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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Three Vavs and Joseph: A Hebrew Catholic Speculation

Judy Racz's Vav
The Jewish mystical book 'Zohar' speaks of the mystery of the three vavs. The letter vav represents the letter six. This number is connected to the concept of 'man' as man was formed from the dust of the earth on the sixth day. He was created as the connection between Heaven and Earth and the first vav of the Bible is found in the first sentence of Genesis at the beginning of the sixth word. Bereshit bera Elohim et haShamayim ve-et haAretz (In the beginning God Created the heavens and (va) the earth). Here we see the concept of the vav connecting the heavens and the Earth.

6+6+6=18 and 18 is connected to the word life (Khai). In the Jewish mystical system the vav also represent the male or man. The sefirah of Tiferet/Rachamim is represented by the vav-this is the first or large vav who is the Blessed Holy One of Israel associated with the mystery of Jacob and the Divine Sun. He is called Zer Anpin-the vessel or chariot between the Godhead and man. Zer Anpin is also called Ben (Son).

The word vav itself when spelt has a second vav which is connected closely to the first. This second vav is called the small vav and is associated with the concept of Joseph and with the sixth of the lower sefirot called Yesod and Tzadik. Breslov Rabbi Chaim Kramer writes in the footnotes to the Mykoff and Bergman edition to the 'Likutey Moharan': "The Zohar teaches that on the hierarchy of the sefirot Yaakov parallels Tiferet and Yosef parallels Yesod...Tiferet is alternatively referred to as the vav (=6), for it encompasses the six sefirot of Zeir Anpin. Yesod is also itself known as a vav, being the sixth of the seven lower sefirot... In Kabbalah, these are known as the "large" vav and the "small" vav. They parallel each other and are inseparable. That which Tiferet can do, Yesod can do (on a lesser scale). This is suggested in the letter vav itself. It cannot be enunciated without pronouncing a second vaV (zohar I,182b; nitzutzei Orot,1). In these ways Yaakov and Yosef are considered as one. Thus just as Yaakov had the power to confer chein, Yosef could confer chein. The Parparaot Lechokhmah adds that this is why we find that in blessing Yosef, Yaakov referred to him as "a son with chein" (Rashi, Genesis 49:22). Throughout the different branches of Torah teachings, Yosef is seen as the personification of the true tzaddik. This is because Yosef parallels Yesod, the sefirah that denotes the qualities embodied by the tzaddik. Rebbe Nachman teaches elsewhere that the tzaddik is always attempting to reveal and enhance the true beauty of every Jewish soul (Likutey moharan I.17:1)..."

The two yods of the names Yaakov (Jacob) and Yosef (Joseph) represent the upper and lower worlds. They are connected by a vav and make the letter aleph. The word chien or Khen means grace and when its two letters of chet and nun are joined they form the letter tav. The mystery of the third vav is the mystery of the earthly tzadik who manifests the fullness of the graces coming from the two higher vavs. This third vav is the very little vav who is a Joseph-like Tzadik who will (with the graces of the two higher vavs)bring the earth to the fullness of the kingdom so that the Divine Will shall reign on earth as it does in heaven. This Joseph will be the spiritual ruler over the lost House of Israel (the Church in Europe)and called in Kabbalah the Priest of On. He will be opposed by the conterfeit Messiah who will also claim the triple 666.

Just as Daniel and Zechariah prophecied that there would be four final antichrists (beasts or horns) so there will be four Joseph-like Popes (four craftsmen see Zechariah 1). During the days of the first of the final two antichrists Hitler and Stalin lived the two Joseph Popes- Carol Joseph Woytila and Joseph Ratzinger. A third Joseph Pope will arise in the days of the third antichrist who is the beast like a leopard who will have the oratory powers of Hitler and the ruthlessness of Stalin. After the era of peace will arise the fourth and final antichrist Gog opposed by the fourth Joseph Pope.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mazeltov to the Anglican Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

The Catholic ordination of the three former Anglican Bishops as priests at Westminster

The last few days have been very exciting for those Catholics of Anglican background and for those Anglicans desiring to become Catholics in the Anglican ordinariates. We have seen the three former Anglican Bishops ordained as Catholic deacons and now as priests and the announcement of Keith Newton as the first Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham under the patronage of Blessed John Henry Newman in England and Wales. The dream has become a reality. All us Catholic Jews or Hebrew Catholics pray that Hashem will bless and prosper this work of God. For us it provides a possible template for a possible Hebrew Catholic ordinariate in some form in the future. WE say Mazeltov Mazeltov Baruch Hashem. I see Father Paul Levertoff with Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman rejoicing in the Heavenly realm. Our Lady of Walsingham

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Is Pedro Regis Jewish?

As many of my regular reading know I have made a couple of blog articles about the prophecies of Pedro Regis. For some reason I felt to put them on this blog even though some may have wondered what this had to do with Catholic Jews or Hebrew Catholics. Recently I noticed that a number of sites on the Internet mention that Pedro Regis is a Catholic of Jewish ancestry or a Jewish Catholic. So I realise posting about him was very appropriate to this blog.

One of the sites is the "Catholic Investigative Journal" which states: "...On the day before the 60th anniversary of his ordination a holy priest gave this reporter a newsletter about the prophetic messages of Pedro Regis, a Jewish Catholic from Brazil. One of the themes of the Regis messages is the unsettling account of a massive Islamic army pouring out of the Middle East toward Rome and the Vatican destroying everything in its wake. “… a great army will set out from Mecca and will leave a trail of destruction and death wherever it passes,” according to message #2722 given on August 19, 2006 and reported in the Signs & Wonders for Our Times newsletter, Winter 2010 issue. “… an army will furiously head towards Rome. Churches will be burned and many holy places will be destroyed,” message #3007 given on June 7, 2008. “… he who is against Christ will bring suffering and sorrow to all Europe,” message #2939 given on January 5, 2008..." Are we seeing the beginning of this now in 2011 with the terrible bombing of the Egyptian Coptic Church and the bombing of Churches in Iraq as well as the threat to Coptic churches in Europe.

Another recent message warns about the attack on the Pope. This is Message 3409 from Our Lady of Peace, Anguera, Bahia, Brazil transmitted on the 7th of December 2010.

"Dear Sons and Daughters, you belong to The Lord need not fear anything. Your victory is in Him Who is your absolute good and knows what you need. Open your hearts and learn with Jesus that only the meek and humble of heart will inherit the kingdom of heaven. Be docil to My call and imitate My Jesus in everything. You are going towards a future of great difficulties. Difficult days will come for men and women of prayer. Many will turn against the successor of Peter and there will be a great crisis of faith. A successor of Peter will carry a heavy cross and will see the death of many consecrated person. Pray much for the church. Those who remain firm in the faith will be victorious. Fear not. I am your Mom and I am with you. Forward on the way I have pointed out to you. This is the message I give you in the name of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit, Amen. Remain in peace. Amen."

Some Catholics have been put off his messages because of the use of the word Mom for Our Lady. However affectionately addressing Our Lady as Mom or Mama is common in Latin cultures. When I lived in the Philippines I was surprised and uncomfortable when I first heard Filipinos referring to Our Lady as Mama Mary. However I soon grew to like it and started to use it myself. This also fits with Jewish custom which refers to a Jewish mother as Imma (mummy)just as we can refer to God as Abba (daddy)so we can address Our Lady as Imma. Imma in the Jewish mystical tradition refers to the Celestial Mother as Imma. She who is the female Wisdom and Shekhinah.

If anyone else knows anything about the Jewish background or ancestry of Pedro Regis please let us know.

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Note: Anita Novinsky a specialist on the Jewish history of Brazil wrote in her book “Cristãos Novos na Bahia” that 10-20% of the white population in Salvador (the capital of Bahia) were of Jewish descent. In the 18th century, the Jewish New Christians constituted about 15-20% of the population in Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, while half of the white population in Paraíba was also of Jewish origin.

Pedro Regis' first message for 2011 given on January 1: "Dear Sons and Daughters, I am the Queen of Peace and I come from heaven to bring you peace. You are heading for a future of great trials. You are now entering into the time announced by the prophets centuries ago. Now is the time of sorrows for humanity. Bend your knees in prayer. The future has reserved for you extraordinary discoveries awaited by mankind. Rejoice because The Lord is at your side, and you will find salvation only in His Grace. The church of My Jesus will carry a heavy cross. It will live calvary because of persecutions and there will be great pain for men and women of faith. I ask you to keep the flame of faith alive. Only by the power of prayer will you be able to remain faithful to My Son Jesus and to His teaching. I want to lead you to holiness. Open your hearts to My call and imitate My Son Jesus in everything. The king will experience great suffering and his throne will be overturned. Pray, pray, pray. This is the message I transmit to you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at Peace."

Is this prophecy about the King and his throne being overturned referring to the Pope and his Papal throne or does it refer to Prince Charles ascending the British throne and it being overturned? Is this an illusion to the famous prophecy of the three overturns in the Bible (Ezekiel 21:27) in regards to the Davidic Monarchy?

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Mother and the Bahir: A Hebrew Catholic Reflection

Among the mysteries of the Bahir is discussed the mystery of the Mother who is the created Wisdom and Glory of God. She is seen as a mirror of the Divine Heart. In English editions of the Bahir in a couple of places the word for 'mother' or 'my mama/imma' is translated as 'If so'. Rabbi Kaplan in his translation does mention in his notes that a variant reading is 'mother' which is preferred by many of the Jewish mystics. In Bahir 63 "If so" seems wrong and leaves one wondering who it is referring to- who is the you?. (For a fuller discussion see my article on "Adoration of the Heart")

Bahir 63 should read: "What is his heart? He said: Mother (Imma), Ben Zoma is out side, and you are with him. The heart(Lev) [in gematria] is thirty-two. These are concealed, and with them the world was created. What are these 32? He said: These are the 32 Paths. This is like a king who was in the innermost of many chambers. The number of such chambers was 32, and to each one there was a path. Should the king bring everyone to his chamber through these paths? You will agree that he should not. Should he reveal his jewels, his tapestries, his hidden and concealed secrets? You will again agree that he should not. What then does he do? He touches the Daughter, and includes all the paths in her and in her garments. One who wants to go inside should gaze there. He married her to a king, and also gave her to him as a gift. Because of his love for her, he sometimes calls her “my sister,” since they are both from one place. Sometimes he calls her his daughter, since she is actually his daughter. And sometimes he calls her “my mother.”..."

Later in the Bahir the mystery of the Mother is once more discussed in relation to being God's created Wisdom and Glory. She is associated with the term 'makom'(place) alluding to 'makom' in Genesis 1 and to the double mem which is also found in the words mayim and Miriam (hidden in the text of Genesis 1 beginning at the first word mayim). We see that Bahir 130-134 speaks of this mystery of the 'mother'. Both Heart (leb/lev) and Glory (Kabod/kavod)add up to 32 in gematria. "Makom" also alludes to the concept of Joseph.

"130. What is the meaning of, “the whole earth is filled with His glory”? This is the earth that was created on the first day. It is on high, filled with God’s glory and paralleling the Land of Israel. And what is [this glory]? It is Wisdom, as it is written (Proverbs 3:35), “The wise shall inherit glory.”

131. What is “God’s glory”? What is this like? A king had a matron in his chamber, and all his troops delighted in her. She had sons, and each day they came to see the king and to bless him. They asked him, “Where is our mother?” He replied, “You cannot see her now.” They said, “Let her be blessed wherever she is.”

132. What is the meaning of “from His place”? This indicates that none know his place. This is like a royal princess who came from a far place. People did not know her origin, but they saw that she was a woman of valour, beautiful and refined in all her ways. They said, “She certainly originates from the side of light, for she illuminates the world through her deeds.” They asked her, “From where are you?” She replied, “From my place.” They said, “Mother, the people of your place are great. May you be blessed, and may your place be blessed.”

133. Is this “glory of God” then not one of His hosts? Is it not inferior? Why then do they bless it? But what is this like? A man had a beautiful garden. Outside the garden but close to it, he had a nice section of field. On this section, he planted a beautiful flower garden. The first thing that he would water would be his garden. The water would spread over the entire garden. It would not reach the section of field however, since it was not attached, even though it was all one. He therefore opened a place for it and watered it separately.

134. Rabbi Rahumai said:
Glory(Kavod) and Heart(Lev) both have the same [gematria of 32]. They are both one, but Glory refers to its function on high, and Heart refers to its function below. “God’s glory” and the "heart of heaven” are therefore both identical."

Here we see that the Mother is the created female Wisdom found in the Old Testament in the Proberbs, Ecclesiastes, Baruch, Wisdom, Sirach and Job. Recently I have been reading the tradition of Sophia and Sophiology as taught in the Eastern and Western Churches and we see here in the Bahir a further development of this concept which is a Marian Sophiology. This created Wisdom (Hokhmah/Sophia)is also associated with the Matronita and the Shekhinah. She is the immaculate mirror of the Heart and the created feminine Glory. Baruch 3:37 prophecies that this female Wisdom (Sophia)will afterwards appear on earth and live among men. This alludes to the mystical Miriam becoming the woman Miriam who would be the female vessel that holds the male Divine Wisdom in her Womb. She is the Theotokos- the God bearer- the Mother of God. This mystical Miriam is the universal soul of suffering and the suffering soul of Israel. She is the Virgin Miriam (the Matronita=Mother and Maiden)in Eternity united to her spouse the Holy Spirit and dwelling in the mystical depths of the Divine Heart of her Son.

An article entitled "Parables and Princesses in the Bahir" by Professor Francis Landry of the University of Alberta states: "...What is the archetypal earth? Is it the matronita's room, the side of light, or the garden planted outside the garden? Do these terms mean the same thing, or are they different?...The heart in §134, whose gematria or numerology is 32, corresponds to the 32 paths of wisdom with which God created the world, according to the Sefer Yetsirah or "Book of Creation", the foundational text of Jewish esoteric cosmology. The 32 paths of wisdom, according to a parable in §63, were infused by the king into his daughter, who is the heart; in a reversal of our parable in §131, it is the king here who is secluded, and the daughter who is accessible. The 32 paths of wisdom comprise the 22 letters of the alphabet and 10 sefirot (numbers, potencies, divine emanations); thus the whole of language, the entire divine organism and the creative process are included in the heart. The "heart of heaven", at the end of §134, alludes to the great fire that burned up to "the heart of heaven" at the giving of the Ten Commandments, according to Deut. 4.11. The great fire, in §46, is a terrestrial voice of God, from the midst of which speech emerges... God speaks the Ten Commandments - conceived metaphorically as the epitome of the entire Torah (§124) and the process of creation...The Glory of the Name in §134 is also a loaded term. The Name (shem) of God is identified with the heavens (shamayim) in §100. Thus, even though Glory and Heart are one and the same thing, but correspond to two modes of action - above and below - these two modes converge on the heavens: the Glory of the Name is the heavens, and the heart is the heart of heaven (cf.§106). We could go much further with this. But I want to return to the question of the matronita and the princess. The matronita is the Glory, but if the Glory normally refers to the apprehensible aspect of God -his splendour, his works, the glory that fills the whole earth - here it is hidden, and it is God himself who speaks to the sons...Thirdly, what is the function of the king's knights, who love her or, literally, long for her? In the parable as we have it they seem to be redundant, what Mieke Bal calls a wandering rock. The knights (lit. warriors, hayyalot) presumably correspond to God's hosts in §133, from which the Glory is or is not removed... The longing of the knights for the matronita may represent that of Merkabah mysticism for the new Kabbalah, but also introduces the coupling of king and queen as the central drama of the latter... This raises the question of the identity of the matronita. Scholem unambiguously equates her with the Shekhinah. But she may also have an element of Binah - Understanding, the third Sefirah - which is the Divine Mother. She is mother to the children, which in §104-105, are identified with the seven lower sefirot and the seven days of creation. The Shekhinah often acquires a maternal connotation, reflects and is interchangeable with Binah, notably at the conclusion of the already cited parable of the heart in §63: "Sometimes he calls her, in his love for her, my sister ... sometimes he calls her my daughter ... sometimes he calls her my mother." As well as God's bride, then, the matronita has the quality of God's mother...That which is united and separated from everything - the glory, the heart, the princess - is the nucleus of everything. The ramifications are interminable... The Glory in our text is identified with Hokhmah - Wisdom - the second of the sefirot which is male and the source of everything - but it is also the matronita and the princess. Upper and lower Hokhmahs constantly correspond. At the heart of the heavens - a male, harmonising principle in Kabbalah - is the heart, the Shekhinah itself."

We see that this Mother is associated with the concept of the Burning Fire from which the commandments came forth. The Biblical Wisdom literature also associates her with the commandments (mitzvot). She is the mitzvot put into deed or action- she is the Oral Torah. Joseph Karo calls her Matronita, Shekhinah and Mishnah- she is the rebuking Mother. The Catholic Jew is devoted to the inner essence of that which manifests in time and place as Torah and mitzvot- the Messiah is the Living Torah and his Mother is the Living Mitzvot of the Heart. For the Catholic Jew devotion to Torah and Mitzvot is Messianic and Marian devotion at its highest penetration. All of the Torah and Mitzvot at its highest levels of the heart unite or bind the soul of the Catholic Jew to the Messiah and His Mother- she who is both Matron and Maiden- the Matronita. The inner light of the Torah and mitzvot is the light hidden in Genesis 1 (Bereshit) which is the conceptual light of the Annunciation in Eternity- the first thought of God outside. She is Bat Reshit- the created daughter of the beginning. Reshit (Beginning refers to Wisdom (Hokhmah /Sophia)alluded to in the verse "the beginning of Wisdom is fear of the Lord".