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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hebrew Catholics in the Media

A recent article, by a journalist who writes for the 'St Louis Dispatch', on the Association of Hebrew Catholics and their upcoming conference was posted on the Huffington Post. As usual there are a group of people interested in misrepresenting the Hebrew Catholic movement. The journalist writes as if the AHC is a group just started in St Louis in the last four years. It also speaks about the conference as the first national one. However the AHC was founded over 30 years ago by Father Elias Friedman of Mt Carmel in Israel and holocaust survivor Andrew Sholl from Australia in 1979. In recent years there have been a number of Hebrew Catholic conferences at which people from all over the US have attended and also from outside the US. In fact I have attended two of these- one in New York in 2005 and one in Washington DC in 2008.

I find it rather offensive that certain Jewish representives are interfering in what the Jews who have chosen to be Catholics are doing. Certainly Catholics don't interfere with what Christian or Catholics converts to Judaism or Noahides are doing in Judaism. Actually it is none of their business. How dare liberal and secular Jews criticise and interfere with those who choose to identitfy as Catholic Jews or Hebrew Catholics. The Nazis identified them as Catholic Jews and like St Edith Stein they were sent to their death with all other Jews.

Those Orthodox Jews that go along with such secular and liberal opinions in regard to Hebrew Catholics are rather confused. On the one hand they believe that those Jews who have become Catholic or their parents or grandparents became Catholic are halakically Jewish and thus obliged to observe Torah and mitzvot. Then when some of them do start to do this they get upset. The orthodox Jewish theologian Michael Wyschogrod proposed to Cardinal Lustiger this very position that Jews who are Catholic should still observe Torah and mitzvot.

There also seems to be a total disconnect between what Catholics mean by proselytizing and evangelising. These Jewish representatives seem to see them as the same thing. Catholics understand proselytising as dishonest and aggressive methods of trying to convert people. All Catholics are called at all times and to all people to witness to their faith in loving and appropriate ways which is part of evangelising. There are certain liberal or modernist Catholics that are against evangelisation in any form but these people stand outside the teaching of the Catholic Church and are ignored by all orthodox Catholics.

As for the Association of Hebrew Catholics it does not see itself as an organisation that proselytises or indeed involved in any programme of active evangelisation to the Jewish community. That certain other Catholic Jews who may encourage active evangelisation of Jews speak together with the AHC at conferences does not mean that this is the policy or purpose of the AHC. There are many differences of opinion among Hebrew Catholics and the role of active or passive evangelisation is one such issue. All agree that proselytizing (using the Catholic understanding of that term)is not appropriate. I personally with some other Hebrew Catholics do not believe that active evangelisation directed at Jews as a group is appropriate at this stage of salvation history in the light of the centuries of Gentile Catholic persecution and the Shoah.

I might add that Hebrew Catholics actually believe in God, Moses and the giving of the Torah on Sinai unlike many liberal and secular Jews. Hebrew Catholics actually reach out to devout orthodox Catholics with a postive message about Judaism and Jews discouraging them from holding anti-semitic and anti -Israel attitudes. Most of the Jewish Christian dialogue groups are liberal Christians dialoguing with liberal Jews. Most of these people are getting old and I don't notice many of the young and devout Catholics getting involved in such dialogues. It is strange if we get to a point where Jews are asking Catholic authorities to persecute and restrict the rights of those Jews who have embraced the Catholic Faith. In fact it is already occuring in certain places. Shame on those Jews and those Catholics who support such a policy of discrimination.

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