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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jesus and Torah Observant Jews Conference

Torah Observant Messianic Jews

The Third Conference on the "Helsinki Consultation on Jewish Continuity in the Body of Messiah" will  be held this year in Berlin Germany. The first one was held in Helsinki Finland in 2010 and the second  one in Paris in 2011. The topic this year is on Torah observance by Jewish Christians. Jews from the major Churches and Messianic Jews will meet to discuss this  between June 29 and 1 July. The speakers are Mark Kinzer and Dr. Boris Balter, Vladimir Pikman; Fri Antoine Levy, OP, Benjamin Jacques Doukhan, Richard Harvey, Lisa Loden ; Fri David Neuhaus, SJ; Svetlana Panich, Jennifer Rosner and Dominic Ruby.

Father David Neuhaus

I was informed about this by my dear friend Marie who was one of the foundation members of Catholics For Israel in Jerusalem. I would love to attend but as I am a consecrated brother and live on Divine Providence I doubt I will be there. It is a long expensive trip to go from Australia to Germany. I however will pray for the success of the conference in my holy hours of  Eucharistic Adoration as the topic of the conference is something very dear to my heart. 

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