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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Nine Lamps, Raymond Lull and the Menorah: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

Blessed Raymond Lull [1232-1315] in his work "Liber de Lumine"[The Book of Light]speaks of the logoi or energies of God as the nine lamp Candelabrum which in Judaism is the menorah of Chanukah. He is also speaks of it as a Tree and as Flowers. Blessed Raymond Lull seems to have drawn on the Jewish mystical traditions. Lull's ancestors were perhaps Jews, as his surname derives from the Hebrew word Lullim used for mystical spiral staircases found in the Jewish Temple. He writes in the Book of light: "In this Book we made one Tree called the Tree or Candelabrum of Light, with nine flowers as shown, and these flowers are named after the nine letters of the Alphabet, namely B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. K. To know this Art, one must know this Alphabet by heart."

Blessed Raymond Lull

Judaism also speaks of the 36 lights of the Chanukiot (chanukah menorah)as alluding to the light of the 36 hours that Adam and Eve lived in Divine Will in the Garden of Eden. Rabbi Michael Ozair writes: "...Spiritually, the eight nights of Chanukah are a cumulative and progressive process through which the light of the menorah grows to reveal the inherent light of Creation. The total number of Chanukah lights over the eight days is 36 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8). As Rabbi Eliezer writes, these 36 lights arouse that very same Primordial Light which illuminated Adam and Eve on the dawn of their creation, the first 36 hours of their existence. The Talmud teaches: "36 hours the Light served . . . and Adam HaRishon saw with it from one end of this world into the Other". (Yerushalmi, Brochot 8:5)..."

The Idra Zuta section of the Zohar also speaks about this light and its lamps. The Zohar Haazinu states: "Rabbi Shimeon opened and said (Song of Songs7): "I am my Beloved's, and His desire will arise." All the days that I was perfumed in this world, I was perfumed with One perfume, namely the Holy One, blessed be He, and therefore, now "His desire will arise." For He Himself and His whole holy company come, so that with joy they may hear the secret words, and the praise of Him, the Most Holy Ancient One. Mystery of all mysteries. Separate and set apart from all, and NOT separate. For everything is joined in YH, And He (Hu) is joined within all, He is all, The Ancient One of all Ancient Ones, Mystery of all mysteries, Conformed and NOT conformed. He is formed in all that endures, and NOT conformed in all that is NOT manifest. When He is conformed, He produces nine lights, which shine forth from Him, from His conformations, and those lights shine from Him and are lit from Him and they proceed and are spread out in all directions. As a lamp from which Light is spread out in all directions. And as those rays which spread out, when they are approached to know them, are NOT found, except for the lamp alone; so is He, the Holy Ancient One, the highest lamp, mystery of all mysteries. And He is NOT found, except for those rays that are extended, those that are revealed, and those that are revealed and hidden. And they are called the Holy Name, and therefore are all things One (Echad). And what our companions said in the former books, that these are degrees that had been created and the Holy Ancient One was revealed in every single one of them, because these are the confirmations of the Holy Ancient One..."

This part of the Zohar goes on to discuss the three lights which are the three Heads and their connection with the 13 aspects of Mercy. "...Because this Holy Ancient One is within One form! Everything is in joy, and He does not change His mercy forever, in thirteen measures of mercy is He found. And He, the Ancient One, includes them and rules over all..."[Zohar Haazinu]. The Chanukiot also represents these 13 aspects with the nine lamps and the four branches of the chanukiot where as the seven lamp Menorah represents the ten Sefirot- with the lower seven represented by the seven lamps and the upper three by the three branches of the Menorah. These three top of the skull shaped branches also represent the Three Heads of the Divine Will. "...This Ancient One is elder of elders.The highest Crown of above with which are adorned in YH all adornments and crowns. And from Him are all the lights illuminated, and they shine; but He, He is the Supreme Light, which is hidden and known as NOT (Ayin).(And all other lights are kindled by Him and shine.) This Ancient One is found in three heads and they are included in one Head. And He Himself is the supreme Head, highest of the highest. And because the Holy Ancient One is formed in three, so also, all the other lights that shine from Him are formed into three..." [Zohar Haazinu]

This whole section of the Zohar is revealing great mysteries of the Divine Will (ratzon) and its three heads and the three inner lights of the Godhead. "...The forehead which is uncovered in the Holy Ancient One, is called "Ratzon" (Will)." For that Supernal Head, concealed in the higher which is known as NOT (ayin), An ornamented, comely, perfumed prince which is contained in the forehead. And because the Will of all Wills is perfected in the forehead and revealed in that direction, this forehead is called "Will(ratzon)" And this Will is revealed. The Will of Wills is found in all worlds, and all the prayers of the inferiors are accepted, and the countenance of Small Face (Zeir Anpin/the Son) is illuminated. And everything is found to be mercy and all judgments are concealed, and upset on the Sabbath at the time of the afternoon prayers, which is the time when all judgments are awakened. And this forehead is revealed, and all judgments are upset and mercy is manifested in all the worlds. And because of this the Sabbath exists without heavenly or earthly judgments, and even the fire of Gehinnom is stilled in its place, and the guilty have repose. And to this is added a soul of joy on the Sabbath, and men should rejoice in the three Sabbath meals for all faith and the sum of faith is therein manifested..." Thus the three meals of the Sabbath are connected to this Mystery of the Will of Wills (raava d'raavin in Aramaic) as three heads and lights.
Psalm 67 in the form of a Menorah

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