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Monday, November 09, 2009

In Defense of Archbishop Burke

It would seem from reading the recent "Time" article on Archbishop Burke of the Signatura and Cardinal O'Malley of Boston that it is not only the Hebrew Catholics who are suffering at the hands of certain other members of the Church. We read of opposition and eye rolling of Italian prelates towards Archbishop Burke. These same Italian prelates (and their cronies in America) almost destroyed the Church and they have compromised so much with the world that the Italians have almost all abandoned the Church over the last few decades.

The good Archbishop Burke is a hero to many Catholics and we have seen first hand the wonderful fruit of his time as Archbishop of St Louis. The seminary numbers doubled during his time so much so that there is now a campaign to expand the seminary in St Louis. He also welcomed the Association of Hebrew Catholics to St Louis and remains a good friend of the AHC until this day.

Archbishop Burke is admired by most'orthodox' Catholics and especially by the under 50's. In fact most of the younger practicing Catholics are tired of compromising baby boomer priests, nuns, religious and lay people. The sooner they die off or retire the better. We are very tired of these old compromisers. We are sick of arrogant religious and priests who consider those of us devoted to Eucharistic Adoration as mere bread watchers. Under the pretext of 'protecting Eucharist' these bishops and priests put forward rules and regulations that make Perpetual Adoration almost impossible and they gleefully close down chapels of Perpetual Adoration. As the Cardinal of Cebu once wrote- the only one who could be opposed to Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration would be the devil. Well we certainly have alot of clergy who are following the whispers of the Evil One rather than our Eucharistic Lord.
Archbishop Annibale Bugnini
Recently I read how Archbishop Bugnini was exposed as a freemason and how he deceived both Pope Paul VI and Father Louis Bouyer in his campaign to destroy the Catholic Mass by removing its sacrificial elements. Thank God he was thwarted and the New Mass retained these elements through the direct intervention of the Pope once he realised what was happening. It would seem we still have some of Bugnini's disciples in positions of influence in the Church today.

I for one want to say 'Bravo' to Archbishop Burke for his brave stand against those who are not building the Holy Kingdom of God but a gobal and heterodox Temple to the perversions of Man. We don't want any more hippy priests and nuns with their dull, boring and colourless hippy rituals. Let's have a little bit more of the colourful and gothic. Let's get back to gregorian- style chants preferably in the original Hebrew as they chanted the Psalms (Tehillim)in the Temple of Jerusalem and the Holy Family of Nazareth. I for one don't wish to go back to the past but I do want to take the best of the past into the future. This seems to also be what Archbishop Burke desires and is trying to achieve - a dynamic and innovative orthodoxy rooted in the 2000 year Tradition of the Church.
Cathedral Basilica of St Louis

The Time article on Archbishop Burke. Note that this article is distorted and does not give the true position of Archbishop Burke on funerals for pro-abortion politicians. It is my understanding that it was not a Catholic funeral that he objects to but one with pomp as if the person had been a good Catholic. The reality was that Kennedy never publicly repented of his views on abortion and thus should not be honoured publicly by the Church.

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