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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Scroll of Secrets (Megilat Setarim): A Hebrew Catholic Opinion

One of the deepest secrets of Brelsov Chasidism is the Messianic secret. Rebbe Nachman hid this in his writings in cryptic form and he also taught his two closest disciples Rabbi Nathan of Nemirov and Rabbi Naftali more on this topic which they concealed in writings in code form which became known as "The Scroll of Secrets". Some of this Scroll was passed down in manuscripts in the Brelsov communities and this portion of the secret began to be revealed in 2006 (after the two hundred year period was drawing to its close). Zvi Mark has told the story of this in his book "The Scroll of the Secret:The hidden messianic vision of R. Nachman of Breslav".

While Zvi Mark reveals some of the surface story of the Scroll, the hidden meaning beyond the words is still veiled and kept secret. In fact certain parts of the portion of the Scroll revealed to him by the Brelsovers are still untranslatable and coded. It is important to note that this is only a portion of the secret which was allowed to circulate among the inner circles of the Breslov Chasidim. The full Scroll and its secrets are still hidden except for the one in each generation who was entrusted with this secret.

It is obvious from the traditions about the Scroll that much is still hidden. For example we know that Rebbe Nachman revealed to them the mystery of Russia and the Czars and their connection to this first end of days (or times) but this is not mentioned in this portion. The Zohar mentions two 'end of times (or days)'. We also know that the mystery of the golden tree and its miraculous healing leaves is also not in this section of the Scroll that has been released. Also we know that the full secret alludes to the azure blue thread of the tzitzits but this is also not found in this released portion of the secret.

Rebbe Nachman hides within his writings the mystery of the 'Messiah who is like unto Moses' who has two phases to his mission firstly as the Messiah son of Joseph and then finally as the Messiah son of David. This is the spiritual and Mystical Messiah who is represented by the breath of the nostrils and the nose. This Messiah is the child-Messiah that will be revealed in a glorious manifestation in the heavenlies as the Child-Messiah who is crucified and resurrected. He will appear as the pierced one of prophecy as a child. Zvi Mark writes: "The messiah, often thought of as 'above all men', is depicted in the Scroll as beginning his career as a mere child...But further reservations could have sprung from the knowledge that this child-messiah was modeled after R. Nachman's own son, Shlomo Efraim...This also presents a particular problem of seemingly Christian overtones to the entire messianic picture. The Christian infant-messiah motif was well-known throughout the Ukraine even to the Jewish population as it figured prominently in public iconography (as it still does to this day). R. Nachman was correct in worrying that the Scroll's depiction of the child messiah would leave him open to charges of christological influence. When this is combined with the fact that his own son had already died, this charge of influence is conflated with seeming support of a theology of resurrection, leaving him even more vulnerable to claims of false prophecy and Sabbatianism." This child-messiah is the one mentioned in the Zohar as a son of Joseph who raises the cup of salvation.

On the earthly realm at his time will appear four Messiahs who in unique ways represent the mission of the Mystical child-Messiah. The Messiah Ephraim is the world Emperor and his brother is the King who assists him Messiah Manesseh. Both these royal Messiah's are from the House of David from the Lands of Joseph (of Arimathea) (British Isles). Messiah Ephraim is represented by the Lion and Messiah Manasseh by the Eagle. They are to be descendants of Rebbe Nachman, the Alter Rebbe, Czar Paul I of Russia, King Louis XVII of France and the Stuart Kings of Britain. The Messiah Gilead will be a priestly or papal Messiah also known as Messiah Aaron or Levi. He will be a descendant of Jacob Frank (a Frankist Pope). The fourth messianic figure is Messiah Judah who is a prophet messiah also known as Messiah Nathan. He will be a Jew descended from Nathan of Nemirov and Rebbe Nachman. It is this Messiah that will reveal the full "Scroll of the Secret" to the world and work closely with the other three earthly messiahs. He will be the Rebbe of Rebbes and unite all the Chasidim. He is the Master of Prayer.

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