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Friday, December 11, 2009

Jewish ordinariates?

With the advent of the concept of Anglican ordinariates which will allow Anglicans to enter the Church and maintain their structures and traditions, the question is asked if this might be a model for possible Jewish ordinariates in the future. Many of those Catholics who support the continuation of Jewish identity in the Church have been looking for a way that a more corporate organisation of Hebrew Catholics might function in the Church. Many now see the Anglican ordinariates as a possible model.

This model is an improvement on the personal prelatures in that it includes the lay faithful in the ordinariates under the authority of their own ordinaries (a bishop or a priest). This could allow the Jewish people and Judaism to enter the Church corporately maintaining their traditions and Rabbinic structures and authorites [of course under the higher authority of the Pope and magisterium]. This would also allow different types of Jewish groups from different backgrounds to enter the church remaining true to their groups charisms. For example Messianic Jewish groups could enter the Church in separate ordinariates. It would seem that the Chasidic model of different dynasties could quiet happily enter the Church in this way maintaining their distinctive traditions and emphasises.

One group may wish their Rabbis to be ordained as priests others may wish to maintain two categories of priests and rabbis as seems closer to Jewish tradition. Whatever the future holds, the movement of the Holy Spirit in inspiring the Pope and Magisterium has certainly opened doors for us to perceive how the ingrafting might occur. At the moment our project is to gather those Hebrew Catholics already in the Church into corporate action and fellowship. The exact way the ingrafting of the whole House of Judah will happen is still a mystery of the Holy Spirit. The Association of Hebrew Catholics is a beacon that is drawing many Hebrew Catholics together. They need the support of all Catholics both financially and in generosity of those called to work in this apostolate full time. We pray for the establishment of Hebrew Catholic communities who can be dedicated to this work and which can be places where Hebrew Catholics can grow and develop as Catholics in tune with their Jewish calling and election in the Church and the world. We are also grateful for the Traditional Anglican Communion and other Anglican groups such as Forward in Faith who have been open to the Holy Spirit in seeking corporate union with the Catholic Church and thus opening up new possibilities for those who desire unity and not uniformity.

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