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Friday, February 05, 2010

Mystical Garden and Luisa Piccarreta: A Hebrew Catholic Reflection

The Bahir speaks about the garden or vineyard and the process of digging up the bad crop or wild sour grapes and planting a new crop. We saw in my last post that some interpret this in regards to reincarnation whereas Perle Besserman demonstrates that is part of the mystical work we do in meditative prayer in order to be conformed and unite (devekut)with the Divine Will. The Bahir says: "Go and see. This is like a person who has planted a vineyard in his garden, and he hoped it would bring forth cultivated sweet grapes, and it brought forth wild sour grapes [after isaiah 5:2]. He saw that he was not succeeding- so he replanted it, placed a fence around it, repaired the breaches, pruned the wild grapes and planted it a second time. He saw that he wasn't succeeding-he again fenced it off, and again replanted it after pruning it. How often? Until a thousand generations,as it is written: "He commanded a Word to a thousand generations' [Psalm 105:8]. This is what is meant by the saying[Hagigah 13b]: "Nine hundred and seventy four generations were lacking, when the Holy One, blessed be He, stood and planted them in every generation..."The 26 generations [974 + 26 =1000] refer to the mantra of reciting "Give thanks to God for his mercy is everlasting" 26 times in Psalm 136. This 26 alludes to Y-H-V-H as the God of Mercy and to the 26 letters between each letter of the names Terumah [beginning with the tav of bereshit], Miriam [beginning with the final mem of the first mayim] and Yeshua [beginning with the yod of elohim in verse 17] hidden in the text in Genesis 1 as a hidden mystical garden. The Rabbis also connect this with the 26 generations of Exile from the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived in Divine Will until the giving of the Torah or Word on Sinai which was a manifestion of the Divine Will as Divine Mercy by revealing the Torah 974 generations sooner.

Luisa Piccarreta in the "Book of Heaven writes about this mystical garden: "Afterwards, I found myself in a vast garden, and to my surprise, I found the Queen Mama who, approaching me, said to me: "My daughter, come with me to work in this garden. We must plant celestial flowers and fruits. It is now almost empty: and if there is any plant at all, it is terrestial and human; therefore it is appropriate for us to pull it up, so that this garden may be all pleasing to my son Jesus. The seeds we must plant are all my virtues, my works, my pains, which contain the seed of the 'fiat voluntas tua'. There was nothing I did which did not contain this seed of the Will of God...The whole of Creation, all beings, recognised me as ruler over them, because they saw the Supreme Will reigning in me. So, we will unite all that I did together with all that you did with this seed of the Supreme Will, and we will plant it in this garden."...But while we were doing this, from behind the walls of the garden, which were very high, we heard the noise of weapons and of cannons, which roared in a horrible way; so we were forced to run out and give help. As we arrived there, we could see people of various races, of different colours, and many nations united together, which were waging battle and striking terror and fright..." [Volume 17 August 4 1925] This mystical garden is the garden of our soul in which it is empty except for a few deeds done in our own selfish will rather than in union with the Divine Will. It would take at least a thousand lifetimes to achieve any significant spiritual progress. However God in his mercy and grace speaks a word or seed into every generation (soul)which is the seed of Joseph (in a very hidden way), Mary and Luisa united to Jesus that will lead to all being replanted in the Will of God as it is in heaven so on the earth. Those who live in the Divine Will will redo or replant all generations in his Will with the four Minds. Through this process all souls who seek truth and the good will be surrounded by many mystical divine Lives which makes it unnecessary to have a literal thousand lifetimes to advance spiritually and produce good fruit. Even our bad fruit is replanted or redone in Divine Will and is transformed into eternal fruitfulness.

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