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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Great Monarch and Rebbe Nachman: A Hebrew Catholic Speculation

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov is often accused by scholars of believing that he was the Messiah. However this was not the case. He speaks of meeting in vision the Messiah and he also claimed that a Messiah would be his descendant. He did believe he had a Messianic mission to prepare for the coming Messianic era of Peace that would be ushered in by his son or descendant. At first Rebbe Nachman believed that his son Shlomo Ephraim would be that Messiah. However when his son died at the age of one year and 2 months in 1806 he realised that his son was a mystical type of the Messiah who would indeed be his son or descendant.

The Messiah (Anointed One) he was referring to was the Mashiach Ephraim. His son's second name Ephraim reveals that this Messiah is indeed the Messiah Ephraim of Jewish prophecy and his son's first name Shlomo or Solomon (which means peace) reveals that he is the Messiah (anointed one) who will usher in the Great messianic Era of Peace. This Messiah is the great Monarch called Henry and Charles in Catholic prophecy and Prince David in Ezekiel. The age of Rebbe Nachman's son is also part of this mystery. This connects the coming Messiah with the number 14 (1 year=12months + 2 months=14 months). This number is of great messianic significance. Also the 2 months represents the passing of 2 centuries (1806-2006) and the one year or 12 months may represent the year 2018 (12 years after 2006).  Certain events concerning the Great Monarch will begin after 2018.  However these dates depend on ones starting date, here I have taken the two centuries starting from Shlomo's death in 1806. [It is also possible that the starting date was 1810 the year of the Rebbe's death which would mean a starting date of those events as 2022.] Like the Rebbe and his son this Messiah would have red hair.

More details about this Messiah is revealed in Megilat Setarim which has been preserved by the Breslover Chasidim. In 2006 the Megilat Setarim was revealed to the world. This Messianic Prince will not begin his mission until after the ten years which may refer to 2016. Megilat Setarim: "...and he will go there with all of Israel, and he will then be king of Israel, and this will be after ten years..."This ten years is also referred to in Catholic Marian prophecies. In 2018 (12 years after 2006)  he may have a mystical consecration to his mystical bride the Shekhinah /Matronita (Our Lady) and he will enter into his kingship in 2019. Megilat Setarim:"...at first they will not know that he is the one, afterwards each one will come to the realization,that he is the messiah, until all shall know...at the age of twelve years and one day[12+1 =13]...he will become monarch over the entire world, and that same day he will enter upon the marriage canopy, and she will be eleven years and one day[ 11+1=12]..." Also it states: "...then will be sought for him a soul mate, even though it would be appropriate,that it be done through the Holy Spirit, but since ‘one who loses some thing must search for it’, he will seek a soul mate, and she will be eleven years and one day [11+1=12], the day she enters the marriage canopy with him..."

This Monarch will be the King at first over the Lost tribes of Israel and later he would lead them in establishing his kingdom in Jerusalem. He will bring a new synthesis or unity between Ephraim and Judah i.e Catholicism and Judaism. After 2020 his true mission of his reign in peace and wisdom will begin. Megilat Setarim: "...and he will reveal awesome wisdoms, new things, and he will explain all the introductions of all the wisdoms,after fourteen years..." He will be assisted in his work by a second King who is his brother Messiah Manasseh. Megilat Setarim: "...at the time when he will travel to all the kings, he will command the king to travel to him, and all the ministers to go out to greet him, and afterwards that king will travel with him,to the other kings, and similarly the second king will travel with him,and he will sanctify the holy land..." 'Perush sifra di-Tzniuta' also speaks of three Messiah's: the Messianic King, Messiah son of Ephraim and Messiah son of Manasseh. Scripture also speaks of four craftsmen or carpenters who are seen as the four Messiahs of the Psalms: Messiah Gilead, Messiah Ephraim, Messiah Manasseh and Messiah Judah. The Midrash on the verse in Psalm 60:7 and repeated in Psalm 108: "[Psalms 60:7] Gilead is mine, and Manesseh is mine, Ephraim is the helmet of my head and Judah is my spectre. Midrash Numbers Rabah 14;2: Gilead is mine: - This is Elijah who was an inhabitant of Gilead. Manasseh is mine:- This is that Messiah who will arise from the descendants of Manasseh, as it says, "Before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manesseh stir up thy strength" [Psalms 80:2]. Ephraim is the helmet of my head:- This is the Annointed Leader for War who will come from Ephraim, as it says, "His Glory is like the firstling of his bullock" [Deuteronomy 33:17]. Judah is my sceptre:- This is the Ultimate Redeemer who is a descendant from the sons of David."

Prince William and Prince Harry in bowler hats

He will not be the Messiah that the Jews or the world is expecting: "...there will be great controversy over the Messiah and they will say ‘this is the Messiah? a Messiah in a fancy hat?’and there will still be an evil inclination and the supreme court and the other things that were, only each and every thing will be more beautiful than before and the eyes of each one’s mind will be opened according to his level and they will innovate with a greater understanding than before each one according to his level..."[Megilat Setarim].

Rebbe Nachman also reveals this Messiah's stategy for a just and lasting peace in the Holy Land: "...and each of the kings will give him a gift or a province or men for some will grant him a stipend and he will trade with each one, until he shall receive through exchange the land of Israel, for he will give to each one a province near his border and he will receive in exchange a province near the land of Israel, until he shall receive through exchange the land of Israel and he will travel to the land of Israel and in that year that he will travel to the land of Israel, will be the ingathering of the exiles and then all will travel to the land of Israel and the land of Israel will contain them all, afterwards the land of Israel will expand. At the time he travels to the land of Israel, he will only be king over Israel and he will first send a land map to the capital which is Jerusalem to build there palaces near his palace, for all the kings according to his wisdom..."[Megilat Setarim].

Note 1: The Messiah Ephraim or Messiah Ephriam ben Joseph is often confused with the ultimate Messiah ben Joseph (Jesus) who reigns spiritually since his Ascension into Heaven. Messiah Ephraim is the earthly representative of the Messiah in the temporal realm who will assist in bringing the mission of the Messiah as son of Joseph to its conclusion with the spiritual coming or presence of Messiah [as a thief in the night] to inaugurate his spiritual mission as son of David culminating in the final coming of the Messiah at the end of the world.

Note 2: Prince Harry's descent from Rebbe Nachman
1. Prince William and Prince Harry
2. Prince Charles Philip Arthur George
3. Prince Philip Mountbatten of Greece and Denmark
4. Princess Alice of Battenburg
5. Prince Louis of Battenberg
6. Countess Julie von Hauke (Julia Brody)[married Prince Alexander of Hesse]
7. Feiga Horodenker [married Gershon Brody son of R. Moshe ben Schneur Zalman]
8. Udel Horodenker [married Rabbi Yoske]
9. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov [married Sashia (Alexandra)Brody]

From my blog entry [16 September 2007] on the Davidic ancestry of Prince Harry and Prince William.
"There have always been persistent claims that the Mountbatten/ Battenberg family are Jewish through Julie Von Hauke. These claims are true as Julie von Hauke was the adopted daughter of Countess Sophie [de la Fontaine]von Hauke and Count Maurice von Hauke. Maurice and Sophie came from Frankist families. They adopted two children of Gershon Brody the son of Rabbi Moshe ben Zalman [who was baptised as a Catholic in 1820]. These two children were called Julie after Rabbi Moshe pseudonym Leon Yulievitch and her younger brother Aharon was also called Alexander after his great grandfather Alexander (Sender) Brody and Rabbi Moshe's use of the name Piotyr Alexandrovitch at his baptism. However in 1830 their adopted father Count John Maurice von Hauke was killed defending Grand Duke Constantine and their adopted mother Sophie died in 1831 from the shock of seeing her husband murdered. The Czar took charge of the upbringing of the children of the Von Hauke family. Julie was later made a lady -in-waiting of the Empress whose brother Alexander of Hesse fell in love with the young Polish countess. As Julie was a descendant of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov they eloped to Breslov where they were married in 1851. Rabbi Moshe Cordovero believed that the Messiah would be a Marrano and Rebbe Nachman stated that the Messiah would be his descendant who would be the Emperor of the World. What Messiah is this? This is Messiah Ephraim who is called in Jewish tradition the Messiah Anointed for War. His description in the Jewish tradition is similar to that of the promised Great Monarch Henry (some prophecies call him Charles) in the Catholic prophetic tradition. He would be a good child who later would become wayward until his deep conversion to God. The prophet Jeremiah speaks of him as Ephraim and the prophet Ezekiel as Prince David. Like the biblical Ephraim he will be the younger brother of the Messiah Manesseh (see Zechariah). Like Messiah ben Joseph he will suffer much and like Messiah ben David he is a Conqueror. He is spiritually guided and assisted by the Ultimate Messiah and his Mother (see Sefer Zerubbabel). I hold that the Messiah Ephraim is Prince Henry Charles Albert David [Harry]of Wales and his older brother Messiah Manesseh is Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales. Many Catholics of the past considered the Great Monarch as the Messenger (or angel) referred in Chapter 10 of the Apocalyse."

Note 3: The Ephraimite Messiah and the Great Monarch are an integral part of Jewish and Catholic prophecy. The identification of him with Prince Harry is my own personal speculation based on a reading of these prophecies and the signs of the times. Others may have different opinions on the identity of the great Monarch and I am open to being proved mistaken.


Paul said...

I'm the Messiah. My name is Paul Thomas Edward Cusack : Saul The Twin Ephriam Ben Isaac (Israel). my book is on LULU.om if you are interested in more information.

Paul T E Cusack said...

"And England shall admit a Jew
You think this strange but it is true.
The Jew that once was held in scorn
Shall of a Christian then be born."
- Mother Shipton

Anonymous said...

Not trying to be rude here but you're wrong about the Windsors. The Great Monarch is not Harry or William. The "Great Monarch" is a Bourbon, a DIRECT decsendent of Louis XVII who did NOT die in prison. You are however correct that he is a descendent of David as all Bourbons were/are. Also, the "Great Monarch has been named by mystics as "Henri V de la Croix." Google that and you'll find several information sources. Nobody knows who or where the Great Monarch is, but many Catholic mystics over the last thousand years have confirmed that he will come and just my opinion, likely soon. Also, this Paul Cusack guy posts this rubbish all over the place, just a heads up. The Great Monarch won't need to announce himself on blogs but Paul is in his own little world.

Catholic Jew said...

Dear Anonymous, I do agree with you that it is most likely that the Great Monarch will be a descendant of Louis XVII and the Bourbons but the prophecies don't say it would be in the direct male line.Some prophecies also refer to his German ancestry from an ancient or old German royal family. The very name of Oldenburg alludes to the ancient or old in the name of this German-Danish dynasty. But time will tell and we will see. I believe that Louis XVII after his escape was hidden among the Oldenburg family to protect him. It is possible that Christian IX or his Queen Louise (whose mother was an Oldenburg Danish Princess Louise Charlotte) was a child of Louis XVII (now disguised as a member of the Oldenburg-Hesse families. If it was Christian IX which I now think is less likely then Prince William and Harry would be male line Bourbons however I think it is more likely that it was the father of Queen Louise that was Louis XVII in disguise as Prince William of Hesse-Kassel.

Catholic Jew said...

The Grimm's fairytale Rumpelstiltskin may hide the identity of Louis XVII. In the story the blonde mother represents Marie Antoinette who will have her head cut off if she can't spin straw into gold and Rumpelstiltskin is used for code for the Hesse-Kassel-Rumpenheim branch of the House of Hesse who takes Louis (the baby in the story)into their care.

Catholic Jew said...

By the way the Grimms brothers collected 4 versions of the story of Rumpelstiltskin in Hesse in Germany. The Grimm's version was first published in 1812.

SundaeGirl said...

Does the Megilat Setarim say more about his wife, or how they will be as a family?

Debra said...

I tried to find your blog entry dated 16 September 2007 but it says the blog has been removed. Could you direct me to where it is? Thank you.
I have read several of your articles and have enjoyed every one of them. No doubt you give plenty to feed on and I am never disappointed. I really enjoy learning this way. Thank you again