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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Zohar, Ephraim and the West

Irish prophecies of the Great Monarch describe him as Ruadh because of his red hair

In my previous blog I wrote on Rebbe Nachman's Likutey Moharan #67 in regards to the mystery of the eyes, the Shekhinah (Matronita) and the West. I also mentioned the role of Ephraim. Zohar Bemidbar reveals to us more of this mystery of Ephraim and the West connected with Our Lady Shekhinah (the Mystical Miriam). The Zohar speaks of the Matronita (the Virgin Mother) who is the Shekhinah in Eternity and Miriam as the Mystical Mother of Sorrows. Zohar Shemot states "...above them the Lord has appointed the Matronita to minister before Him in the Palace. She for her own bodyguard has armed angelic hosts of sixty different degrees. Holding their swords, they stand around Her. They come and go, entering and departing again on the errands of their Master. Each with his six wings outspread they circle the world in swift and silent flight. Before each of them coals of fire burn. Their garments are woven of flames from a bright and burning fire. A sharp flaming sword also is at the shoulder of each to guard Her. Concerning these swords it is written: "The flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life" (Genesis 3:23). Now, what is "the way of the Tree of Life"? This is the great Matronita who is the way to the great and mighty Tree of Life. Concerning this it is written: "Behold the bed which is Solomon's; the sixty valiant men are about it, of the valiant of Israel" (Song of Songs 3:7), namely, the Supernal Israel. "They all hold swords" (Song of Songs 3:8), and when the Matronita moves they all move with her, as it is written: "and the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them" (Ex. XIV, 19). Is, then, the Shekhinah called "the angel[messenger] of the Lord"? Assuredly!...". The Zohar thus proclaims the Matronita as the Mediatrix of all Graces and that She is one of the Cherubim in the Garden of Eden. These Cherubim are the four living creatures called Chayot mentioned in Ezekiel. These are the four Minds of the Temple.

Zohar Bemidbar states:"...After this, it is written, "On the west side shall be the standard of the camp of Ephraim by their hosts" (Exodus 2:18). That refers to the Shekhinah that rests on the west, as it was explained. It is written: "And he blessed them that day, saying, 'By you shall Israel bless, saying...' and he set Ephraim..." (Genesis 48:20). "By you shall Israel bless," referring to Israel-Saba. What does this teach us? 'By you shall Israel be blessed', is not what is actually written, nor is, 'By you will Israel be blessed'. What then is the meaning of, "By you shall Israel bless," It is that holy Israel,[meaning Zeir Anpin], will not bless the world, except through you [Ephraim]who resides in the west. And it is written: "I am El Shadai: be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 35:11). We learn that he [Jacob] saw the Shekhinah with him [Ephraim], and then he declared, "By you shall Israel bless, saying," by you [the Shekhinah] shall he bless the world." Here the Zohar reveals the connection of the Mashiach Ephraim who comes from the lands of Ephraim/Joseph in the West. The West is under the special protection of Our Lady (Shekhinah- the Female Presence)and the Messiah of Ephraim will be devoted to this Lady and through his spiritual union with her bless the world.

The Zohar contines:"How could he see, since it is also written: "Now the eyes of Israel were dim from old age..." (Genesis 48:10), However, it is written, "changing his hands" (Genesis 48: 14). Why the crossing? The right hand was raised, and the Shekhinah turned in the direction of Ephraim, and he [Jacob/Israel]had smelled the fragrance of the Shekhinah over his head. He then said, "By you shall Israel bless," and saw Her in the west. Certainly, the Shekhinah is in the west, and we explained that this is in order that she should be between the north and south. And so She will unite with the Body [of Zeir Anpin the Son]-and be in one union. And the north, receives Her under its head, and the south, embraces Her. That is what is written, "His left hand is under my head" (Song of Songs 2:6), "...and His right hand embraces me..." And we explained, certainly Solomon's bed, is situated between north and south, in order that it should adhere to the Body. Then they are one wholeness by which the universe is blessed..." Here we see that this mystery of Israel, Ephriam and the Shekhinah is connected with the mystical union of Shekhinah [Our Lady] with the Mystical Body of her Son (Ben) who is the Blessed Holy One of Israel. Here we see an allusion to the mystery of 'the theology of the Body' as taught by Pope John Paul II, Rebbe Nachman and Jacob Frank.

"Consequently, the standard of Ephraim is to the west, which is between north and south. South is Reuben [France]. He is from one side, as it is written: "On the south side shall be the standard of the camp of Reuben" (Exodus 2:10). Dan was from the opposite side to the north, as is written: "The standard of the camp of Dan shall be on the north side" (Exodus 2:25). Ephraim was situated between this one and that one. Therefore, the west, which is Ephraim, is situated between north and south, all reflecting above. This secret is of our brothers, the southern inhabitants. And so our brothers' message was to us, those who put the lights in order, in the mystical connections. You who wish to create a unification in the sequence of the supreme connection. Firstly, undertake upon yourselves daily the yoke of the holy Kingdom, and by doing so, you will elevate yourselves through the hallowed connection of the south. And encircle the directions of the world, until you join them together into one knot. And in the south you should arrange a place and dwell there." This passage of Zohar Bemidbar can be read at different mystical levels. One level it reveals the French (Reuben)connection of the Mashiach Ephraim. Then it seems God gives advice to Ephraim that he is to dwell in France (Reuben) as the place of his Kingdom to which God will show chesed (loving kindness)through Ephraim and the Shekhinah. However to Dan will be shown judgment- to Dan the Antichrist figure of that day who is also called Armillus (the deceiving light) and Serayah. Zohar Balak also speaks of the Messiah of Ephraim and the rise of Serayah a descendant of Dan. "..."So that his rider shall fall backwards" (Genesis 49:17) refers to Serayah, who is destined to come with [meaning at the time of] Messiah, son of Ephraim. He will be a descendant of Dan's tribe and he is destined to take revenge and do wars with the rest of the nations. When this one rises, you will wait for the redemption of Yisrael, as is written: "I wait for Your salvation [yeshua]Hashem [Y-H-V-H] "..."[Zohar Balak].

Zohar Bemidbar also speaks of the mystical rounds in the divine Will and its unifications and goes on later to describe deep mystical insights about the Four Minds who are also represented by North (Yeshua /Wisdom/ Gold), East(Miriam /Understanding /Silver), South (Luisa/Knowledge/ Bronze)and West (Joseph/Craftsmanship/Iron) and the mystery of the virginal nuptial unions or unifications. The Zohar and the Bahir speak of the Shekhakim (Presences). The Zohar also refers to two Shekhinahs [female presences]- one the Shekhinah of the Tree of Knowledge and the other the Shekhinah of the Tree of Life. The Shekhinah of the Tree of Knowledge is Luisa the very little Chayot. She is associated with the Tree of Knowledge as she comes from among the fallen who tasted of the Tree of Knowledge. The Shekhinah of the Tree of life is the little Chayot who is the Matronita (Virgin Mother). There are also two Shekhens [male presences]. One is the uncreated Divine Presence who is the Divine Son or Word and the Supreme Chayot. The other shekhen is the protecting cloud who is Joseph the hidden Chayot and Tzaddik. Traditional Catholic commentaries on the Book of Revelation interpret the mighty messenger or angel of Revelation 10:1 as the Great Monarch. "And I saw another mighty angel[messenger of God] come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire..." [Rev.10:1] Here we see this Great monarch who is the Mashiach Ephraim under the special patronage of the four Chayot or Minds. The clothed/Cloud alludes to St Joseph and his Coat/cloak/tallis, the rainbow Our Lady, theface/sun alludes to Luisa Piccaretta and the feet/pillars of fire to the Divine Word Yeshuah HaMashiach. The pillars of fire also allude to the Eucharistic Adoration of the Sacred Heart and devotion to the Immaculate Heart as seen in the vision of the two pillars by St John Bosco.

Zohar Mishpatim also speaks of the Messiah of Ephraim: " And later, all are taking from Gvurah, whence comes Messiah, the son of Ephraim, to avenge his enemies. So it is necessary first to cleanse the grain, namely Israel, with the right (mercy). Later, it is necessary to burn the stubble which is with the left (judgment). As it is written: "The House of Jacob shall be fire, and the House of Joseph flame, and the House of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them" (Ovadyah 1:18). The gathering of the grain will be with the Middle Pillar, where "and was gathered" (Genesis 25:8). Where to? To the House, which is the Shekhinah." This son of the British Isles or Europe [Ephraim]is connnected with the ingathering and ingrafting of the Jewish people to the House of the Shekhinah- our Holy Mother the Church.
Irish prophecies refer to the Great Monarch as the Son of the King of Saxon

Many Catholic prophecies speak of this Great Monarch. Irish prophecies call the Great Monarch who will at last bring peace to Ireland Ruadh [because of his red hair] and the son of the King of Saxon (Anglo-Saxon/English King). St Ultan prophesies: "Then the Ruadh will proceed to the south, he will offer much opposition to the English, my confidence is in the Redhead for valor - he will free Eire (Ireland) from her difficulties." St Senanus: "The son of the King of Saxon will come to join them across the sea...The English and the Irish of Ireland will unite in one confederation against the forces of the Saxons, their confederacy cannot be dissolved. The king of the Saxon's son will come at the head of his forces; in consequence of the protection he will extend to them, Ireland shall be freed from her fears. One monarch will rule in Ireland, over the English and the pure Irish; from the reign of that man, the people shall suffer no destitution." St Brogan (Bearcan)states: "After the man whose cognomen will be Ruadh, a spirit of fire will come from the north; there will be but one Lord over Ireland. It is he who will bring affliction to the Gauls, by which their savage hordes shall suffer; until he will sail across the azure sea to Rome he will be a great king renowned for feats of arms." This Great Monarch will war against the ungodly republican English forces who seized power in England after the assassination of the King who is the father of the Great Monarch. He will restore both France and England to Catholic and monarchical rule.

Blessed Anne Emmerich describes the Great Monarch Henry: "I had a vision of the holy Emperor Henry. I saw him at night kneeling alone at the foot of the main altar in a great and beautiful church . . . and I saw the Blessed Virgin coming down all alone. She laid on the altar a red cloth covered with white linen. She placed a book inlaid with precious stones. She lit the candles and the perpetual lamp . . . Then came down the Saviour Himself clad in priestly vestiments. He was carrying the chalice and the veil. Two Angels were serving Him and two more were following . . . His chasuble was a full and heavy mantle in which red and white could be seen in transparency, and gleaming with jewels . . . Although there was no altar bell, the cruets were there. The wine was red as blood, and thgere was also some water. The Mass was short. The Gospel of St. John was not read at the end. When the Mass has ended, Mary came up to Henry (the Emperor), and she extended her right hand towards him, saying that it was in recognition of his purity. Then, she urged him not to falter. Thereupon I saw an angel, and he touched the sinew of his hip, like Jacob. He (Henry) was in great pain, and from that day on, he walked with a limp . . . ". Many prophecies mention that the Great Monarch walks with a limp like the Patriarch Jacob and like the FisherKing descendants of St Joseph of Arimathea. He will be a wounded Healer.


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