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Monday, December 07, 2009

Sign of the Times?

"Since the Shechinah is still in Galut, this darkness that comes upon the Shechinah is to manifest in darkness that will plague Am Yisrael in the lands of Galut. See Rashi to Deuteronomy 30:3, and Talmud Bavli Rosh Hashanah 31a. This darkness will reach its peak in the first half of 5773, as is hinted at by the words of the Ariza"l in Sha'ar Maamrei Rashbi on Parshat VaEra. The beginning of the new light that will come down to the positive side, Z"A, will be during Yovel, in 5776."[From an Orthodox Jewish blog called HaKeitz Meguleh]

According to this the peak of the darkness that we are living through will occur in the first half of 5773 which is from 2012 Rosh ha Shanah until about Purim or Pesach of 2013 and that the new light of an era of peace will begin during 5776 (Rosh haShanah 2015-Rosh hashanah 2016] the Jewish Jubilee (Yovel) year. Rav Kaduri also spoke of the year 5770 (2009-2010) as a year when there would be a Messianic manifestation and a great War before Sukkot 2010. The Zohar also speaks of the year 70 as a year of a Messianic manifestation in glory and a great War and the destruction of Rome in the Year 73. The Zohar also speaks of Israel being ruled for 12 months by Persia (Iran). The Jewish writings also speaks of a false Messiah called Armilus. Many religious Jews are writing about dreams by religious leaders about an advent connected with the Messiah happening soon. Even the father of Gavriel Holzberg (the Mumbai martyr) recently had a dream in which his son appeared to him and spoke of spiritual tumult in the heavenlies and that a manifestation of the Messiah was just seconds away.

Catholics are also speaking of dreams about something big happening before Christmas. Now there is the news that Obama has changed his appearance date at Copenhagen until December 18 and that Al Gore has cancelled his presentation This has been linked to the rumour about Israel attacking Iran's nuclear facilities[reported on the Shirat Devorah blog]. Kislev is known as the month of dreams and in Jewish belief it is represented by the keshet(bow). One such Catholic dream or vision was reported on Spirit Daily: "My daughter received the following while praying the rosary December 1, 2009. She is 19 years old and a daily communicant.


"'I saw Mary with the baby Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem. She picked Him up out of the crib and looked at me. Then she stood and as she did her robes swept down so that her entire mantle could be seen. Her mantle was deep blue with 12 stars on one side. She was wearing a beautiful crown with a crucifix on top of it. It was made of gold. She reached out her hand and her robe opened and there were red and white stripes on the garments underneath. She said to me, "The Scourging is near. Prepare." She sounded very urgent. The stripes looked slanted like red and white candy cane stripes. She was still holding the baby Jesus and I could see her breath because it was cold, like winter. She said "The winter is harsh but there will be no other winter like this one. Prepare Now! The autumn will turn to winter and the seasons will change and it will be like a spiritual winter for what God has planned for the world is harsh! You will see His justice!" She stopped talking and seemed to be urging me to come and gather in with her and Jesus under her mantle, inside and away from the cold. I had the sense something would happen this Christmas. After I came in under the mantle and we were together, she said "Now gather your family in!" which was urgent. In the background I kept hearing a faint voice say "three weeks notice" repeatedly.'"

As I write this it is the 20th of Kislev - which is a day mentioned in 'Sefer Elijah": "...On the twentieth of Kislev, all Israel will stand in prayer and clamor before their heavenly Father, and a sword will descend and fall upon the nations of the world, in accordance with what scripture says: ‘The sword kills indiscriminately’ (2 Sam 11:25)..." Next year the 20th of Kislev is on 27th of November. 'Sefer Elijah' seems to allude to a great earthquake or a celestial event occurring a month before:"...On the twentieth of Marheshvan, the world will be shaken ‘and the heavens and the earth will quake'." Next year that will be 28th of October.

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Taylor Marshall said...

Do you think that a disaster will occur on Christmas?

I recently published a book in which I discuss the Jewish tradition of King Solomon's mother and the role of the Messiah's mother in the Messianic age. You may find it interesting:

The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity

Here's the link:

I look forward to reading your blog.

Aharon Yosef said...

Dear Taylor,

Wonderful to hear from you. I have read your book. I thought it was fantastic and just what many Catholics need to read. Well done.

As for something happening around christmas i don't know but just repeating what others are feeling and saying in both the orthodox Jewish and Catholic worlds. i do personally believe that this year 5770 will see major events and many disasters. i believe it will be a bad year for the US and Europe especially.