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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jacob Frank and the Dark Night

Jacob Frank's teachings have come down to us mixed with the teachings of the false Frank of the Sabbatean Frankists of Prague. It is only those who share his vision and devotion to Our Lady that truly can discern what is truly of his spirit. I now wish to discuss some of the authentic writings of Jacob Frank. His is a Marian spiritual way as her purity is the only possible means of reparation (tikun)for the sexual perversions of those who formerly followed the impure ways of the Sabbateans. The collection (yalkhut)of Frank opens with a mystical vision into the chambers of the Divine Heart which are the 32 paths of Wisdom.

"I had a vision in Salonika, as though the following words were said to somebody, Go lead Jacob the wise into the chambers and when you and he come to the first chamber, I admonish you that all the doors and gates be opened to him." Jacob Frank is led by a Divine Being into the Chambers of the Divine King and all the mystical doors and gates are opened before him. Jewish tradition speaks of the 50 gates of Hokhmah (wisdom). This reminds us of the Mystical Diamond and Interior Castle of St Teresa of Avila.

"When I entered the first chamber, a rose was given to me as a sign by which I could go on to the next and so on in sequence from one room to the next."
Jacob is now given a rose (shoshanah) to symbolise that this is the opening of the Mystical Rose (Rosa Mystica)which is the Immmaculate Heart through which one must enter in order to explore the chambers of the Divine King.

"And so I flew in the air accompanied by two maidens whose beauty the world has never seen. In these rooms I saw for the most part women and young ladies." Jacob now perceives in mystical flight the two Maidens or Virgins who are the two female chayot of the holy of Holies. One is the 'Well of Miriam' and the other the 'Mouth of the Well of Miriam'- Our Lady and Luisa Piccarreta. He beholds the heavenly dwellings of the female virgins and saints that accompany the two Maidens. They are also known in the Zohar as Matronita the small chayot and Nukvah the very little one.

"In some, however, there were assembled only groups of students and teachers, and wherever just the first word was spoken to me, I immediately grasped the whole matter from it and the full meaning." Jacob now beholds the realms mentioned in the Zohar as part of the Garden of Eden before the gates of heaven where one studies the Torah and teachings of the Messiah. This is the highest level of purgatory.

"There was an innumerable number of these rooms and in the last one of them I saw the First who also sat as a teacher with his students, dressed in frenk clothing. This one immediately asked me, Are you Jacob the wise? I have heard that you are strong and brave-hearted. To this point have I come, but I have not the strength of proceeding from here further; if you want, strengthen yourself and may God help you, for very many ancestors took that burden upon themselves, went on this road, but fell." Jacob Frank beholds Nathan of Gaza in Ottoman clothing (frenk) who repented of his Sabbateanism and embraced the Catholic Faith with many of his followers after their disillusionment with Shabtai Zevi.

"With that, he showed me through the window of this chamber an abyss which was like a black sea, hidden in extraordinary darkness, and on the other side of this abyss I saw a mountain whose height seemed to touch the clouds." Now Nathan reveals to him the way of spiritual darkness, the dark night and the ascent of Mount Carmel or Zion. This is the way of the dark Lady of the mountain of Yasna Gora- Our Lady of Czestochowa. This is the mystical journey in the dark waters of her womb.

"At that I shouted, Be what may, I will go with God's help, and so I began to fly on a slant through the air into the depth until I reached its very bottom, where, having felt the ground, I stopped. Walking in the dark, I came upon the edge of the mountain and seeing that because of the steep smoothness of the mountain I had difficulty getting up on it, I was forced to clamber up with my hands and nails and using all my strength until I reached the top." Only a great Tzadik can fly to the very bottom of the abyss and ascend the mountain in the midst of darkness. However Jacob with God's help succeeds in his spiritual ascent to the top of the mystical Mountain.

"As soon as I stopped there, an extraordinary scent reached me; and there were many True-Believers there. Seized by great joy, I did not want to go up onto the mountain with my whole body, saying to myself, I will rest awhile here, for sweat poured from my head like a river in flood on account of the tortures which I had borne to climb this mountain; but when I am well rested then I will come up on the mountain towards all the good which is found there. And that is what I did, I let my feet hang and sat with my body and hands at rest on the mountain. Then I went up on the mountain." Once again the Rosa Mystica embraced him with her scent and he beheld the great cloud of witnesses who are the true believers in the suffering Messiah. This journey is one of great suffering and the making of reparations (tikkunim). Jacob remained for a time transfixed between this world and the next as a witness in a kind of temporary Sabbath rest before entering the ultimate Sabbath which is the Mountain Top. Jacob as the son of Judah represents the spiritual exile and journey of the Jewish people who will one day find great joy when they behold and believe in the True Suffering Messiah; and in history they will enter a time of Sabbath rest in which they will witness to the fulfilment of God's Promise. This will be the time when God's Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven. After this will come the Eternal Sabbath Rest beyond time and history.

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