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Friday, October 08, 2010

Noah and the Sun of the Divine Will

Noah (father of Shem) was also called Menakhem which means comforter or consoler but can also mean in Egyptian ‘Eternal Sun’ which is a symbol of the Divine Will (Ratzon). The names of the three sons of Noah are connected with the triune nature of the sun and the three heads of Divine Will represented by the three skull shaped boxes that make up the Ark of the Covenant.

The name of Noah’s son Shem refers to shemesh the fire or essence of the sun also seen as shem yesh (name being). It is also connected to the word Shamayim or shamya for heaven. This refers to Ratzon (will) and God’s omniscience.

The name of Noah’s son Kham refers to the heat of the sun (Kham or Khamah). This refers to Taanug (Desire) and God’s omnipresence. Noah’s son Japhet refers to the Beautiful Light of the Sun. This refers to Emunah (Faith or Trust) and God’s omnipotence. This understanding of the sun as a symbol of the Divine Will in later generations degenerated into sun worship.

The original Patriarchal religion followed by Enoch and Noah was connected with this mystical understanding of the Sun as a symbol or type of the Divine Will (Ratzon). Due to its perversion, firstly by certain descendants of Noah such as Cainan and later by the Egyptians, the connection of the Sun as the symbolic understanding of the Divine Will had to be hidden until mankind reached a higher level of spiritual development.

This triune understanding of the Divine Sun as Divine Will also alludes to the three Sparkling Lights (Tzachtzachot)within the Godhead at the heart of the mysteries of the Kabbalah. In the Catholic understanding this alludes to the Triune God: Shem represents the Father, Ham the Holy Spirit and Japhet the Son.

The Rainbow as female alludes to the created Shekhinah who is Our Lady in Eternity as the created Wisdom or Sophia that is formed by the Sunlight hitting the Hidden Waters of the Sky (mayim hashamayim/the female created dark or hidden waters). The Rainbow as male also alludes to the Coat or Garment of many colours of Joseph (who is the created male Shekhen). The Zohar refers to the Rainbow (keshet)as the female spouse of Joseph (see Zohar 1:247a)and it also associates the Rainbow with the male phallus and yesod. These are part of the deep mysteries of a mystical Jewish 'Theology of the Body'. Yehuda Liebes In "Studies on the Zohar" writes: "The Rainbow (keshet)alludes to the sefira of Yesod (I,18a)and the same word in its Rabbinic usage, refers both to the male organ(Sanhedrin 92a) and to the glory of God (Hagiga 16a, based on Ezekiel 1:28)...the Rainbow may have Messianic significance, for according to the Zohar(eg I, 62b)the Rainbow will appear on the eve of the Messiah's coming (although there the Rainbow would seem to represent the sefira of Malkut and not Yesod)."

The Jewish month of Kislev in which Chanukah and Christmas occur is represented by the keshet (bow). This month is celebrated in honour of Mary and Joseph by Christians. The mystery of the Rainbow as the mystical union between Shekhinah (also represented by malkut as Mystery of the Kingdom) and Yesod (Tzadik/Joseph)represents the virginal nuptial union of Mary and Joseph. Thus Noah as a Tzadik represents the Tzadik Joseph and in Catholic Marian spirituality the refuge of Mary's Immaculate Heart is sometimes associated with the refuge of Noah's Ark. Noah's wife's name according to the Book of Jubilees is Emzara which can mean "mother of the seed"- this alludes to Genesis 3:15 and thus she is a type of the future Mother of the Messiah.

see Noah and Yom Kippor


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