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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Anzac Spirit

Sir John Monash
Today is Anzac Day- which is the most important day for Australians every year when we remember the soldiers who died at Gallipoli and in all the wars. As mentioned elsewhere Australia's first Messianic Jewish Rabbi Lawrence Duff-Forbes enlisted and served in the 12th Battalion in World War One. Another Melbourne Jew Sir John Monash was Australia's famous World War One General who formed the 16th Battalion in which many Western Australian's served including my own grandfather George who rushed to enlist in September 7 1914 in the AIF. Sir John Monash was unusual among leaders of the Australian Anglo-Jewish society of his time in that he was a moderate Zionist. Most prominent Australian Anglo-Jews were opposed to Zionism and wished Palestine to remain under the British Crown. Another pro-Zionist, who was an English-born and bred Rabbi in Melbourne for 14 years (from 1923-1937), was Sir Israel Brodie a second cousin to my grandfather George. He served in the British Army as a chaplain in the First World War. Israel later became the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire from 1948-1965.

Chief Rabbi Sir Israel Brodie

Both my paternal grandfather George and my mother's maternal uncle Leonard Charles Lewis (Uncle Charlie) were mustard gassed in the trenches of France and both survived to live through a Second World War. My father's two brothers Colin and George served in the Second World War. Colin served in Palestine and Syria among other places and George was in the 10th Light Horse and was the last mounted Lighthorseman to die on active duty in 1944. Recently I was in Canberra and visited the National War Memorial and found his name engraved on the remembrance wall. He was a renowned horseman. My father Gilbert served in the Korean War.

We will remember them-lest we forget.

Grandfather George in Uniform during WW1

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