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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Queen's Visit to Australia: No Republic Please

"Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet anointed Solomon King..." goes the famous Coronation Hymn of Handel quoting from the Bible. The mystique and magic of the Monarchy is evident once again with the 10 day visit of the Queen of Australia and her husband ( himself born a prince of Greece and of Denmark). The republicans are upset seeing their dreams for an Australian Republic sailing into the mists of tired ideas. They still cling to the hope that maybe they will get a Republic when the Queen dies but it would seem from the latest polls that the Monarchy is more popular than ever and especially among the young. 55% of Australians polled favoured the Monarchy and only 34% the Republic.(see below)

55% of the 14-17 year olds are for the monarchy and only 31 % for a Republic. This is astounding after years of politicians removing Royal symbols and trappings from our national life and no mention of its importance in schools and the chattering classes continually advocating a Republic. The Republicans hope people will dislike Prince Charles and thus finally get a Republic but they forget or choose to ignore that the young are looking further into the future to when William and Kate will be King and Queen of Australia. Most young people see this as a positive thing. Princess Mary of Denmark-our own Mary Donaldson- has also made Monarchy more visible and popular since she married the Crown Prince of Denmark .

Another factor is the depressing disasters and financial crisis that is happening all over the world. The only time in the last year we saw smiles and happy people was at the Royal Wedding of William and Kate and when Prince William visited Australia. We saw it in Canada and the US when William and Kate visited and now this wonderful visit of the Queen to us that is giving everyone a lift. Thousands are turning out to see the Queen and many more of us are watching every bit of her visit through the media. I watched one media report by a media person who was a republican that showed young people interviewed on the streets of Brisbane were mostly positive towards the Queen and the Monarchy just before her visit to Queensland.

For the first time I actually felt positive towards our PrimeMinister Julia Gillard in the marvellous speech of welcome she made to the Queen and Duke. Tony Abbot also did us proud with his speech. I think both of them captured the mood of the Australian people. It is obvious by recent polls in Canada and the very successful visit of William and Kate that the Canadians have no desire to part with the Queen either. In 1999 when the Republican cause was at its highest level of popularity the Australian people still voted overwhelmingly against a Republic and I doubt it stands a chance when the public and even most republicans have lost interest in the cause. We see the phenomenon of so-called Republicans falling over themselves in the rush to meet the Queen.

Constitutional Monarchy is in my opinion the best form of government and the most stable as has been proved by the nations who have retained their monarchies in Europe. But it is our own anointed Monarch that has that blessing from God in the tradition of the Israelite Kings of Judah of the Royal House of King David. The old Catholic prophecies speak of the restoration of monarchical government in the future era of peace headed by a Great Catholic King-Emperor called Henry the Lion. It is interesting that serious discussion is now under way to remove the discrimination against Catholics marrying into the Royal Family. It is interesting that Tony Abbot who may be our future Primeminister is both a staunch Monarchist and Catholic.

The "Australian" newspaper reported:

"AUSTRALIANS are continuing to shun a republic and move back to the monarchy, research shows.

Roy Morgan polling released in time for the Royal Tour shows support for a republic is at its lowest since the Australian Republican Movement and the push for a local as our head of state built up steam in the first half of the nineties.

Only 34 per cent of Australians aged over 14 support a republic, the lowest level since 1991.

Fifty-five per cent are in favour of keeping the monarchy, the highest level since the same year.

The figures represent a reversal of the strong support received by a republic in the lead up to the 1999 referendum, when polling put backing for the monarchy at just 38 per cent and support for a republic at 54 per cent.

The republic model put then ended up only receiving the endorsement of a little over 45 per cent of voters.

The Morgan figures indicate young Australians are just as keen on the monarchy as their older compatriots.

They show 55 per cent of 14-17 year olds also back the monarchy, while only 31 per cent of their number are republicans.

The monarchy and royal family appear to be a guilty pleasure amongst supporters of the Greens. A surprisingly strong 38 per cent of their voters want to keep the monarchy and 68 per cent of them admit to having watched at least a little of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Support for the monarchy remains highest amongst Coalition voters. Seventy per cent of these back the current arrangement and only 21 per cent back a republic.

Forty three per cent of Labor voters are monarchists and 48 per cent want a republic.

Support for the monarchy is strongest in Western Australia, with 69 per cent of respondents favouring the current constitutional arrangements, with just 26 per cent backing a republic.

Support for the monarchy is also strong in Queensland, with 62 per cent support.

It is lowest in New South Wales and Victoria, on just 51 per cent.

A republic received its strongest support in NSW 38 per cent followed by South Australia on 35 per cent.

But support in Victoria, which came close to carrying the republic referendum in 1999, appears to have cooled, with 33 per cent of respondants supporting a republic and a high 16 per cent now saying they are unsure."

Note: I am a fifth generation Western Australian (the first of my ancestors arrived in the Swan River Colony in January 1830 on the "Wanstead")and both my parents who were born and bred in Western Australia were staunch supporters of the Monarchy and opposed to a Republic. I also attended the Big Aussie BBQ with the Queen and Duke in Perth with some of my Catholic friends and 150,000 other Western Australians.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say I don't agree with your opinion on monarchy after finely studying 2000 years of history since the first real Emperor Augustus took the chair in Rome. I believe that with the age of enlightenment and the industrial revolution the prospect of having a much more populated Earth with many more serfs to control was just inevitable, thus the European Oligarchy and Nobility who controlled all aspects of public life launched a program of running things from behind the 'clouds'. What clouds
? the nameless bank acounts and front companies that actualy own all of the private wealth and which consolidate any that isn't theirs on the engineered 'business cycle' which is induced using controlled central banking. When I look at Prince William and QEII I'm not fooling myself that they are just a 'romantic remnant of a bygone age', I see them for what they are, a ruling elite that never wants to lose control of planet Earth. A ruling elite that now have a consolidated bloodline of the many ruling families of Europe coursing through their veins and who are still very careful about their 'breeding' unless you believe they 'sow their royal oats' such as Princess Mary and Kate Middleton. So I guess my opinion is that we can educate ourselves to understand that they are just a paracite class or we can believe the 'main stream media opinion' which is just as swayed by Purchase, Peerage and Secret Orders as David Beckham is at begging for that latest Knighthood. It's all about Knights and Ladies, the rest of you (and me) are simply serfs...who seem to adore being suckers. Some things never change. By the way, the last Republican 'debate' never happened because we got a choice between the same unlawful oligarchy continuing and a Banana Republic much like the Banana Republic Brittish India got; Anyone who thinks that British trading companies and banks working for imperial interest don't still control Indian officials through bribes lives in a fairy land with pixies and elves; but I find that the usual problem is that people simply don't care to look too deep into history and that they receive their 'programming' from the television and print because its simply easier to get sold a lie than to still believe it when you know you are being intellectually dishonest with yourself.