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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Lost Princess: A Hebrrew Catholic Reflection

According to Breslov Chasidim just before the Messiah comes the Jews will find the Lost Princess. This Lost Princess refers to one of the famous 13 tales told by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. Most commentators such as Rabbi Nathan the chief disciple of Rebbe Nachman associate the Lost Princess with the Shekhinah in Exile. Rabbi Shalom Arush also refers to her as the Sabbath Queen and as Emuna (Faith). She is also associated with the coming Kingdom (malkhut). This Lost Princess represents the highest level of total Emuna. Thus this Princess represents the highest level of Sanctity rooted in total Emuna of dwelling in Divine Will.

Thus the Lost Princess can be read in different ways that are interconnected. The Lost Princess can represent the sanctity lost by Adam and Eve. This lost sanctity is that of living in the Divine Will on earth by faith (emuna). The Lost Princess also represents that lost or fallen daughter of Adam and Eve who has by grace regained the gift of Living in Divine Will. Israel is the one (Viceroy) who seeks and desires reunion with this Lost Princess that he searches for throughout the ages. The way to receive this ancient but new sanctity is to desire it.

Rebbe Nachman says that desire is of central important in attaining Emuna. If we feed our desire to receive the gift of Dwelling in the Divine Will we are doing what we should be doing. All our actions become a form of reparation (tikkun). If we are desiring the divine Will then we need not be concerned while we are in the process of going up and down, in and out of Divine Will. Even if we fall we need only refocus our desire and God will do the rest. Rabbi Shalom Arush states: "Even if we fall or fail over and over again- and its clear that we won't change overnight- we should never abandon our desires. As long as the flame of desire to get closer to Hashem flickers in our hearts, Hashem continues to regard us as righteous. Hashem judges us not so much according to where we are, but according to where we want to go. The desire in our hearts overrules our actions."

Thus we see that just before the manifestation of the Messiah the Jewish people will find the Lost Princess which will usher in the Kingdom known as the World to Come in time and the era of the Messianic Sabbath Rest. Rabbi Shalom Arush in his book "The Garden of Yearning: The Lost Princess" states: "This explanation can also serve as an explanation for the entire Torah, namely, that transgression results from a lack of emuna. Every sin led to a free-fall into the darkness of concealment that necessitates even more effort in finding the lost emuna. This is a template for people's setbacks and failures since the beginning of time. Therefore, if you feel that you're in a state of darkness, and emuna seems to be light years away, don't lose heart! Just like the viceroy, as soon we renew the search for emuna- and never give up- this in itself rectifes the blemish of our misdeeds that caused the disappearance of emuna. Hashem wants us to strive for emuna, and we should want what Hashem wants. When we do, each of us will succeed in finding his or her own individual princess while correcting all the blemishes of our past, and everything will fall into place. With emuna, there's always a happy ending."

This week in Fatima we see myriads of people seeking Faith (Emuna) through the intercession of the Lady of Fatima-longing for the coming of the Kingdom and the era of peace promised by the Lady in 1917 in Portugal. The immaculate Mother (Binah) points us to her Daughter the Lost Princess who will led us into the Kingdom of the third Fiat (yehi). At a time of great materialism the viceroy Israel will find the abode of the Lost Princess and set her free. Rebbe Nachman's tale of the Master of Prayer describes this period in greater symbolic detail. By means of the Lost Princess the light of the 36 hours will lead man into a new Garden where the Divine Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

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Great post Aharon. Thanks.

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I really enjoyed this post!! I never knew this, what a great reflection to consider for Our Blessed Lady!