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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Divine Melody and Rebbe Nachman

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov speaks of the divine melody in all things. This melody is the life-force or hidden Will in all things. One has to go beyond intellect and words into the great silence in order to then hear or perceive this hidden melody. This is the melody or music of the galgalim or spheres. Zvi Mark writes about this in "Mysticism and Madness". "...This conception is portrayed in a circular structure: every created being and wisdom has a melody and wisdom that are higher than it, that encompass and vitalise it, and by force of which'this wisdom is derived'. Thus it is possible to ascend from one wisdom to another, from one level to the next, until one reaches the beginning of Creation..." One must then first descend to the void of silence before one can ascend on the hidden melody into the Infinite Light (Ain Sof). Rebbe Nachman speaks of the highest level of the melody as the melody of faith/trust (emunah). Rebbe Nachman connects this melody with the Song of Moses which he will sing (yashir)as the future song or melody which can nullify and repair (tikkun)all heresies and sins.

In regards to the melody in the teachings of Rebbe Nachman Breslov Rav Eliezer Berland teaches his students the practical application. "The Rav read from Chayei Moharan 340 of the praises of the holy teachings of the Rebbe, that anyone who heard his teaching with its unique melody and dance would become egoless out of ecstasy. The Rav said that this is the main thing—to hear the melody that emanates from every single letter, because there is nothing higher than melody, than the “World of Ta’amim” [i.e. the melody that accompanies the reading of the Torah]. A person in [a state of] melody ascends to the world of Atzilus, where there are no words, just melody. This is the aspect of desire and longing for Hashem, an aspect of “My heart and my flesh will sing to the living G–d” (Tehillim 84:13.) The Rav said that in Breslov, today, people ask, “How much may one get excited? How many degrees of heat must one burn for Hashem?” This is what someone asked the Tcheriner Rav, “What is the meaning of that which the Rebbe says in lesson forty–nine, that the heart of a Jew burns endlessly [literally, “to the Ein Sof”] for Hashem?” The Tcheriner Rav rebuked him, saying, “There was a time that when people read this line, they would immediately run out to the field to cry to Hashem. Today they ask what it means? How many degrees?” The Rav said that, today, the entire teaching of Rebbe Nachman is turned upside–down. The main thing is the practice, to do hisbodedus, to get up at midnight and go to the field and, in so doing, meaning, by following the Rebbe’s guidance with simplicity, which is the main thing, one then merits to hear the awesome melody of each and every lesson. Today, everything is turned into sophistry, into hair–splitting questions and solutions. And even though this also is very good, because there is incredible wisdom in every lesson, the truth is that the main point of learning in–depth is to go deeper into hearing the melody that permeates every single lesson..." [from shuvubomin.org].

Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum writes about the ten melodies in the teachings of Rebbe Nachman in "Wings of the Sun". "...the main cure of the soul is through melody and joy. There are ten kinds of melody, and these bring vitality to the ten kinds of pulse. The "ten kinds of melody" are mentioned in the Talmud and Zohar. "Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said: Through ten expressions of praise the book of Psalms was composed: Nitzuach, Nigun, Maskil, Mizmor, Shir, Ashrey, Tehilah, Tefilah, Hoda'ah and Haleluyah" (Pesachim 117a and see Rashi on Psalms 1:1). The Zohar tells us that the ten kinds of melody correspond to the Ten Sefirot (Zohar III, 223b)..." The 'Na NaCh NaChMa NaChMaN' niggun of Sabba Yisrael and the Na Nach movement is connected with the ten melodies which are one melody. This mystery is the mystery of Y-H-V-H and Y-Sh-V-Ayin.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, it gives one much room for thought, especially as I have been drawn toward certain melodies from Rebbe Nachman. Thank you for this post.

Anonymous said...

Evidently Athol still has not shaken of his racial pride.

Anonymous said...

Evidently, Anonymous 2 has not shaken of his racial envy.

Athol (Aharon Yosef) said...

I actually don't think it is wrong to be proud of one's race, culture, ethnic group or nation. As I belong to the white or caucasian race I don't know what that has to do with this blog. Jewish is not a race- there are Jews belonging to all races and there are also many different kinds of Jews.

Craig Wallace Williams said...

Oh wow. I NEVER would have expected so much trolling over your writing. All I know is I cant wait to enter adoration again to listen to the melodies mentioned.