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Monday, January 03, 2011

Is Pedro Regis Jewish?

As many of my regular reading know I have made a couple of blog articles about the prophecies of Pedro Regis. For some reason I felt to put them on this blog even though some may have wondered what this had to do with Catholic Jews or Hebrew Catholics. Recently I noticed that a number of sites on the Internet mention that Pedro Regis is a Catholic of Jewish ancestry or a Jewish Catholic. So I realise posting about him was very appropriate to this blog.

One of the sites is the "Catholic Investigative Journal" which states: "...On the day before the 60th anniversary of his ordination a holy priest gave this reporter a newsletter about the prophetic messages of Pedro Regis, a Jewish Catholic from Brazil. One of the themes of the Regis messages is the unsettling account of a massive Islamic army pouring out of the Middle East toward Rome and the Vatican destroying everything in its wake. “… a great army will set out from Mecca and will leave a trail of destruction and death wherever it passes,” according to message #2722 given on August 19, 2006 and reported in the Signs & Wonders for Our Times newsletter, Winter 2010 issue. “… an army will furiously head towards Rome. Churches will be burned and many holy places will be destroyed,” message #3007 given on June 7, 2008. “… he who is against Christ will bring suffering and sorrow to all Europe,” message #2939 given on January 5, 2008..." Are we seeing the beginning of this now in 2011 with the terrible bombing of the Egyptian Coptic Church and the bombing of Churches in Iraq as well as the threat to Coptic churches in Europe.

Another recent message warns about the attack on the Pope. This is Message 3409 from Our Lady of Peace, Anguera, Bahia, Brazil transmitted on the 7th of December 2010.

"Dear Sons and Daughters, you belong to The Lord need not fear anything. Your victory is in Him Who is your absolute good and knows what you need. Open your hearts and learn with Jesus that only the meek and humble of heart will inherit the kingdom of heaven. Be docil to My call and imitate My Jesus in everything. You are going towards a future of great difficulties. Difficult days will come for men and women of prayer. Many will turn against the successor of Peter and there will be a great crisis of faith. A successor of Peter will carry a heavy cross and will see the death of many consecrated person. Pray much for the church. Those who remain firm in the faith will be victorious. Fear not. I am your Mom and I am with you. Forward on the way I have pointed out to you. This is the message I give you in the name of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit, Amen. Remain in peace. Amen."

Some Catholics have been put off his messages because of the use of the word Mom for Our Lady. However affectionately addressing Our Lady as Mom or Mama is common in Latin cultures. When I lived in the Philippines I was surprised and uncomfortable when I first heard Filipinos referring to Our Lady as Mama Mary. However I soon grew to like it and started to use it myself. This also fits with Jewish custom which refers to a Jewish mother as Imma (mummy)just as we can refer to God as Abba (daddy)so we can address Our Lady as Imma. Imma in the Jewish mystical tradition refers to the Celestial Mother as Imma. She who is the female Wisdom and Shekhinah.

If anyone else knows anything about the Jewish background or ancestry of Pedro Regis please let us know.

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Note: Anita Novinsky a specialist on the Jewish history of Brazil wrote in her book “Cristãos Novos na Bahia” that 10-20% of the white population in Salvador (the capital of Bahia) were of Jewish descent. In the 18th century, the Jewish New Christians constituted about 15-20% of the population in Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, while half of the white population in Paraíba was also of Jewish origin.

Pedro Regis' first message for 2011 given on January 1: "Dear Sons and Daughters, I am the Queen of Peace and I come from heaven to bring you peace. You are heading for a future of great trials. You are now entering into the time announced by the prophets centuries ago. Now is the time of sorrows for humanity. Bend your knees in prayer. The future has reserved for you extraordinary discoveries awaited by mankind. Rejoice because The Lord is at your side, and you will find salvation only in His Grace. The church of My Jesus will carry a heavy cross. It will live calvary because of persecutions and there will be great pain for men and women of faith. I ask you to keep the flame of faith alive. Only by the power of prayer will you be able to remain faithful to My Son Jesus and to His teaching. I want to lead you to holiness. Open your hearts to My call and imitate My Son Jesus in everything. The king will experience great suffering and his throne will be overturned. Pray, pray, pray. This is the message I transmit to you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at Peace."

Is this prophecy about the King and his throne being overturned referring to the Pope and his Papal throne or does it refer to Prince Charles ascending the British throne and it being overturned? Is this an illusion to the famous prophecy of the three overturns in the Bible (Ezekiel 21:27) in regards to the Davidic Monarchy?


Anonymous said...

Regarding Pedro's prophecies which refer to the "Land of the Queen".It is possible that they actually refer to Queensland."Something sorrowful will happen in the land of the queen and will be repeated in the capital of Brazil. 12/26/2009"
The true Capital of Brazil, in the eyes of God is not Brasilia, but Rio de Janeiro, because the Brazilian Monarchy was exiled from Rio by the Freemasonic Republicans who then went on eventually to "create" the city of Brasilia. Floods in Queensland followed by floods in the area of Rio de Janeiro. Petropolis, one of the 3 places that was flooded was named after Emperor Dom Pedro and is where the bodies of the Brazilian Royal Family are entombed in the Catholic Cathedral.(They died in exile and the bodies were eventually returned to Brazil.) Petropolis was where they had once had their Summer Palace.Teresolpolis was named after Dom Pedro's wife, the Empress Dona Teresa. They and their decendants are the legitimate rulers, not those who do business in Brasilia.

Anonymous said...

I submit to you this 15-page article about Pedro Regis Alves backround, and the Church investigation into him as of 2007. It does not appear that he was Jewish at all from the biographical info. The other article may be in error. Although this won't thoroughly dismiss the idea, it may lead you in a direction where you could retrieve more information from a Church source if interested.