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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Lady Appearing in Giza Egypt

Virgin Mariam appearing in Egypt December 2009

On this blog on December 7 2009 I spoke of the Signs of the Times and events happening around Christmas. On December 9 2009 began incredible apparitions of the Virgin Miriam (Mariam in Arabic)in Warraq Giza Egypt on the top of the roof of the Coptic Church of St Mary and the Archangel Michael. So far about 200,000 people have witnessed the apparitions- Christians, Muslims and Jews.

They are similiar to the apparitions of Our Lady of Zeitoun in 1968 where Our Lady appeared to millions of Egyptians over a two year period including the Egyptian President Nasser. She appears as the Lady of Light- a title dear to Arabic cultures and connected with the name of Fatima. Our Lady does not appear for fun but to warn us of impending events that need our prayers. We have in the last week or so seen extreme storm and snow weather conditions in Europe and North America while the Cohpenhagen Climate conference on global warming is occuring. While Our Lady of Light has been appearing in Egypt the Jewish people have been celebrating the Festival of Lights (Hannukah).

Virgin Mary appearing at Zeitoun in 1968

Here is a link to amateur footage of the apparition Our Lady of Giza after the police turned off the electricity of the area.

Al Ahram reports of the apparitions. As does Spirit Daily Also see this Holy Bible website on the apparitions

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