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Friday, October 08, 2010

Mystery of Naphtali and Divine Will: A Hebrew Catholic Insight

The first two words of Genesis reveal the mystery of the Incarnation as the mystery of the two hearts (lebb). Bahir 10 reveals that the whole of the Creation of the Universe is made in the image of these two hidden hearts. The Bahir refers us to the prophecy about Naphtali in Deuteronomy 33: 23, “The filling is the blessing of YHVH”. The Bahir wishes us to ponder on this verse in relation to the context of the story of Naphtali in Scripture. Naphtali’s birth is recorded in Genesis 30: 7-8. Read at a mystical level we see the Mystical or Heavenly Rachel associated with the word maidservant or handmaid (shifkhat). Rachel calls the son (bar/ben) Naphtali because “I influence God, I influenced my sister” [naftuley elohim niftalti im-akhoti]. The word translated as influence can also be translated as wrestle or maneuver. Mystically this proclaims that the heavenly Handmaid Rachel (also associated with the maidservant Miriam at the Red Sea) through her prayer and praise influences God and influences her sister-spouse the Holy Spirit to bring forth the Son (bar/ben/bera) represented by the Patriarch Naphtali. Through this prayer influence or maneuvering she attains all. In Luke’s Gospel Miriam ha Kedosha (Our Lady) refers to herself as the humble maidservant (handmaid) of the Lord thus linking her with Rachel and Miriam (sister of Moshe Rabbenu). Rashi speaks of Miriam in the Mechilta, “A maidservant saw at the Red Sea what Ezekiel did not see in his visions.” The Jewish sages tell us that God appeared to Miriam and the children of Israel as a young boy (naar/yeled) as the God of redemption and salvation. At Sinai He appeared as a bearded old man (zaken/elder) wrapped in his Tallit as the God of the Written Law.

Deuteronomy 33: 23 states: “And to Naphtali saying Naphtali satiated with Divine Will and Filling is the blessing of YHVH to inherit the Sea and the South” [naftali s’ba ratzon u-maley birkat YHVH yam v’darom y’rashah]. Here is revealed at a mystical level that the Divine Filling (maley) comes from Divine Will. The Divine Filling is the satiated Will -the full and complete Will (ratzon). The One that is fully satiated with Divine Will is Miriam ha Kedosha (Our Lady). Naphtali as ‘Son’ is the One influenced by the prayers of the handmaid. Genesis 49: 21 however refers to Naphtali as a female deer (Hind), “Naphtali is a hind let loose delivering beautiful sayings”. The Zohar also refers to Kneset Yisrael as the Hind. This is Naphtali as the Handmaid herself as one that influences by prayer and understanding. Thus Divine Filling is the Divine Will in continuous Act. The handmaid enters that Divine Will in continuous act through influencing prayer and she is let loose as a young hind in that Will frolicking and rolling in the rounds of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. She beholds God firstly at the level of the ‘Yehi’ (fiat) of Creation as a bearded elder wrapped in a tallit of light. As she descends (ascends) into the Divine Will she beholds God as a naked young man at the level of the ‘Yehi’ of Redemption. At the third level of the ‘yehi’ of Sanctification one beholds Him as a small boy or Christ Child or baby (tenoch). As Miriam ha Kedosha enters this Mystical rose wheel she too goes from mature Warrior Queen to young woman to the small child Miriam. This is symbolized as the young Miriam (sister of Moses) watching over the Ark of the baby Moses.

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