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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Great White Bird

My mother

My mother died in 2005. She began to write down some of her life story in the last year of her life for a book on her family. I also saw this huge white bird from my bedroom window fly from our house to a tree and then fly off again down the hill. I never shared this with any one until I read my mother's account.

My brother Dean with my sister Tamara the year he was killed in a car accident

My Mother's Account 

"...Religion – My greatest love of all is the study of the Word of God, to find the great eternal truths embodied within the inspired pages of the Bible; the understanding of the great struggle between good and evil and the ultimate end of all things as ordained by God. The understanding of the forces that direct the world powers that are bent on destroying truth and light from out of our world and substituting a world of darkness and slavery in their place. How frightening and terrible are the events coming on our world, yet how wonderful is the ultimate triumph of our Lord. The glorious future for the Sons of God in a world made perfect. How exciting is life, how exciting is life after death.

This just about sums up a rough outline of some of the events of my life. It has been a life of tragedy and sorrow – a life of great joys and highs, of bitterness and despair of unparalleled happiness and joy. Let life roll on and I look with anticipation of tomorrow – God willing.

The Story of the Strange White Bird

Most people have at least one “other world” experience in their lives. This story of the Great White Bird is one such.

When my son, Dean died my 5th son Adam and I were sitting at the end of the long passage that acted as a bedroom for a lot of the children. As we looked out of the window at the other part of the house that ran at an angle from where we were, we saw a strange little white bird land on the guttering of what we called the “new” part of the house.

First he stared intently at us with very piercing eyes then he started to dance up and down along the gutter, all the while peering intently at Adam and myself. As we watched in fascination he suddenly swooped off the roof straight towards us, but the strange thing was that it was no longer a little dove-like bird but a huge white bird with about a six foot wide wing span. It seemed to be coming straight for us, but suddenly turned and flew back to what we called the Angel bush. Then back it came and flew into a tree at the end of the house.

Adam and I raced outside looking in the tree but could see nothing, the huge bird was totally gone. When my nephew came home from work - he was boarding with us at that time – he said as he was coming up the drive he saw a white bird flying away from the house. Both myself and my son were shaken up by this strange phenomenon but in some peculiar fashion it was very comforting.

Years later at Dumbleyung, late one night, when my husband and I had gone out the back of the hotel to have a few drinks with the publican and some friends one of the men, a great big regular aussie bloke suddenly seemed to feel impelled to tell this unusual story about when his father was dying. According to him his father was seriously ill in the Wagin Hospital and as he was dying of cancer, was heavily drugged. He kept telling his family of this strange, huge white bird that kept coming to him in his dreams. The father was convinced that the bird was coming from heaven.

After the father died - one day or rather near dusk one day the son went up to one of his top paddocks on his farm and on getting out of his vehicle (it was now almost dark) and walking a bit away from the vehicle he suddenly saw a large circle of light all around him. Startled he looked up and saw a great white bird hovering over him. He recognized it at once as the Great White heavenly bird of his fathers dream – terror swept over him and he fled to his ute, jumped in and took off for home – totally rattled by this strange unearthly experience. I never told him of my similar experience, but I knew immediately as he told his tale that it was the very same great white bird that had visited us after my son’s death.

They say truth is stranger than fiction – this was a case in point."

My mother wrote this in early 2005 as part of a longer story about her life that she was doing in preparation for the Bartram Family Book that Tamara and I were working on at the time. She died on September 24 2005 in my and my sister Tamara's arms. The huge white bird I saw looked like a pelican or stork (I think) and I have never seen before or since such a bird where we lived in the Hills of Perth. The bird was pure white with no other colours. I was 9 years old at the time of this event.

After posting this I found references to death and the white bird- see http://www.horrormasters.com/Text/a2806.pdf and also see Devonshire_Characters