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Friday, October 08, 2010

The Divine Heart, Divine Filling and Divine Blessing: A Hebrew Catholic Reflection

Bahir 3 alludes to Deuteronomy 33: 23 in regards to the ‘filling’ of God who is also called ‘Berakhah’(blessing), ‘reshit’ (beginning) and ‘khokhmah’ (wisdom). The Bahir explains that the beyt [b] that begins the Torah is the symbol of this filling and blessing. It reveals that the hidden aleph represents the divine Will in the Godhead. The first beyt of Genesis is seen as a vessel (the womb of the Mother) that holds the male Divine Wisdom – this is the uncreated blessing (berakhah). The vessel is the created House (beth/beyt) or Daughter (bat) who is the created Wisdom (Sophia/Hokhmah)that holds the uncreated Divine Wisdom who is the son (bera).

Bahir 3 after speaking of this uncreated ‘filling’ and ‘blessing’ who is the male Divine wisdom then alludes to the created female Celestial wisdom called ‘blessed’ (barukh) who is the beyt (house or palace) that is ‘blessed’ with ‘blessing’ and full (meleat) with filling (malei). The Bahir states: “Wisdom is blessing (berakhah). It is thus written ‘And God blessed Solomon’. It is furthermore written (1 Kings 5: 26), ‘And God gave wisdom to Solomon.’ This resembles a King who marries his daughter to his son. He gives her to him at the wedding and says to him, ‘Do as you desire’.”

The beyt as a house also represents the concept of the Heart (lebb) as the vessel that contains all of God’s filling or blessing. Thus the Son of the Divine King is the uncreated Wisdom called ‘blessing’ and ‘filling’. This is Sar Shalom who is the complete man (Shalem and Tam) who is the complete heart mentioned in 1 Chronicles 29. He is the one who reveals the hidden Abba.

The daughter of the Divine King is the created Celestial Wisdom called ‘blessed’ and ‘filled’. She is the sea, vessel or well that receives and holds and gives the uncreated Wisdom. She is called Binah (understanding) and imma (mother). She is the mystical Miriam who is the mother, sister-spouse and daughter of the Divine King. Read horizontally the open mem of her name represents her heart who receives the filling of the closed mem which is the heart of her son the divine Wisdom. Read vertically the upper mem united to the resh (head knowledge) represents the imma Leah as Lady (marah) Wisdom and the lower mem united with yod (hand or arm of mercy and heart knowledge) represents imma Rachel as the Vessel (yam) of Mercy – united they are the Celestial Miriam who is mirrored on earth by Miriam sister of Moses and who herself in the flesh was Miriam mother of the Messiah the new and unfallen Eve (Khavah/Khayah). Luke’s Gospel reveals that she is the ‘meleat’ filled or full (Ranani meleat/Hail perfectly filled One). Miriam ha Kedosha herself proclaims ‘all generations (l’dor v’dor) shall call me blessed (barukh)’.

The first beyt (in Bereshit) may represent the Sacred Heart as the Head Tefillin and the second beyt (in bara/created) may represent the created female wisdom connected with the arm tefillin pointing towards the heart. This second beyt of bara represents the Mother of the Uncreated Son. Or it may be that the first beyt of bereshit represents the Mother and the second beyt of bara (which can be read as Bera/son)represents the Sacred Heart of the Son.

The son is uncreated in his divinity but in his humanity he receives his flesh and blood from his mother. He is uncreated in his divinity as ‘reshit’ and ‘khokhmah’ but in his humanity he is created (bara) as a son of Adam and Eve like all men except without the stain of the fall. Thus he is Adam Kadmon (divine Man) and Son of Adam (fully Man). The first word of the Torah in Aramaic Bekadmin also alludes to him and his mother.

The incarnation is the final descent of the blessing into the world of assiyah and the completion of the mission of YHVH as the divine Filling (Milluim Mashiach) . Now the Mashiach must embrace all in the Divine Will and ascend with it back to Atzilut. This is the tikkun of the Mashiach and his Mother Miriam the one in whom God delights (hephzibah). He becomes the leper Mashiach for all men by taking all sin upon himself and making divine tikkun. He is the male Presence (Metatron and Shaddai) who is the Kingdom (Malkut) of heaven (shamayim). This the mystery of Name (shem) as shin and mem. He is Menakhem, Metatron, Malkut and Mashiach mystery of the male mem as the merkabah (divine chariot) that is the Rose Wheel. They are four wheels within the one wheel representing the four worlds of assiyah, yetzirah, Beriyah and atzilut.

Menakhem is linked with Shemesh, Metatron with Shaddai, Malkut with Shamayim and Mashiach with Shekhinah. This is the mystery of shin as a rose (shoshan) wheel. Shemesh and Menakham is the tier of three petals (atzilut), Shaddai and Metatron is the tier of 7 (or 6) petals (beriyah), Malkhut and Shamayim is the tier of 12 (or 13) petals (yetzirah) and Mashiach and Shekhinah are the 5 leaves surrounding the Rose (asiyah). The thorns are the world of Klipot (evil). The thorns are the world of Klipot (evil) which can also be symbolized by the black Magen David made up of six A’s of the ancient Hebrew Phoenician alphabet arranged as six thorns. This is the symbol of Armillus the deceiving light who appears as a beautiful Rose but is actually from the other side (sitra ahra).

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