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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anglican Ordinariates and the Clerical Control-Freaks

I have been rather concerned about how the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church have been trying to smother and control the Anglican ordinariates in England, America and Australia. It seem that they are laying down conditions on the Anglican Catholics that they have no right to do so. They didn't want these ordinariates in the first place and now they are seeking to control them by placing conditions never intended and by controlling who can be ordained. The sooner the Anglican Catholics have their own Bishops so they do not have to rely on the Roman Bishops the better. While they only have ex-Anglican married Bishops who can only be Catholic priests they will continue to be controlled by those who wish them to fail.

I was pleased to read that I am not the only one thinking this way. Damian Thompson in an excellent blog article entitled "The English bishops are trying to smother the Ordinariate. How long will Rome tolerate this situation?" addresses this very issue from the English perspective. He states: "...The English bishops are quietly reinterpreting (ie, ignoring) Benedict XVI's instructions to them just before he left England last year. They have settled on a policy of incorporating Ordinariate priests into their dioceses and absorbing Ordinariate groups into the parishes where they meet. This policy, dressed up as a "welcome", undermines the Pope's vision of an Ordinariate independent of diocesan structures. Nichols is doing nothing to stop his bishops following this sneaky and subversive strategy...The Vatican is well aware that the English bishops are trying to smother this initiative. The problem is being discussed at a high level. The question is: how will Rome respond?...Much depends on the Pope's state of health. I gather that he is a little frail but essentially healthy for a man of his age. The enemies of the Ordinariate are counting on this pontificate coming to an end before the structures of the English Ordinariate are set in stone..."

Father Christopher Phillips writing on The Anglo Catholic adds further: "...I have been intrigued by Damian Thompson's piece on the Ordinariate, I have certainly been wondering about that illusive church and why the Nuncio should use the word "meticulous" to describe the bishops implementation of Anglicanorum Coetibus and why despite what the Apostolic Constitution says the English and Welsh bishops seem to have a veto on ordinations. "When the Archbishop of Westminster came to talk to us", said a friend who is part of Allen Hall formation group, "he thanked Dr Wang for arranging the very speedy Formation prior to ordination, and (tellingly) added "I don't think we'll let it happen so quickly in future". I am not sure that is what Anglicanorum Coetibus says...".

How the Anglican laity are instructed should be a matter left to their own priests and Bishops who are entering the ordinariate-not Roman Catholic clerics and their Councils of Priests and Conferences of Bishops. How dare the American Roman Bishops insist that they study the American Catechism. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is all that should be required and it should be taught under their own clergy. The Anglicans have agreed to Anglicanorum Coetibus not some new version that is in "the spirit of Anglicanorum Coetibus" but is basically a hijacking of Anglicanorum Coetibus by the masonically and modernist influenced clergy.

We have heard of snooty remarks saying that the Roman Catholic clergy are so much better trained and educated. We must update these ignorant Anglicans in our own enlightened modernism. Anyone who has attended a Catholic seminary has to laugh or maybe cry- the Roman catholic clergy are trained and educated in modernism and liberal theology with almost no spiritual or mystical theology. In my experience most Anglican clergy are much more educated in the Fathers of the Church, Church history and the lives of the saints and spirituality than most of the Catholic clergy. And horror of horrors the main concern is to force these poor Anglican clergy to study Canon Law. I suggest our Roman Catholic clergy study the last Canon which states that the Supreme Law of the Church is the salvation of souls (thus all other canon laws are secondary to that priority). We the laity want priests who burn for the salvation of souls not priests that are experts in Canon law who seem hell-bent on crucifying the Eucharistic Jesus just as their Jewish forerunners among the Scribes (experts in the Law)did 2000 years ago.

It is also disgusting that Archbishop Hepworth who has led this movement for reunion is to be only allowed to be a layman. What happened to forgiveness and respect for the conscience of each person? Archbishop Hepworth left the Catholic Church after being abused by clergy and later he obviously had a sincere conversion of heart back to the Catholic Church. I for one think that this called for generosity of spirit and an invoking of "the Supreme Law of the church is the good of souls". Once again man-made rules are enforced at the expense of the Gospel of Love.

There is also no good reason in my opinion why the married Anglican clergy could not be made Catholic Bishops as this is part of their Anglican heritage. Arguments about upsetting the Orthodox is rather weak. The reason that Orthodox Bishops are celibate is because they are only selected from the monks. Roman Catholic Bishops are not selected in this manner and most of the Orthodox couldn't care less whether Catholics have married Bishops or not. The Orthodox have been close to the Anglicans for years and don't seem to have a problem with the Anglican married Bishops. Most of the apostles were married and so were many of the Bishops in the first thousand years of the Church's history. It seem that we Catholics have a long way to go in truly desiring unity when we are so mean spirited on issues that have nothing to do with doctrine but are just small t traditions or man-made rules and canons. I am sure Pope Benedict who is a man of great vision would have liked to have been more generous but he had to deal with the rather small-minded attitudes of many of his fellow clergy and faithful.

In fact this Orthdoox website of St Mary's Orthdox Church states: "...In 1990, an article from The Orthodox Observer, a Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America publication, states, At the 1992 meeting of the clergy-laity conference of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America (Archbishop Iacovos), held in New Orleans, a formal resolution was sent to the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople 'to consider returning to the practice of ordaining married priests as bishops as was done in the early church.' ... Earlier in December 1991, the Greek Archdiocese stated that it was the original practice of the Church for a married Episcopate. Please also note that Archbishop Iakovos promoted the return of married bishops to worldwide Orthodoxy and agreed that individual jurisdictions could retain the Apostolic tradition of the Early Church..."

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