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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Miriam, Our Lady of the Zohar: A Hebrew Catholic Understanding

According to Jewish traditions Zohar is one of the names of Miriam referring to her as beautiful as the noon-day sun (chamah). This is alluded to in the great Marian verse in the Song of Songs 6:10. The name Zohar also means radiant or dark light. The Zohar is in fact a Marian commentary on the Torah. This Lady of the Zohar who is Miriam is not the Miriam sister of Moses but the Mystical Miriam who is the suffering soul of Israel and the World. Miriam the sister of Moses is a type (behinat) of this Celestial Miriam.

This Celestial Miriam-Zohar is the created female Wisdom (Hokhmah/Binah)also called Sophia in Greek. She is the created female aspect of God's first thought (or light) outside the Godhead. This first thought is the mystery of the Incarnation in Eternity. St Maximilian Kolbe spoke of the Marian mystery of Our Lady in Eternity united to the Holy Spirit. The beginning of Genesis also describes this mystery in the words "and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters (mayim)". The Holy Spirit is here described as a Mother Eagle or Bird hovering over its young to feed them. Here is revealed the unity in Eternity of the spirit of God with the "face of the waters". Who is this face of/upon the waters? She is the created light (vayhi or)and created female darkness (haHoshek)of Genesis 1. Her name is revealed when we enter the dark well of the undertext (the well of Miriam) beginning with the final (sofit) mem of the word for waters (Mayim) counting 26 four times- MRYM.

The four letters of her name MRYM represent the four sets of mysteries of the Rosary (the mystical Rose Garden). The open mem (which is a symbol of the womb) alludes to the Joyful mysteries, the Resh to the Luminous mysteries, the yod to the sorrowful mysteries and the sofit mem to the glorious mysteries. This sofit mem finds its completeness in the final mysteries of the Assumption and Coronation in which Miriam haKedosha enters into Eternity.

St Hildegarde also refers to this Lady Sophia (Wisdom) as the Eubiarcha - she is the good (eu) beginning (arche)who is the Lady or Template of Life (bios) and the Cosmiarcha or the Lady of the Beginning of the Creation (cosmos). The Greek arche is reshit in Hebrew. The letter Beit before reshit can be read as Bat (daughter or lady)as taught by the Ramban (Nachmanides).

The Russian Orthodox theologians also refer to her as the Soul of the World. The opening verse of the Zohar also seems to allude to this World Soul who is also the Suffering Soul of Israel (Our Lady of Sorrows)who is called Kneset Yisrael (the Gathering or Community of Israel). It alludes to her as the Rosa Mundi which is a rose that is red and white- judgement (din) and compassion (mercy). The opening verse of the Zohar reveals that the unfolding of Creation is also the unfolding or blossoming of the Rosa Mundi (the Rose of the World).

This manifestation of the Lady Wisdom who is Miriam-Zohar is also linked to Song of Songs 2:12 "the blossoms or flower buds appeared on earth" which is linked to Genesis 1:12 "And the earth brought forth". This alludes to Baruch 3:38 (37 in some Bibles)"Afterwards she (the Lady Wisdom)will appear on earth and live among men". She is that 'Rose-Lily among the thorns' who is the bridegroom's darling among the daughters of men. The other blossoms (or chayot of the Throne of Gory) are Jesus, Joseph and Luisa who with Our Lady are the four faces of Genesis 1. These opening verses also reveal the mission of the Hidden Tzadik Joseph and his connection to the Holy Land. Joseph the Egyptian Ruler is a type (behinat) of this Celestial Joseph who was once Joseph of Nazareth. He will complete his mission as Joseph in Eternity (the ox or Unicorn-like chayot)with the gathering of Israel and its pruning and grafting into the Olive Tree. The name Joseph is associated with the word asaf or gathering found in Genesis 1 as well as the concept of pruning. The Zohar states in regard to Joseph "...'The time of pruning has come' alludes to the fourth day...". This fourth day or Wednesday is the day of Joseph.


Richard M. Sawicki said...

Where did you find the beautiful icon of Theotokos with her Divine Son holding the Torah?

It is exquisite! I would love to have one.

Gaudete in Domino Semper!

Michael said...

Thought provoking post. It is going to take me a while to sort through all the connections. What are your sources? Or is all this the fruit of your meditation?

Also, do you think that non-Jewish Catholics can benefit from saying the traditional Jewish morning and evening prayers?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am really keen to find out how the Catholic Church sees Jewish teaching. In particular, I'd like to know if Pastor Mark Biltz' teaching is in line with Church teaching. Do you have any thoughts on this or where I could find good Catholic resources along these lines?

God bless,

Ian Edgar said...

Thanks for a very interesting post. I am very interested to know who wrote the second icon on your post, and what the story behind it is. I have read a number of other posts and have found them interesting.
Thanks and God Bless
Ian Edgar

Ian Edgar said...

Thanks for a very interesting post. I am a Canadian Anglican with a strong interest in Judaism as well as a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I was wondering about the second icon on your post, which had Jesus Christ holding the Torah, surrounded by Our Lady. I was interested to know where it came from and who wrote it. I have been reading some of your other posts and find them very interesting and enlightening.
Thank you,
God Bless
Ian Edgar

Anonymous said...

Love you, Imma Miryam Hekedosha! After the Hebrew Bible, we barely have had any female saints in Rabbinic Judaism. I'm so glad to have so many now as a Judeo-Catholic woman! Especially our Beloved Miryam - Our Lady of the Zohar, pray for us!