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Monday, December 21, 2009

Luisa Piccarreta, shiflut, bitul and katnut: A Hebrew Catholic Understanding

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta is known as the little daughter of the Divine Will. She mirrors the littleness (katnut) or lowliness (shiflut) of Our Lady. Elsewhere I have discussed that the name Piccarreta means 'very little one' and the mention of this 'very little one' in the Zohar as one of the four chayot (living creatures of the Throne).“… ‘This is the Chayah which I saw under the God of Israel by the river Chabar’ (Ezekiel 10:20). Now, which chayah is here indicated? Rabbi Jose replied in the name of Rabbi Chiya that the reference is to the little Chaya. ‘But is there such a little chayah?’ ‘Yes, assuredly there is. There is a little one and a superior one and there is also a very little one. This (very little one) is alluded to in the last part of the verse under discussion: “And under his feet a likeness of a brickwork of Sapphire (or sapphire stone)’. What was this [very little one] which they saw? They beheld the precious stone which the Holy One will build the future Sanctuary, as it is written: ‘I will lay thy stones with fair colours and lay thy foundations with sapphires’(Isaiah 54:11)” (Zohar 126a). ‘His feet’ refers to the superior Chayah who is El Chai himself the God of Israel. The ‘ likeness of a brick work’ refers to the little Chayah who is the Lady of Israel (Matronita). The ‘Sapphire Stone’ is the ‘very little one’ (Piccaretta) from whom the future Sanctuary or era of Sanctification shall be built. The Zohar reveals that besides the two Chayot called the superior male Chayah (Metatron/Yeshua) and the little female Chayah (Matronita/Our Lady), there is a ‘very little Chayah’ (nukvah/Luisa). The fourth Hidden chayot not mentioned in this passage is the hidden Tzadik Joseph. These Chayot are connected with the mystery of the Galgal (wheel) in Ezekiel and Isaiah and the rounds (galgalim) in the yehiot (fiats) of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. The concept of littleness mentioned in Luisa's writings are shiflut, bitul and katnut.

In the "Book of Heaven" Volume 16 under 10 November, 1923 Luisa writes: "I was abandoning all of myself in the arms of my sweet Jesus, and while I was praying, I saw my soul as so very little, but of extreme littleness; and I thought to myself: "How little I am. Jesus was right in telling me that I was the littlest of all. I would really like to know if I am the littlest of all. I would really like to know whether I am the littlest among all."...And He (Jesus) told me: " My dear little one, I have chosen you little, because the little ones let one do with them whatever he wants. They do not walk by themselves, but let themselves be guided; even more, they are afraid to place one foot on their own. If they receive gifts, feeling incapable of keeping them, they place them on the lap of their mama. The little ones are stripped of everything, nor do they care if they are rich or poor; they are concerned with nothing...the greater is the work I want to do in a soul, the littler I choose her. I like childlike freshness and beauty very much; I like it so much that I preserve these souls in littleness of the nothingness from which they came."

Jesus then goes on to explain the littleness of the Virgin Mary. "...I did so with my Celestial Mama. Among all generations, She is the littlest, because Her will never entered into Her as acting, but always my Eternal Will; and this not only kept Her little, beautiful,fresh, as She had come out of Us, but made Her the greatest of all. Oh! How beautiful She was, little in herself, but great and superior to all by virtue of Ourselves. And only because of Her littleness was She lifted up to the height of Mother of the One who formed Her... in order to come to redeem man, I chose my mother because She was little..."

Jesus explains the role of Luisa in bringing the Divine Will (ratzon) to reign on earth as it does in heaven. "...Now, so that My Will might be known, and Heaven might be opened to let My Will descend upon earth and reign on it as it does in heaven, I had to choose another little one among all generations. Since this is the greatest work I want to do- to restore man to his origin, from which he came, to open to him that Divine will that he rejected, to open My arms to him to receive him once again into the womb of My Will- My infinite Wisdom calls the littlest one out of nothing. It was just that she be little: if I placed a little one at the head of Redemption, I had to place another little one at the head of the Fiat Voluntas Tua (Let thy Will be done)on earth as it is in heaven. Between the two little ones I was to enclose the purpose (takhlit) of the creation of man - I was to realise my designs upon him: through one, I was to redeem him, wash him of his ugliness with my blood and give him forgiveness; through the other one, I was to make him return to his beginning, to his origin, to the lost nobility, to the bonds of My Will broken by him, admitting him once again to the smile of My Eternal Will, kissing each other and live one within the other. This alone was the purpose of the creation of man, and what I have established no one will be able to oppose. Centuries upon centuries will go by- just as in the Redemption, so also in this; but man will return to my arms as he was created by Me. But in order to do this, first I have to choose the one who must be the first to live life in my Eternal Will, bind in her all the relations of Creation, and live with her no split of wills; rather, with her will and Ours as one...she will cry for her brothers and will occupy herself with nothing else but compensating Us, for all and each one, of all the wrongs they do to Us by withdrawing from Our Will. The tears of the one who lives in Our Will will be powerful..."

Then Luisa relates a heavenly vision about these little ones similiar to the passage of the Chayot from the Zohar. "...On hearing this, I said: " My Love and my All. tell me, who will this fortunate little one be? Oh! How I would like to know her." And he immediately: "What? Have you not understood who she is? It is you, little one. I have told you many times that you are the little one, and this is why I love you." But as he was saying this, I felt as though I was being transported outside of myself, into the most pure light, in which one could see all generations, as though divided into two wings - one on the right and the other on the left of the Throne of God. At the head of one wing there was the August Queen Mama, from whom descended all the goods of Redemption. Oh! How beautiful was her littleness! Marvelous, prodigious littleness: little and powerful, little and great, little and Queen; little, with everyone hanging upon her littleness, while She disposes of everything, rules over all, and only because She is little, She enfolds the Word within Her littleness, making Him descend from heaven to earth, to let Him die for love of men. At the head of the other wing one could see another little one, and- i say it trembling and to obey- she was the one whom Jesus had called His little daughter of the Divine Will. And my sweet Jesus, placing himself in the middle of these two wings, between the two little ones who were at the head of them, with one hand took mine, and with the other that of the Queen Mama, and He joined them together, saying: " My little daughters, hold each other's hand before Our throne, and embrace the Eternal One, the Infinite One, and to enter into Him"..."

Another term used in Kabbalah and Hasidism to explain the concept of 'littleness' or 'smallness' is katnut which is a very low level to attain reserved for only the greatest Tzaddiks. It is becoming so small or little that one knows nothing and returns to the fetal stage which is called 'Smallness of smallness' (katnut d'katnut). Many have misunderstood this state which is associated with foolishness and child's play. Rebbe Nachman became one such fool for Mashiach on his journey to the Holy Land. According to Breslov writings Moses and the Baal Shem Tov descended to katnut but found it so difficult they couldn't go further until 'smallness of smallness', as Rebbe Nachman did on his journey. However for Rebbe Nachman it was only a temporary state as it was for other certain souls that attained this great descent for the sake of souls. Luisa was the first outside the Holy Family of Nazareth to achieve the permanent continuous state of katnut d'katnut as the new born of the Divine Will. This alludes to the new and divine holiness that Pope John Paul II spoke about.


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Yes it is true. Both the Vatican theologians who were appointed to evaluate her writings have given a positive verdict.

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Excellent article! What a refreshing viewpoint!

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Nothing wrong with being nothing in Christ. I wish to witness original justice. MARANATHA