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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jacob Frank and the Well of Miriam

Jacob Frank also reveals the mystery of 'Miriam's Well' and the "Mouth of Miriam's Well'. This passage drips with Shekhinah and Marian imagery.

"Being sick once in DziurdziĆ³w. I had a dream like this, I saw an extraordinarily beautiful woman, who had a well of the water of life and another well of clear water and this woman said to me, Put your legs in the water and you will become healthy right away. I did so and became well."(Yalkut 2) The mention of being sick alludes immmediately to the Song of Songs where the soul is sick for love of the beloved. The first woman is Our Lady Miriam haKedosha and the Well of the Water of Life alludes to the story of the woman of the Well and the Miracle of Cana- this is Miriam's Well. The second well of clear water represents the Mouth of Miriam's Well who is Luisa in eternity. It is through the missions of these two wells that one enters into the true healing of the soul from all impurity.

"At the place where this woman was found, there was a broad beautiful field, in which she, taking me by the hand, said, Come, I will show you my daughter who is still a maiden, and I went with her into the depth of that field which gave off an extraordinary scent, from different flowers." Then Our Lady takes Jacob to meet the second beautiful lady. In Kabbalah, the Zohar and Rebbe Nachman the field alludes to the Lady Shekhinah. This field is revealed as the abode of the Virgin Mother where her daughter (Luisa)dwells. The wonderful fragances of the mystical roses represent the sanctities of the state of living in the Divine Will.

"The Maiden, whose beauty nothing in this world could describe, came to meet us there, and she was dressed in a Polish rubran and her uncovered breasts were visible. Having noticed this I suddenly saw from one end of the world to the other. Her mother informed me that if I was desirous to take her for a wife, she would permit it, but I answered that I had a wife and children." The Madonna with nursing breasts is familiar to Christian art. Here we see Luisa revealed as the one who despenses the Mother's milk of the Torah's teaching on purity. This is a Frankist theology of the Body. Jacob is given a glimpse of what it means to Live in the Divine Will. Like Adam before the fall, Jacob is able to see from one end of the world to the other. Our Lady offers him this gift but he is not ready to enter into the virginal spousal union of the mystical marriage that leads to Dwelling in the Divine Will. He wishes to remain at his present stage.

The Bereshit Rabbah and the Zohar speak of Adam (through the primordial light of the first day of Creation) being able to see from one end of the world to the other and also of Moses being given through the power of this light the same ability at the time of his death. This light is the light hidden in Miriam's Well on the twilight between the first and second day of creation. This light then blazes forth on the twilight between the sixth day and the Sabbath via the "Mouth of Miriam's Well" (Luisa Piccarreta in Eternity)and manifests as the light of the Sabbath Queen and Presence- the Shekhinah. Through the 'Mouth' the light becomes the 36 lights associated with the 36 hours in which Jewish tradition states Adam lived in Divine Will. The 36 candles of Hannukah recall this mystery. This is the source of the light of the knowledge of Living in the Divine Will in the 36 volumes of the "Book of Heaven" of Luisa.

Rabbi Dovber Pinson writes: "...Chanukah is a cumulative spiritual process through which the total of thirty-six lights that are kindled grow to reveal the light of creation...What is light? Light is commonly viewed as a metaphor for wisdom...Maimonides writes that a prophet can experience a flash of light, of radiance, which illuminates his direction. "Light" is often used in the Torah to mean knowledge and wisdom. With the words "Let there be light," the creation of the world emerged. The Talmud explains that this light illuminated Adam and Eve for thirty-six hours, Friday noon through Shabbat day, when "Adam could see from the end of the world until its [other] end." During this time, the Primordial Light, the inner wisdom of purpose and truth, was displayed to mankind. But for the purpose of creation to be actualized and the mandate of overcoming darkness to be manifested, this intense light was hidden from the universe, stored for a time yet to come. Ever since, we yearn for that light, search for it and pursue it in prayer, study and meditation. Yet, even in our darkest hours we can access this memory born of the 36 hours when we, humanity as a whole, lived in this light. "Where was this light to be hidden?" asks the Midrash, "in the Torah." In its radiance we experience the wisdom, purpose, and intent of creation...As much as Chanukah commemorates the past, it celebrates the present and the future. For while Chanukah celebrates the miracle of a single jug of oil burning for eight days, it also imbues the world with the hope of redemption, when light will triumph over negativity. This is both a past and future time, when like during the 36 hours of the inception of humanity, "there will be no hunger or war, no jealousy or rivalry. For good will be plentiful, and all delicacies as common as dust. The entire occupation of the world will be only to know God. ‘For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of G-d, as the waters cover the sea.’" (Maimonides)."

Jacob Frank said in Yalkut 66: "Whoever wants to be attached to the living God must possess purity together with all good attributes before God and man and must, as much as he can, do good towards everyone, and likewise he must possess steadfastness, so that when any difficulty or a test should come upon him he must be stable of spirit and turn neither to the right nor the left.If he does that, the good God will strengthen him and will enlighten his heart and he will reach the level of a true man, either in foresight or in knowledge, and he will come forth from the darkness in which the children of Adam lie, being worthy to attain the Life of all lives."

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