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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The End of Times

The Jewish mystical book "Zohar" speaks of two periods known as the "end of times". Many people recently are speaking about our present time as the "end of times". However as Catholics and Jews we know that this term is referring to the first end of times and it is the end of a stage of salvation history that is drawing to a close. This period's close is also called 'the end of the times of the gentiles' or 'the end of the time of special mercy for the Gentiles.

Pope Benedict XVI is the Pope of this 'end of times' which is rapidly drawing to an end and the special time of mercy for the Jews will begin. The time of the Gentiles lasted for 2000 years and also concludes with the era also known as the church of Sardis by Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser. Don Bosco predicted that there will be a terrible crucifixion of the church and purification and that through this the Chair of Moses (Rabbinic Judaism)will lead their flock in a new direction. This will be the time that will lead to a major ingrafting of the Jews and Judaism into the Catholic Faith. They will bring with them the immense riches of Jewish belief and tradition which will cause a spiritual resurrection from the dead for the Church and the World.

The time of great shakings is already underway in which all the religious and political structures will collapse during a time of great deception with a false messiah and a false church. Many Jews and Gentiles will be deceived at first but the Jews will wake up to the deception and join with the remnant of Gentiles that have remained awake and the Jews will lead the push for the new Eucharistic Evangelisation and usher in a great era of peace also known as the Church of Philadelphia- where the two brothers will love each other once again. We are not at the end of the world or of history but we are at an 'end of times' as told by Our Lady to the children of Garabandal. Blessed Anne Emmerich speaks of the 12 apostles of the end times (latter days) working quietly all over the world in this period. One of these apostles will be the future Jewish Pope who in this period is still a layman.

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