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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Archbishop Burke and the Hebrew Catholics

At the recent Hebrew Catholic conference in St Louis Missouri, a filmed interview with Archbishop Burke [Head of the Apostolic Signatura and the former Archbishop of St Louis] with David Moss President of the Association of Hebrew Catholics, was shown. This interview by one of the leading voices of the Church's Magisterium was a wonderful vindication of the work of the Association of Hebrew Catholics towards a collective witness of the Jews in the Church and the preservation of their heritage. It is also a wonderful vindication for the whole Hebrew Catholic apostolate and its centrality in the life of the Church and its place in the new evangelisation.

Here is the link to this historic interview http://www.hebrewcatholic.org/ahcinterviewofar.html

The Archbishop affirmed the major insights of Father Elias Friedman- the Jewish doctor turned Carmelite priest- who founded the AHC with holocaust survivor Andrew Sholl in 1979. The Archbishop clarifies how to interpret the seeming differences between the Bull of Pope Eugenius IV and that of Pope Benedict XIV. He speaks on the celebration of Passover Seder and of Circumcision and other Jewish ceremonies and rites. These statements by the Church's highest judicial authority (under the Pope)carries great weight and authority in the Roman Catholic Church.

Thus we can be assured that there is nothing in Canon Law that impedes a Hebrew Catholic today from being Torah observant. Archbishop Burke speaks of the development of doctrine teaching [which was clearly articulated by Blessed John Henry Newman]as important when examining past Papal and Church documents. It is fitting that Archbishop Burke of the Signatura clarifies the context of the Bull of Pope Eugenius IV to the Copts as the formation of the Signatura was begun by this same Pope. Archbishop Burke mentions that the main concern of Pope Eugenius and of the Magisterium through the ages is not the observance of Jewish rites in themselves but when certain people make these rites a condition of salvation for all.

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