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Friday, June 29, 2012

Pamela Geller and the Jewish Crisis

This bold opinionated Jewish woman speaks alot of sense in my opinion. Both Jews and Catholics are under attack. The worst traitors are those in our own camps who are working with the enemies of truth and freedom.


Mrs. O'Riordan said...

Why is there so little fight back (that I can see) from the Catholic Church for the freedoms sharia would deny us and indeed does in muslim controlled lands? It so puzzles me - Blessings - Rene

Anonymous said...

Jews and Catholics under attack?

Perhaps it is midda keneged midda?

First have Jews ever apologized for their official Talmudic writings that castigate Yeshua as a sorceror and mamzer?

And does not the RCC denigrate non-Catholic forms of Christianity as illegitimate?

Did not the Association of Hebrew Catholics state that if a Jew is not willing to accept the authority of the Vatican and the RCC Catechism it is preferable for him or her to remain Jewish and not to join a Protestant or Messianic denomination?

Did not the RCC eliminate the Sabbath and move it without authority to Sunday as well as to alter the order and meaning of the Ten Commandments?

And did not Roy Schoeman go on record as justifying the atrocities and abuses of the Spanish Inquisition against Spanish Jewry?

See toward the end of the page here:

"SC: How do you view the Spanish Inquisition?

RS: Again, the facts of Spanish Inquisition are misunderstood and, at times, intentionally misrepresented to calumnize the Catholic Church. For instance, it often comes as a surprise to Jews when it is pointed out, absolutely correctly, that the Inquisition never asserted any authority over Jews at all, but only over Christians, and never — not once — persecuted a Jew as a Jew. Unfortunately, at the time of the Inquisition many Jews in Spain were pretending to be Catholic, in part as the result of a government decree expelling all Jews from Spain in 1492. It was the role of the Inquisition to protect the Church from heresy and heretics — a role which we still see some need for today ! — and thus Jews who were only pretending to be Catholic, while maintaining their Jewish faith and practices in secret, were legitimate targets for investigation."

So whatever persecution you think your church is enduring, why are you not confident that it is richly deserved?

Sara said...

Wow! I just happened upon your blog. Thanks for posting this talk. I don't know this lady, but I surely do agree with her.

Brother G said...

Firstly the Talmud does not refer to Jesus at all. It is only in the Toledot Yeshu stories that such claims are made about Jesus. These stories have no authority in Judaism and most Jews don't think they are the truth but just a reaction to Gentile persecution.

Secondly the RCC does not denigrate other churches or religions but sees our Protestant brothers and sisters as separated brothers to whom we are united spiritually in baptism- we also believe their churches may be places where one receives graces and elements of the truth.

As for your comments about the AHC- I have never heard of any such statement and I have been a member since 1987. People in the AHC have a wide range of views.

Sunday is the Lord's day in which we celebrate the Resurrection. Gentiles are not obliged to keep the Jewish Sabbath (according to both Judiasm and Catholicism) so the Church has transferred some Sabbath observances to the Sunday for Gentile Catholics. The Sabbath is still the Sabbath.

In regards to the Spanish Inquisition I do not approve of it and regret it ever was set up. It was an institution from a time when people on all sides believed if you had the power you should enforce your truth. Hopefully we have all learnt our lessons and we witness to our Faith in loving ways without any coercion or force. I have little time for those Catholic apolegetical views that seek to justify a bad policy in the first place. The church is a place for sinners and saints so I expect after 2000 years that we would have a history that reflects that as all religions and institutions do. The church on earth is always in need of renewal and reform.