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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jews in the Church of Christ Conference

Father David Neuhaus
A very interesting conference occurred in Finland on the weekend of June 11-13 bringing together Messianic Jews with Jews in the Catholic, Orthodox and Lutheran churches. This sounds like an important work of the Holy Spirit bringing together the leaders of the Jews who believe in Yeshua as Mashiach in the Body of Mashiach. Vladimir Soloviev believed that it would be the Jews that would bring about the reunion of the separated Christians into the One Church. This looks like it could be the start of such a process by breaking down the barriers while appreciating the richness the other brings to the discussion. The Sofia website states: "For the first time in History, theologians with a Jewish background and belonging to different Christian denominations will join together to talk about the situation and calling of those who, among the Jewish nation, recognize Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the world. On this occasion, prominent Messianic, Lutheran, Orthodox and Catholic theologians will come to Helsinki from all regions of the globe (Israel, Russia, US, Western Europe...). They will tell about the strivings of Jews in their various congregations and describe what makes the condition of Jewish disciple of Christ so unique. The seminar is arranged in cooperation with Mark Kinzer, rector of the Jewish Messianic Theological Institute (New-Jersey) and Fr.Antoine Levy, OP, Director of Helsinki Studium Catholicum.

List of participants:
Boris Balter, Orthodox (Moscow), Prof. of Physics (Russian Academy of Sciences), member of the Judeo-Christian circle "Bridge of Friendship".
Steve Cohen, Lutheran (St Louis, US), founder of the "Apple of his Eyes" mission society
Leonid Djalilov, Orthodox (Moscow), Deacon, specialist of Lev Gillet´s theology of Israel.
Richard Harvey, Messianic (London), tutor and director of training at "All-nations Bible College",
Mark Kinzer, Messianic (New Jersey, US), president of the "Messianic Jewish Theological Institute".
fr. Antoine Levy, OP, Catholic (Helsinki), Director of the "Studium Catholicum", adjunct-professor at Helsinki University Faculty of Theology
Iulia Matushanskaja, Messianic (Kazan, Russia), Chairman of Russia´s Federation of Messianic Jews (Province).
Fr. David Neuhaus, SJ, Catholic (Jerusalem), General Vicar for the Catholic Hebrew-speaking community (Kehilla) in Israel
Vladimir Pikman, Messianic (Berlin), Vice-President of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance
Jenifer Rosner, Messianic (California), Instructor at Azusa Pacific University
David Rudolph, Messianic (Los Angeles), Prof. of Bible, Messianic Jewish Theological Institute
Anna Shmain-Velikanova, Orthodox (Moscow), Prof. of Jewish Studies, Russian State University for Humanities (RGGU)
Joseph Shulam, Messianic (Jerusalem), Director of the Netivyah Bible instruction ministry
Yuri Tabak, Orthodox (Moscow), Prof. of Religious Sciences, RGGU
Fr.Oliver Zalmansky, OP, Catholic (Paris), Editor of the theological journal "Istina"..."

The conference followed the following format.


Friday 11 June 2010 Evening

18.00 Messianic prayer service
19.30 Meal
20.30 Opening of the week-end. Introductory lecture

Fr. Antoine Lévy: "Messianic Ecclesiology: the Ecumenical Factor"

21.30 Informal get-together (possibility of having a sauna)

Saturday 12 June 2010

9.00 Lutheran prayer service
10.00 Presentations

Steve Cohen: "Expressing Jewish Identity in a Lutheran Setting. Obstacles and Opportunity in the Modern Era"
Yuri Tabak: "Christianized and Messianic Jews - Real Problems and Prospects from the Point of View of Religious Sciences"
Boris Balter: "Self-Identification of Old Israel within New Israel as a Problem: the Experience of Jewish Orthodox Christians in Russia"

13.00 Meal
14.30 Presentations

Deacon Leonid Djalilov: "Sabbath Day in the Liturgy of the Orthodox Church"
Vladimir Pikman: "Russian Messianic Movement and the Body of Messiah: Its Significance and Implications for the Church"

16.00 Coffee break
16.30-17.30 Round table
18.00 Orthodox Vespers
19.00 Meal
20.00 Informal get together

Sunday 13 June 2010

8.30. Catholic Mass in Hebrew
10.00 Presentations

Mark Kinzer: "Israel, the Church, and Bilateral Ecclesiology"
Jen Rosner: "Karl Barth's View of the Significance of Jewish Identity for Jewish Believers in Jesus"
Richard Harvey: "Lessons from the History of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance"

13.00 Meal
14.30. Presentations

Iulia Matushanskaya: "The Messianic Movement in the Russian Empire"
Fr. David Neuhaus: "The Implicit Ecclesiology of the Catholic Kehilla in Israel"
Joseph Shulam: "Jews and Gentiles within the Messianic Movement: the Concrete Situation and Its Ecclesiological Agenda"
(Possible written interventions of Anna Shmain-Velikanova or Pavel Men)

16.00 Coffee break
16.30-18.00 Round table
18.30 Conclusive prayer


Richardh said...

I was just at the conference - it was great and very significant- there will be a press release and statement appearing shortly - best regards

Richardh said...

The papers will be published in Kesher, the Journal of the Union Of Messianic Jewish Congregations

(Aharon Yosef) Athol said...

thanks Richard. I am so jealous. I would loved to have been there to hear such a line-up and such interesting topics and i know quite a few others who would have liked to have been there too. A shame we never heard anything about it beforehand. I pray and hope they have further conferences in other places with a similiar line-up and theme. i will have to suscribe to kesher.

Richardh said...

see http://www.mjti.com/ for the press release