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Monday, October 04, 2010

Mystery of Water and Miriam's Well

In this blog I have discussed the Mystery of Miriam's Well in connection to Our Lady in Eternity who is the Mystical Miriam. I have demonstrated from Jewish writings her connection with the waters (mayim) of Genesis One and how her name Miriam is hidden in the text of Genesis One in the waters section. We have seen how Miriam is associated by the Rabbis with the feminine or dark waters which are associated with the feminine created light. However Rabbi Naftali Reich reveals the connection between Miriam and the waters and the concept of Divine Will.

Rabbi Naftali Reich of torah.org writes "...A number of questions come to mind. Why was the water given to the Jewish people only in the merit of Miriam? Why couldn’t the water continue after her death without Moses speaking to the rock? Why didn’t God want to leave the faucet open for the Jewish people? The commentators explain that one of the most striking features of water is that its viscosity allows it to adapt perfectly to its surroundings; water will naturally assume the shape of any container into which it flows. Symbolically, Miriam represented this quality. She was able to adapt her faith and her steadfast fealty to God’s will under any and all circumstances. Come what may, Miriam shone as the paragon of staunch faith..."

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