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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hebrew Catholic Conference In St Louis

The Association of Hebrew Catholics website has announced its latest conference: "A Catholic conference, sponsored by the Association of Hebrew Catholics, will be held in St. Louis MO, Oct 1-3, 2010. The conference is entitled: “You Shall Be My Witnesses (Acts 1:8), Hebrew Catholics and the Mission of the Church.” Some of the speakers include: Marty Barrack, Dr. Lawrence Feingold, David Moss, Sr. Rosalind Moss, and Roy Schoeman. Also included is a video interview with Archbishop Raymond Burke. There will be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Confession, Rosary and Divine Mercy devotions, and daily Mass. For further information or to register: please call 314-535-4242 or 314-423-1075, email ahc@hebrewcatholic.org, or visit the AHC website at www.hebrewcatholic.org."

Bishop Robert Hermann will also be participating and there will be a presentation by Catholics For Israel as well (which I think will be the highlight of the Conference). This conference will be great for those interested in the Hebrew roots of the Catholic Faith or those new to what certain well known Catholics of Jewish background are doing in the Church. It may be disappointing for those interested in Torah Observant Hebrew Catholics and those interested in developing distinct Hebrew Catholic spiritualities and theological perspectives in preparation for a Hebrew Catholic community. While David Moss as President of the AHC will give a wonderful talk on Father Elias Friedman's vision of a judicially approved Hebrew Catholic Community, most of the other speakers will not be concerned with this as evidenced in past conferences. That Hebrew Catholics are participating in at least this collective action is a positive aspect of the conference and it may be a good place to get to know other Hebrew Catholics and those who are interested in Hebrew Catholic issues.


Sue said...

I was there and it was wonderful. Well informed and with great theological depth, the speakers on the one hand clearly explained the beliefs of Jewish Catholics like myself and on the other hand challenged the church at large to learn what the Catholic church actually teaches about Israel and the Jewish people as well as the place of Jews within the body of Messiah.

Aharon said...

Thanks Sue for your post. I am so glad you found it beneficial. I would have loved to have been there but unfortunately I am rather impoverished so couldn't afford to go. Its a long way from Australia. Sad that Rosalind Moss broke her leg and wasn't able to go as she is a charismatic speaker.

Aharon said...

I also ask for prayers for Sister Marianna wholeads the hebrew Ctholic discussion group in Melbourne as I have just been informed she is in hospital and almost died twice. Please keep her in your prayers.