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Friday, August 03, 2012

Final Locution from Esseff Visionary

Monsignor John Esseff

Those following the "Locutions to the World" posted by Monsignor Esseff of a soul who he is directing will be interested to learn that the final locution (of these ones for the general public) was given on July 11 2012.

I take you slowly, step by step, down this road. I go slowly so you can see where you are walking. When we arrive at the end, you are fully certain. There have been so many little steps over a long period of time, all leading in the same direction.
So, where have these messages led you since they began? Many parts are very clear and to these, you can cling in faith.
The Five Themes
First, this is the Age of the Woman Clothed in With the Sun, a special age when the world will need the protection and guidance that I will provide.
Second, this is an age of great upheaval, never before seen on earth because, beneath the surface, evil is boiling over and is bound to pour out in many places in many different ways.
Third. Mankind has lost its faith in heaven and has taken to itself all power. It does not call on heaven’s help and does not want to hear heaven’s voice.
Fourth, the time is very near when shocking, inconceivable events might occur.
Fifth, it is not too late. Prayer is always answered and, sometimes, heaven acts without being invited, when the results would be too catastrophic.
This is the picture. The road I have slowly led you down by all of these messages. Anyone who has read them will agree that these have been the themes, explained over and over again. I began to speak over 18 months ago. Now is the time to bring these messages to a conclusion. Let them stand as a permanent guiding light to all the world. I conclude them because they have a lasting value and should not be the subject of speculation.
In the future, I will find another, more powerful way of communicating with my children. Let them see these messages for what they are – a gift of my special love for them.
While I say “goodbye”, I also say that I am with you always in the depth of your hearts. Listen in silence and I will speak clearly.

Note: This was the final locution of one section giving to the world-the locutions are continued in different categories for those following the messages more deeply to form them.