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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who is the Moon? Mary or Luisa Piccarreta: A Hebrew Catholic Opinion

Today I gave a talk at the Casa de Luisa Piccarreta on the concept of spiritual and mystical littleness or smallness in the teachings of Mystical Judaism, Rebbe Nachman and Luisa Piccarreta. After the talk our priest Father Teddy asked me if Our Lady or Luisa was the mystical Moon. I answered that in mysticism symbols can have many meanings not just one and that the Moon was also a symbol of Our Lady. However thinking about it later I came to a clearer understanding in my own mind.

The Sun who is the generator of light and heat is a mystical symbol of the Infinite Light and Divine Will who manifests as the Divine Word [the face over the Deep]. The created visible light of the Sun alludes to Our Lady[the Face over the Waters/ Well of Miriam] and the created hidden heat of the Sun alludes to the Hidden Tzadik Joseph [the Face over the Rakia of the Heavens]. The light of the Sun that touches and illuminates the Moon represents Our Lady in Eternity. Luisa is the moon[the Face over the Earth/ Mouth of the Well of Miriam] that receives the divine Light and Will through Our Lady and St Joseph. The light of the Moon that radiates to the earth is the light of Our Lady and Luisa united in divine Will. The earth represents the Divine Son's created humanity that receives the light of the created Imma and the warmth of the created Abba. He also in some mystical manner recieves the light of Luisa mediated through Our Lady and St Joseph. Thus Jesus and Joseph can be symbolised by the Sun and Our Lady and Luisa can be symbolised by the Moon. These are the four Chayot of Heaven,the Four Cherubim and the four Minds of the Temple who are the four Faces and four Lights of Genesis One.


Justin said...

Hey Bro!!! How's things? I bring up something which fascinates me, and yet concerns me greatly: the revelations which Luisa claims to have received from Our LORD. I do wonder if, in what the Church Has Already Received in the Scriptures, Tradition, and in the Magisterium, there are seeds of Luisa's revelations already present. However, there are also apparent dangers and contradictions. I would say that until the time Luisa's Writings on the Divine Will are more thoroughly analysed and receive an Imprimatur, then it would be best to not teach these things publically. In fact we are forbidden to. I also know that there are many translations issues, in those writings, which first also be resolved. What are your answers to these articles?







Athol (Aharon Yosef) said...

Dear Justin, I don't know if you are aware but the first 19 volumes of the "Book of Heaven" by Luisa did receive the imprimatur due to the efforts of St Hannibale di Francia who was one of Luisa's confessors. Of course there are always dangers in misunderstanding all mystics writings. There are always translation problems too as we see with the English mass. It is my understanding that the Archbishop of Trani is having a new translation with footnotes done of the Book of Heaven in Italian from which future English translations will be based. I have not been forbidden to do anything. The Archbishop of Trani is doing a good job but he has no authority over me or anyone who is not in his diocese, as he is not my Bishop. He has made certain recommendations but of course subject to one's own Bishop's authority. My understanding is that the archbishop made some recommendations because of certain groups in the USA who were misinterpreting Luisa's writings and separating Luisa from Scripture, tradition and the unfolding mystical tradition of the Church. My purpose is to root Luisa's teachings in the Scripture etc to demonstrate that Luisa and her teachings are not a new revelation but a part of the continually growing and developing understanding of the Divine Revelation given in fullness in Jesus Christ. In my archdiocese we have the Casa de Luisa Piccarreta and Divine will prayer groups approved by the Archbishop who has appointed one priest as the chaplain of the divine Will movement. We also have a number of other priests who are in the Divine Will movement here. The Divine Will Centre also has a chapel with the blessed Sacrament with the permission of the Archbishop who celebrates a Mass with the Divine will people every year. My main mission is to present the Jewish and Scriptural underpinnings of Divine Will and the teachings of Luisa. My talks are attended by priests and some of my talks have also been given to the Archbishop by one of the priests. The Archbishop of Trani has the copyright of the volumes of heaven so he has asked everyone not to produce any other copies until his typical edition is published. As you know one can certainly quote small excerpts from any copyrighted material for the purposes of discussions and articles. Certain people in the Divine Will movement in the USA in particular have a rather distorted idea of the authority of the Archbishop of Trani. We no longer have a index of forbidden books but the way some Catholics carry on one would think we still do. My ideas on Luisa are my own and anyone is free to critique them. I of course remain obedient to my own Archbishop and to the infallible teachings of the Church. Should the appropriate authority demonstrate that any of my ideas are contrary to the magisterium then i will willingly retract them.

cheers Athol I hope all is going well with you.

Justin said...

Bro, you make some good points here. I hope one day all of this is cleared up. I loved your interpretation of what St. Paul Teaches in Ephesians 1 concerning the fullness of times. When i studied these Verses, i got the same interpretation as you, and felt that perhaps Luisa's Revelations were there all along, just hidden. The feeling I get is that everything is the same, however, Catholics, through the Eucharist and Divine Will, will now be able to experience the Beatific Vision on earth!!! This is exciting. I just hope the Church Authorizes everything. I have heard that though the index of forbidden books is no longer around, Pope Benedict XVI has explained that the index still, eventhough no longer present, still retains it's moral weight. I don't know, i'm just concerned...and yet excited! I have went to Mass before and felt Inspired by the Holy Spirit to ask Our LORD to Consecrate me, as if i was the Bread and Wine. How amazing that would be, where i would no longer have my will, but the LORD's!!! Those articles i sent explain about a connection to monothelitism. Can it be that, while Our LORD walked the earth, His Human and Divine Wills were just as the Council of Constantinople III Teaches...that the Two Wills were then Operating "indivisibly, inconvertibly, inseparably, unfusedly", but with His Resurrection and Ascension All Was One? So therefore no error with monothelitism? I have also read, i think, how the Blessed in Heaven have their will totally United with God's in the Beautific Vision, or have God's Will totally as their own. Not too sure about this though. Therefore it appears that Luisa has received revelations about this Beautific Vision to now be Present on earth. I hope so!!!

Everything's going well with me. Just chilling, and loving your blogs. Soon i want to order some of your talks. How much are they going for?

Athol (Aharon Yosef) said...

Dear Justin,

If there was anything heretical in Luisa's writings against faith or morals then her process for beatification would not have reached its present position. As for my talks they are 10 australian dollars plus postage. I receive nothing from them and it is all done by Jenny Troy at the Casa de Luisa Piccarreta in Perth.

cheers Athol- I am glad you are enjoying my blogs

Justin said...

Thanks Bro! God Bless!!!