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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fully Jewish and Fully Catholic

Jewish Rosaries
Today I attended a Marian Cenacle with my cousin where Rick Miller was the visiting speaker. I was introduced to him as someone who was half Jewish and half Catholic. I immediately corrected them by saying I am fully Jewish and fully Catholic. It is a bit like saying Jesus is half God and half man-no- he is fully God and fully man. Was Mary and the Apostles half Jewish and half Catholic? Certainly not. Mary her whole life was the most devout Jewish woman who ever lived while she was the model Catholic. No half and half for Mary.
An Israeli Soldier laying Tefillin

Many Jews and Christians don't think one can be Jewish and Christian. One must be one or the other- they don't think you can be half and half. That is what upsets them about many Messianic Jews. They are Evangelical Christians who tack on a few Jewish customs. And they are right to be uncomfortable with this. However one can be fully Jewish and fully Christian. For me the identity and spiritually is so one that I have no confusion in being a Catholic Jew. I find if I cease my Jewish observance I also end up ceasing Catholic observance and I become very unhappy and also vice versa. When I was in Israel I attended the Boombamela Beach Festival and met a young Israeli who had been a Messianic Jew and then given it up. He was astounded that I was fasting for Good Friday and that I kept all the authentic Catholic customs as well as the Jewish unlike the Messianic Jews he knew. He was very impressed by this and I saw his eyes light up with interest.

Boombamela Beach Festival

Thus I will not abandon Torah and Mitzvot and nor will I abandon Jesus and the Eucharist. I can lay Tefillin and I can pray the Rosary. For me there is no conflict for I see the Catholic heart dimensions when I lay tefillin and I see the Jewish roots when I pray the Rosary. Today one sees young Jews wearing Jewish rosaries as fashion items. Let us pray that fashion turns to interest of the prayer aspect of the rosaries. I remember in the 1980's wearing rosary beads as part of my Gothic fashion statement, and for me it led to eventually learning and praying the rosary.


Mike said...

This was a very interesting article! but i can see where people are uncomfortable idea for many people (especially those who do not come from a Semitic background). It makes sense you that you would see the "Catholic roots" in many Jewish practices, because the Church is the fulfillment of Jewish practice (and promise). and that is what confuses people and makes them uncomfortable, and makes it an either or situation. It's the idea that the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Prophets and the Torah. even the Mass is the melding of both synagogue and Temple. so it's hard for people to to reconcile the theological differences of Judaism and Christianity (from Promise to fulfillment) so they end up in that half half thing that you speak of which actually doesn't make much sense. what i see in your case is more of a Jude o/Catholic Spirituality that seems more Culturally inspired (which is fine) but probably wouldn't click with people who don't share your background.

(Aharon Yosef) Athol Bloomer said...

Thanks for your comments Mike. You are right my way is for Catholic Jews not Gentile Catholics who have their own cultural background that they need to inculturate to the Gospel.

William Kennedy said...

Aharon, may I ask you about "Gematria"? I have been introduced to this recently but with the English alphabet. Which form of Gematria do you use to arrive @ 770, for the different things you have mentioned, specially "House of Mashiakh"???

With the English alphabet, "Jesus" = 444... And I have found some remarkable connections with other names and words... I know you must see things much like I do, specially when I saw your picture with the license plate
"1axs770".. I make these connections daily... Thank you for your time, William Kennedy, California, USA

(Aharon Yosef) Athol Bloomer said...

Dear William,

Nice to hear from you.

The gematria I refer to in regards to the number 770 is Hebrew. Every Hebrew letter is also a number.

In Greek Jesus Christ is 888. I know nothing of English gematria.

Anonymous said...

It is not possible to be "fully Jewish and fully Catholic".

1. Catholics believe that Christ was literally G-d. That G-d is "triune", consisting of three persons. Both of these claims are rejected by Judaism.

2. Jews believe the Messiah will be a human being. Catholics believe He is divine.

3. Jews believe the Messiah will usher in a time of universal peace, the reestablishment of the Temple in Jerusalem and the acknowledgement of G-d by everyone in the world. Christ did not satisfy these requirements.

4. Judaism believes everyone can seek salvation directly from G-d. Catholics and all Christians believe all salvation is through Christ alone.

Hence it is impossible for one to follow both the tenets of Judaism and those of Catholicism. Just going through the rituals of Judaism does not make one a Jew.

The poster needs to realize that by accepting Christianity, he is no longer practicing Judaism. And this fact is acknowledged by all Jewish authorities AS WELL AS the Catholic Church itself.

(Aharon Yosef) Athol Bloomer said...

Dear Anonymous,

statment One- if you knew jewish mysticism then you would know that it indeed speaks of the three lights (tzachtzachot)in the Godhead who manifest as the 10 sefirot but are one.

Statement Two- Catholics also believe that the Messiah is fully human. The Tanya also teaches as does the Hebrew of Isaiah that the Messiah is the Eternal One. Many Lubavitch Jews also believe in a divine Messiah (even if they think it is Rebbe Schneerson)

Statement three- Catholics also believe that the Messiah will usher in an era of peace and all men will worship the one God.

Statement four: Christ is God and thus your statement is rather confused and certainly Catholics believe all people of good will may be saved.

A Jew is a jew is a jew if his mother is of Jewish origin or one converts to Judaism according to orthodox halakah. Most orthodox Rabbis consider a jew who practices other beliefs still to be a Jew even if a bad one in their opinion. In fact such a one is still obligated to observe the Jewish mitzvot according to them.