Betzalel (meaning Shadow of God)who designed the tabernacle and its furnishings. He states In Likutey Moharan 67; "...And all the above is alluded to in the verse "See! God has called upon Betzalel, by name"(Exodus 35:30). 'See' because by Betzalel's- the Tzaddik's - 'name' becoming revealed and esteemed, you will be able to see, because the Tzaddik's fame opens the`eyes to see, since the esteem of the Tzaddik's name reveals God's name...Indeed, since God's name is intimately bound to ours, as alluded to in BeTzaLEL's very name (B'TzeiL El, in the shadow of God), therefore "God has called upon Betzalel by His name," and we can "see"...".

Earlier in Likutey Moharan 67 Rebbe Nachman wrote: "...since this Tzaddik represents the source of the four basic character straits, and as such stands above them, the eyes of whoever becomes close to him and becomes part of his genuine grace will become opened, to be able objectively look into himself and to see how he is faring in each of them. That person becomes part of the beauty of God's world, by virtue of the splendour of the hidden Tzaddik having been revealed to him. Further more, as a result of one's eyes having been opened by the splendour of the genuine Tzaddik being revealed, one will also be able to see and behold the greatness of God and the Awesomeness of His world. The reason for this is that when this Tzaddik becomes revealed and renowned, he "gets a name" - becomes famous- in the world. Hidden within this name of the Tzaddik is the name of the Holy One, blessed be He, for His Name is intimately bound with ours (Yerushalmi, Taanit 2). Thus, when and to the extent that the "name" of that Tzaddik becomes esteemed, so does God's Name become all the more esteemed."

Jospeh is the Hidden Tzaddik that Rebbe Nachman often refers to in his writings. "And all this is an aspect of "The Concealment", when the beauty and splendour of the whole world becomes concealed. However there is a Tzaddik who is beauty, splendour and grace of the entire world, and who is symbolised by Joseph, who was "beautiful in form and handsome" (Genesis 39:6), "a beautiful sight, the joy of the entire land" (Psalm 48:3). When the beauty and splendour of this genuine Tzaddik, who is symbolised by Joseph, is revealed in the world by becoming renowned and esteemed, then the eyes of mankind will be opened. And whoever is included in the genuine grace of this Tzaddik, the world's grace and beauty, by following him and surrending his self to become part of this Tzaddik's soul, will have his eyes opened, and he will be able to see."

Rebbe Nachman concludes: "And with this we return to BeREShYT, the beginning, the RoeSh BaYiT, the head and master of the house of the world, namely, the genuine Tzaddik, who is beauty and glory of the world, represented by Joseph, alluded to in the verse, "Joseph is the ruler...he supplies food..." (Genesis 42:6), because he is the RoeSh BaYiT, the master of the house of the world. For he is the one who maintains the Temple and every Jewish house and home...And when the name of this Tzadik, who represents the head of the house, becomes esteemed, the eyes of the Jewish people are opened, as above. So this is the connection of "bereshit' to "l'einei kol Yisrael". Bereshit- this is the master of the house, the Tzaddik, who is the glory of the world, through whom are opened "einei kol Yisael", the eyes of all the Jewish people." This seems to say that when Joseph is revealed in all his glories then the time of the veil being removed from the eyes of the Jews will occur.

This mystery of Joseph is connected to the Four Minds in the Temple which are also represented by the four chambers of the Head tefillin according to Rebbe Nachman. "And all this is a manifestation of Mind, because the very first thing to arise from the four letters of God's Name are the Four Minds, alluded to in the verse " I have filled [Betzalel]with a Divine spirit- with Wisdom, Understanding, knowledge and with all craftsmanship" (Exodus 31:2). Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge and Craftsmanship are symbolic of the four Minds (Tikuney Zohar introduction)..." Wisdom represents the Mashiach ben Joseph and his mission, then in salvation history comes the mission of the Mother of the Mashiach who is the Sabbath Queen, then comes the mission of the Tzadikess who is to reveal the Knowledge of Living in the Divine Will and finally to complete the mission comes the Hidden Tzaddik Joseph as the craftsman of God. Joseph's mission is still partially hidden until the time of the full revelation of the glories of Joseph. Then will the Jews embrace in fullness the Kingdom of the Divine Will under the patronage of St.Joseph.