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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Three Vavs and Joseph: A Hebrew Catholic Speculation

Judy Racz's Vav
The Jewish mystical book 'Zohar' speaks of the mystery of the three vavs. The letter vav represents the letter six. This number is connected to the concept of 'man' as man was formed from the dust of the earth on the sixth day. He was created as the connection between Heaven and Earth and the first vav of the Bible is found in the first sentence of Genesis at the beginning of the sixth word. Bereshit bera Elohim et haShamayim ve-et haAretz (In the beginning God Created the heavens and (va) the earth). Here we see the concept of the vav connecting the heavens and the Earth.

6+6+6=18 and 18 is connected to the word life (Khai). In the Jewish mystical system the vav also represent the male or man. The sefirah of Tiferet/Rachamim is represented by the vav-this is the first or large vav who is the Blessed Holy One of Israel associated with the mystery of Jacob and the Divine Sun. He is called Zer Anpin-the vessel or chariot between the Godhead and man. Zer Anpin is also called Ben (Son).

The word vav itself when spelt has a second vav which is connected closely to the first. This second vav is called the small vav and is associated with the concept of Joseph and with the sixth of the lower sefirot called Yesod and Tzadik. Breslov Rabbi Chaim Kramer writes in the footnotes to the Mykoff and Bergman edition to the 'Likutey Moharan': "The Zohar teaches that on the hierarchy of the sefirot Yaakov parallels Tiferet and Yosef parallels Yesod...Tiferet is alternatively referred to as the vav (=6), for it encompasses the six sefirot of Zeir Anpin. Yesod is also itself known as a vav, being the sixth of the seven lower sefirot... In Kabbalah, these are known as the "large" vav and the "small" vav. They parallel each other and are inseparable. That which Tiferet can do, Yesod can do (on a lesser scale). This is suggested in the letter vav itself. It cannot be enunciated without pronouncing a second vaV (zohar I,182b; nitzutzei Orot,1). In these ways Yaakov and Yosef are considered as one. Thus just as Yaakov had the power to confer chein, Yosef could confer chein. The Parparaot Lechokhmah adds that this is why we find that in blessing Yosef, Yaakov referred to him as "a son with chein" (Rashi, Genesis 49:22). Throughout the different branches of Torah teachings, Yosef is seen as the personification of the true tzaddik. This is because Yosef parallels Yesod, the sefirah that denotes the qualities embodied by the tzaddik. Rebbe Nachman teaches elsewhere that the tzaddik is always attempting to reveal and enhance the true beauty of every Jewish soul (Likutey moharan I.17:1)..."

The two yods of the names Yaakov (Jacob) and Yosef (Joseph) represent the upper and lower worlds. They are connected by a vav and make the letter aleph. The word chien or Khen means grace and when its two letters of chet and nun are joined they form the letter tav. The mystery of the third vav is the mystery of the earthly tzadik who manifests the fullness of the graces coming from the two higher vavs. This third vav is the very little vav who is a Joseph-like Tzadik who will (with the graces of the two higher vavs)bring the earth to the fullness of the kingdom so that the Divine Will shall reign on earth as it does in heaven. This Joseph will be the spiritual ruler over the lost House of Israel (the Church in Europe)and called in Kabbalah the Priest of On. He will be opposed by the conterfeit Messiah who will also claim the triple 666.

Just as Daniel and Zechariah prophecied that there would be four final antichrists (beasts or horns) so there will be four Joseph-like Popes (four craftsmen see Zechariah 1). During the days of the first of the final two antichrists Hitler and Stalin lived the two Joseph Popes- Carol Joseph Woytila and Joseph Ratzinger. A third Joseph Pope will arise in the days of the third antichrist who is the beast like a leopard who will have the oratory powers of Hitler and the ruthlessness of Stalin. After the era of peace will arise the fourth and final antichrist Gog opposed by the fourth Joseph Pope.

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